The Winners of the Green Carnation Prize 2012 are…

Well it is a bit of a shocker as for the first time in the prizes history the judges announce two winners in a tie as Patrick Gale and André Carl Van Der Merwe become joint winners of The Green Carnation Prize 2012. And what a pair of winners they are…

Patrick Gale’s ‘A Perfectly Good Man’ is his sixteenth novel, a story of the moral dilemmas of a Cornish priest and his family and looks at what makes people good or bad. André Carl Van Der Merwe’s debut novel ‘Moffie’ is a tale of coming out in South Africa in the military during some of the country’s most turbulent times.

9780007465088 9781609450502

As you can imagine after all the reading that has lead up to this and all the discussion (which we had to extend the announcement of the winner/s by several days in order to come to a final agreement) I am rather shattered and booked out, though fear not it won’t last long. If you want to see all the official thoughts from the judges, including my thoughts on the whole shortlist, then you can go to the Green Carnation website here. I will be reviewing the winners, the short listed and long listed (well the ones I haven’t already) books in the new year, I can tell you though that they are all corking and it has been the hardest whittling down process I have ever encountered in three years. It might be just the high point for me to hang my judging boots up for a while.

Have you read either of the two winners and if so what did you think? If you haven’t yet, might you give them a whirl now?



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8 responses to “The Winners of the Green Carnation Prize 2012 are…

  1. looks like my tbr list just got longer. Thanks Simon (I think :))

  2. I bloody knew you’d pick ‘Moffie’ if none of us read it!:P Seriously, great list, I know everyone in my reading group enjoyed the book they read and MatLee will be especially happy to have read the winner.

    • Hahahahaha, yep sorry about that it is all the Shadow Judges fault! Glad you all liked the books and thank you again so much for shadowing the shortlist, I am hoping you will do it again next year!

  3. I’d love to get to a Perfectly good man. Sounds a very interesting read.

  4. This is easily my favorite newer award! I discovered London Triptych through it a couple of years ago and it was a fantastic read. I believe Mr. Kemp has a new novel that should be coming out soon too if I’m not mistaken!

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