Rehabilitation near Riber…

Looking after Gran has kept me mightily busy this week, in fact today is the first time I have had chance to blog now I am happy all my chores are done, ha, ha. So while I will catch up properly with you all over the weekend (when I am back home for a bit) I thought I would leave you with the view that we have had this week of Riber Castle from Grans house.

Riber 1Stunning isn’t it? Hope you are all well? Been up to much? Reading anything good


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20 responses to “Rehabilitation near Riber…

  1. WOW…what a wonderful place it is 🙂

  2. Hope your Gran is feeling better and thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture 🙂

    • She is doing as well as can be expected Nadia, we are all so proud of the way she is dealing with everything. You can only hope you would try and be the same if the situation happened to you, here’s hoping it doesn’t.

  3. Lovely photo Simon! It is lots of revelling at this time of year and I enjoyed a great night this week with my bookgroup for our last meeting where we discussed The Paris Wife by Paula McClain. Interesting period where Hadley and Ernest Hemmingway spent the jazz years in Paris mixing with the likes of Gertrude Stein and F Scott Fitzgerald. I love how books move you on to others and I will be picking up some Hemmingway in the future.

    • I have been umming and ahhhing about The Paris Wife. It intrigues me and yet all the covers are so saccharine and I keep thinking ‘chick lit’ which keeps putting me off. I might get it if I see it in the library though based on your recommendation.

  4. The view from my window isn’t nearly as pretty!
    That said – I’ve FINALLY pulled Wolf HALL off my tbr shelf. And have ever since been asking myself WHY DID I LEAVE IT THERE FOR YEARS? It’s terrific. Excuse me – I have to get back to my book now …

  5. Lovely view!
    I just finished “Dandelion Wine” by Ray Bradbury. You know how when you read there are some perfect sentences that you want to underline/write down (well, I do). In this book almost every single sentence was like that. It was just gorgeously written.

  6. I will never have a view like that here in the states. I’m going to have to reconsider a move again. 🙂
    I’m reading The Map of the Sky, sequel to The Map of Time by Felix J. Palma. It’s better written (or perhaps just better translated?) than the first novel and is quite a fun Victorian sci-fi mashup.

  7. David

    Lovely view, Simon – your Gran is lucky to be able to see that from her house. I love walking up to the top of the hill here and taking in the view – its very calming I find.
    At the moment I’m reading Abraham Verghese’s ‘Cutting for Stone’. I’m liking it, though not completely loving it – the first 150 pages or so were in desperate need of an editor as I found them a real slog, and some of the writing is a bit uneven but it has picked up now (about midway through) and it is certainly very evocative and colourful. I’ve also just finished a superb collection of short stories – ‘Pleased to Meet You’ by the Canadian author Caroline Adderson. I’ll definitely be reading more by her.

    • I was going to read Cutting for Stone when it came out. However all the endless praise about it put me off. I felt however good it might be, it wouldn’t live up to the expectation that I had and so have left it in limbo in the TBR for a few years, and indeed I might leave it there another few.

  8. Sarah Williams

    What a terrific setting. I’m sure your Gran loves sharing it with you!
    I am reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. Very entertaining. It doesn’t require too much of me, which is good this busy time of year.

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