Ask The Readers Anything…

I mentioned the other day that The Readers, a book based banter podcast I make with Gavin Pugh of Gav Reads, had just gone past the milestone that was its first birthday. Next week will also see it reach its 50th episode, even though it is actually its 58th (possibly 59th as we get confused), which seems to be another milestone in a way. So what Gavin and myself thought we would do is have a special episode where you can literally ask us anything. No really… anything!

If you want some book recommendations for tricky family members, just want to know our thoughts on anything bookish (the authors we have on, our favourite books etc), non bookish (what we do for our real jobs etc) or anything technical about making podcasts or, well as I keep saying, anything else then do let me know in the comments below and I will pop them in the show with the ones from Goodreads and Facebook. if you have anything you have always wanted to ask me too, go for your life.  Go on, it is your chance to be really nosey…



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14 responses to “Ask The Readers Anything…

  1. Oooh, so many possible questions! Here is a possibly controversial one (or two):

    Do you think men and women write differently and do you find you have a gender preference in your reading? Do you consciously think about the gender of the author you’re reading? Do you keep track of how many female to male authors?

    I ask because I know I have a strong bias towards women writers that I have to actively make myself correct by reading a male writer every 3rd book! Maybe you think this is crazy and I should just read what I like? 😉

  2. I *would* like to know more about your day jobs!

    Also, what’s the one book you each are most embarrassed to admit you’ve never read?

    • Oooh spooky I was literally just about to email you Michael. I will put this question, or questions into the mix! I listened to the live episode yesterday and was really lovely that you and Ann said such nice things about The Readers, and I loved imagining you listening to us whilst lawnmowing hahaha.

  3. I want to know when you and Gav are coming to Booktopia!

    • Hahahaha, I will ask that question when we record. We are both absolutely desperate too, just a case of logistics and finances I think but its on our ‘to do’ list. I emailed Michael about it earlier so am sure he will pass all on. We would also love to do a host swap!!!

      Also big, big thanks for mentioning us in your live show. Lovely of you, you did inspire us so its lovely to hear we didn’t create something dreadful. You will be mentioned in episode 50 anyway…

  4. Kate

    I’d love to know what you think of Random House of Penguins.
    Also, which writers have you still not met but would love to?
    Finally, have you ever been too kind in a review, despite hating a book?

  5. OK here’s mine, do you believe there is a “canon”* of (English) literature and if so why?

    *In the Leavis “Great Tradition” sense

  6. I’d like to hear you and Gavin talk about your views on adults reading teen literature. I get a sense that you are personally more open to reading books in this category than you were when you started podcasting — is that correct?

  7. Is Oscar named after someone literary?

  8. Barbara in southern California

    Are you both very fast readers? It seems you both read so many books that you don’t have time for anything else !!

  9. I hope you all heard your questions answered, thank you so much for them!

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