The Joys of New Bookshelves…

So back last week I reported to you all how I was book culling. I think I might also have reported, though probably by twitter, that Gran had gotten me four new bookshelves/bookcases as a Christmas present and they had been picked up (I wasn’t allowed to go for the temptation to come home with lots of other furniture and eat several hundred meat balls while in a certain shop is too much for me, huff) and so I told myself I had the weekend to get culling before I was allowed to sort out my new shelves. Well, it got to Sunday and I still hadn’t started. The Beard soon realised that this bookshelf building as a reward for culling wasn’t going to work; maybe if he built them I would be just desperate to fill them?

So build them he did…


With a little help from Oscar (who loves a cardboard box of any variety as you can see, Millie was hiding as is her want when it all gets too much) within about two hours there were four wonderful new shelves up and ready for me to fill. The only problem was I then needed to decide where they should go.

001 (2) 002 (2)

Yesterday morning I still hadn’t decided and so when I woke up was greeted by this…

004 (2)

I knew it was time to do something, so I thought ‘right time to toughen up and sort the books that are in my boxes, be strong, be tough’ and so everything was laid out for a jolly good sorting out.

005 (2)

Well I don’t know what had happened in the time since I took all the books out of the boxes and the time came to culling as I culled and culled and still had more than I started. Then in an effort to make a nice area to sit and read in I moved the reading chair and uncovered my secret stash of books!  So secret even I had forgotten I had put them there. Oops.

006 (2)At this point I had to take a break, my books were not only multiplying and reproducing without me knowing, they were even cowering and hiding for their lives behind the furniture. I had a break, walked the cat, ate some lunch and then from nowhere (probably my inner procrastination switch went on) I decided that I would rearrange the house. Put some of the new shelves in other rooms, make space, de-clutter the house of the over 35 chairs it has in it (the Beard has a chair problem like I have a book one) and then all would be well.

Oddly somehow that worked, it added about three hours to the process but now look at my lovely reading corner.


Do note though, this whole set of shelves needs a culling; I couldn’t face it after all of that. I’m sorry… did you just mutter ‘excuses, excuses’ under your breath? How rude, even if true!


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34 responses to “The Joys of New Bookshelves…

  1. 🙂 LO very L!

    So not even expedit shelves can expedite a book cull!

    Books do breed, of their own accord. I can verify that.

  2. gaskella

    What a nice man The Beard is building all your shelves for you.

  3. I love that you had a stash so secret even you didn’t know about it. I’m quite jealous of the outcome – a nice cozy reading corner with a comfy chair and plenty of books within reach. And I agree that The Beard is very nice for taking on those Swedish instructions.

    • Oddly the bearded one likes it. And doesn’t like books – oh we have nothing in common at all. Ha!

      I was genuinely shocked when all those books were discovered. I thought it might be one or two. I wasn’t expecting all those. Oops.

  4. Eva

    Love your new reading nook! My dad put my book cases together while I slept: they just magically appeared in my room overnight. 😉

    • Now that is magic. What a lovely surprise when you woke up. I don’t think The Beard would have done it that quietly though. Your dad didn’t sort the books on them though? As that’s part of the fun.

      The irony of all this is that our apartment is now looking gorgeous and I’ve gone to look after Gran for the week, though she did buy them so it’s fair really.

  5. Awesome! Storage is such an issue isn’t it? I filled my meagre bookshelves a while ago: I now have various piles of book on desks/the floor/other people’s floors…

    • Hahahaha I know that feeling. I actually don’t mind little piles of books here and there though to have special shelves is always a bonus. It’s a space thing in itself though.

  6. I so sympathize. Books have this funny way of multiplying. what is it with that? Lord knows I need to do exactly the same thing as you. Get some bookshelves, assemble them, and put the books on them. Hmm! Wonder if I can get my hubbie to do the work?;)

    • It is tricky to get Other Halves to do these things Didi, you have to make them think that they wanted to do it without having to feel grateful to them forever and ever. I managed this by combining the Beards love of DIY with the fact I left the place looking like a book bomb had gone off 😉

  7. Books, and chairs, and rotary phone, and shelves. These are some of my favourite things. Why cull? Just buy more bookshelves. That’s my motto!

