Meet Our Latest Addition Millie… and Great Expectation Winners

So I promised that a special guest would help with the draw of winners for copies of ‘Great Expectations’, the next Classically Challenged title, and while she didn’t pick them out of a hat at random quite by herself I thought it would be a nice way to introduce Millie the Kitten…

Meet Mildred the Minx

Yes, that is right The Beard and I have gone and gotten a play pal for Oscar, as with me going to Grans a lot he is spending a bit too much time on his own and we thought this would be a way of making him feel less lonely. I can’t say that he is 100% thanking us right now, there has been so much hissing and wailing, but he tolerates her at the moment and they can share a room, just not a chair or sofa… yet! That said we have warned him that he might not want to be too domineering of him now as in the long term, whilst a few months younger and rather smaller now, she will be the bigger of the two as we have been informed that, if not fully, she is definitely half Maine Coon and by the age of three years old could be almost a metre long. I shall have to sleep with one eye open!

Now she was named Millie when we got her and I desperately wanted to call her Daphne or Nancy instead but she knows her name and so we have made up our own histories of how we named her which weirdly aren’t the same. The Beard says we named her after Mildred Pierce because he loves Joan Crawford and the movie (which he didn’t know was a book) and I am saying it’s after Mildred Hubble, the worst witch, make of those stories what you will, ha.

She is utterly gorgeous and despite a slightly prickly exterior, she hissed at me for the first 24 hours and now hisses at Oscar on sight though no raised hair anymore which as she is so fluffy was hilarious, she is really friendly. She likes to sit on the reading chair, as shown in the picture, or sit on me in the reading chair or by your feet, apparently this is a Maine Coon trait, and while she can’t mieow she can ‘chirp’ which is the funniest thing every time you greet her, and really confuses Oscar! Anyway I won’t bore you too much but thought you would like to see the new recruit to the Burton-Savidge household. If any of you have Maine Coon’s I would love to hear from you about them, and if you have any tips for making cats be friends do please let me know, it’s going ok just very slowly, and I think the noise when they spat sounds worse than it is. Fingers crossed.

Now for the winners of ‘Great Expectations’ could Susan in TX, Brita Bevis and Laura Caldwell please send me your addresses and I will get Oxford University Press to send your copies out asap. Also, I haven’t answered comments for a while but it seems some people didn’t get ‘The Warden’ can you drop me an email if they still haven’t turned up and I will sort this out asap too. Oh and if you still want to win a copy then AJ is extending his competition entering times till 1900 GMT today as we got confused and posted at separate times so you can enter for another few hours there.

Right, I am off to coax the cats into friendship, or try.


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17 responses to “Meet Our Latest Addition Millie… and Great Expectation Winners

  1. Awww Millie is gorgeous! Hope she settles in nicely with Oscar!

  2. She is cuuuuuuuute! Her eyes – like Puss in Boots! 😀

  3. Shukriyya

    She’s very pretty! I’d really love to hear her chirp – maybe you can capture it on video one day… *hint, hint* 😉

  4. AstroSkyeTaz

    She is gorgeous, Simon! As the one-time owner of 5 (sadly now only 3) cats at once my advice would be to just ignore any spats between the cats – usually if they think their “human” is not watching and not particularly interested they tend just to get along ok and sort any antisocial behaviour out between themselves with a clip round the ear! Female cats tend to chirp or chirrup a lot – I’m sure you’ll have lots of conversations with Millie that way! Lots of cat pics would be great btw!

  5. Tawny

    While all cats are beautiful, I think the tabby face (like Millie’s) is especially gorgeous. She looks like she is wearing eyeliner, and there is always that pretty “M” on the forehead. I also like the little pink nose with black lining. How very comely!

  6. Bride of the Book God

    She is beautiful. When I was able have cats (husband has asthma so a no-no for us) I had two lilac point Siamese who hated each other until they didn’t (if you see what I mean)

  7. Laura Caldwell

    Thanks Simon! I emailed you at:

  8. She looks lovely! I’d go with Mildred Hubble too!
    I’ve emailed you about The Warden.

  9. Brita Bevis

    Such a beautiful puss!! 🙂 And many thanks Simon, for choosing me as one of your lucky winners. Email winging its way to you!

  10. The new feline is gorgeous and hopefully it wont be too long before you post a photo of both Millie and Oscar together 🙂
    I was a winner with AJ for The Warden and my copy has yet to arrive also.

  11. Millie is gorgeous! I’m sure that Oscar will get used to her and new situation at home. You just need to give it some time.

  12. Aw, she is so cute! AstroSkyeTaz is right, you just have to leave them to get on with it – I speak from experience! The hissing sounds worse than it is. There may be the occasional scratched nose (my two still have spats 5 years later) but it will all settle down.

  13. Beautiful! Although – a metre long! Argh! Good luck with it all 🙂

  14. sarah williams

    I love Maine coon cats. They do get BIG (and more gorgeous), but the ones I’ve known have always been friendly. Cats that don’t come from the same litter tend to need to learn to settle in with one another. They may never be the best of feline friends, but they will probably stop the hissing and such in time. Btw, I love the photo of that beautiful dog on winstonsdad post.

  15. Millie is gorgeous! I’m a big fan of Maine Coons – I’ve had a purebred and a mix and neither one of them have been big. Both right around 8 pounds. 🙂 Females don’t tend to get as large as males. They are the loveliest of cats – with sweet demeanors. Enjoy! (I love the name Millie. I had a wonderful aunt named Millie!)

  16. Brita Bevis

    Hope you got my email Simon? Thanks for the comp!! 🙂

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