National Libraries Day 2013

I thought as I am a huge fan of libraries and the importance of them I would just let you know/remind you, in case you didn’t as it doesn’t seem that publicised this year, that today is National Libraries Day! I have already been to mine and returned and renewed a few titles, maxed out my loan allowance and donated some lovely pristine hardcover books. I have to admit that when I was there you wouldn’t have known it was National Library Day which was a bit saddening and so I made this small video to you all of a library plea…

Apologies for the whispering, but it is the library after all, the shifty eyes (I thought I was going to get caught and either be thrown out by a librarian or thought a weirdo by a passing member of the public. Hopefully though you get the message… GO AND USE YOUR LIBRARY NOW!

Thank you, I will be back later with a library loot post!


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18 responses to “National Libraries Day 2013

  1. You’re right, there has been no mention of it, I was there only on Thursday, no posters no fanfare no nothing. Great fan of libraries, stops my house filling up with books too fast:-)

    • I don’t understand why, when libraries are suffering and really need the support its not been brought more to the fore in book press etc. Some libraries weren’t even open today!

  2. In the US we have National Libraries Week – April 14-20. I am a HUGE fan of my local library branch which, sadly, is desperately in need of renovation. Our librarians, however, are awesome and happy – I try to remember to take them a treat sometimes when I go to pick up my books. Girl Scout cookies – flowers – just a little something to let them know how much I appreciate their hard work.

  3. I love it! I went and maxed out my library card today too! Pure joy.

  4. Too busy fighting fires and saving themselves I imagine. Not such a great season for the library. 😦

  5. I had no idea it was National Library day. There was no sign of it at my library either when I went in this afternoon. I got six books including Tom All Alone’s so I can read it and listen to The Readers bookclub podcast without ruining the book for myself. Visiting the library is doing nothing to help me in my reading of Les Mis I have to say. Must try and get better at multi-reading, it’s not a skill I have really.

  6. I love people who love libraries! That’s a shame yours didn’t do anything for NLD. I did a Storify “snapshot” of libraries in Scotland yesterday – it’s quite long, so if you only have time to look at one section I suggest scrolling down to Dundee City Libraries. Their contribution is awesome!

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