    • Hahaha, as you can see though Lee-Anne, I don’t have much room left on the new shelves already, so I need to get a wriggle on reading. I don’t want to have to block off or move the phone as it is so at home there.

  8. David

    Books do breed like rabbits, it’s true, though I suspect you really did know about your secret stash and were just in denial (I know I am about mine). Still, books take up less room than chairs I suppose (to wit: 35 chairs?!).

    Very nice shelves though. I can see Tom Darling’s ‘Summer’ near the arm of your chair in that photo: you’ll like that one I reckon.

    • I honestly didn’t know. I wish one of the cats had been recording me at the time as the gasp of horror/joy combined I let out was quite something and no mistake.

      Don’t ask about the chairs, I am not allowed to.

      I have been meaning to read Summer for ages and ages.

  9. Hah hah, I can definitely empathise. One day I will have room for lovely IKEA bookshelves…

  10. That was sweet of the Beard to build the shelves for you. Seems like it did the trick. I love your reading corner – looks cozy!

  11. Delyn

    Loved the bookshelves, Simon.
    When I read about your proposed culling I decided that it was time I did that, too. So, I’ve just spent the last two days doing just that! I hope to get rid of the bags – all 7 of them- on Thursday. It was quite difficult deciding which ones I no longer needed but, having done so, I feel liberated to buy replacements!

    • Delyn, I didn’t actually do very well at the culling so well done you for doing much, much better than me, seven bags indeed. I need to now be inspired by you when I get back home. Ha!

  12. thanks for the laugh today, I really enjoyed this post, could relate completely

    • Glad it made you smile Pam, hope all is ok with you? Know you’ve had a lot on. Posts like these are great for me too as you all relating makes me feel less bad about my laxness! Not that I am calling all you lax, oh awkward.

  13. Rhian

    Those bookshelves look lovely. And I admire you culling. I cheated when I cleared the scary room before Christmas – all the books went up into the loft to be culled later! My excuse is that I am waiting for DB to build shelves in the (no longer) scary room, so I can’t really sort my books out until I have somewhere to put them. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? (DB is not convinced).

    • Ha, ha. Good cheating there. I am still waiting for the hall and mezzanine level to be turned into the library I was promised, these will more than do for now though.

      I think your thoughts are completely reasonable, they aren’t far off what mine were!

  14. The shelves look great, and I’m proud of you for being able to cull some of your books. I have run out of room to put more books…but I don’t want to part with any of the books that I own. I looked over every bookcase, and there isn’t one book I want to get rid of right now. Sigh.

    • I was firm before Christmas and got rid of a lot so I had bookshelves with no horizontal books lying on top of the books. Then I bought more and there is one horizontal book lying on top of the books. The rot has started.

  15. I love that you had books hiding around the house! Who knows how many more there might be, cowering in the attic or under the floorboards?

    Mostly I’m just shocked at 35 chairs. Gosh.

    • Hahaha, we don’t have an attic thankfully, but we do have a mezzanine level, but I don’t think (though I could be very wrong) I have hidden any books in there. Not yet anyway.

      The chairs, the chairs, the chairs – I despair at the chairs but hey 35 chairs vs. several hundred books, tis only fair.

  16. I also love that you have a secret-secret stash of books. I do have a bookshelf beside my bed that has double books, hence a whole row I keep forgetting about…

    Your story also reminds me that I go a baking tray organiser for Christmas. This required the re-organisation of 3 larger under-counter cupboards, two bin bags for the dump and the traumatisation of two cats. Looks great though and the tins are there just when I need them!

    • That is one of the dangers about the new shelves that I have got… you can double them and so you get even more books on them. This is going to happen but I know I will forget lots if so.

      I think a clear out is so worth it, though really I am only half done with mine. I am going to have another crack this week.

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