Savidge Reads Library Loot #4

As it is National Libraries Day I thought I would share the library loot that I went and got today to make sure I maxed out my borrowing allowance. So, with a starring role for Millie this time, here is the third in my new series, yet first of the year, of vlog posts where I get to embarrass myself once more talk to you all about the latest books that I have borrowed from the library, and waffle a lot about why.

Mr Briggs’ Hat – Kate Colquhoun
Mrs Bridge – Evan S. Connell
When I Lived in Modern Times – Linda Grant
I’m the King of the Castle – Susan  Hill
The Summer Book – Tove Jansson
It Ends with Revelations – Dodie Smith
The Temptress – Paul Spicer
The Closed Door and Other Stories – Dorothy Whipple

As is the usual routine I would love to know your thoughts on any of the books; have you read them, did you like them, and are you thinking of reading them etc and any thoughts on the intermingled waffle. What have you borrowed from the library of late? Many thanks in advance.


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37 responses to “Savidge Reads Library Loot #4

  1. Simon, where’s the second video? 😦 I’m wondering if you’ve ever read any of the numerous Anne Perry mysteries set in Victorian London? Or the Oscar Wilde mystery series? Those are really excellent and feature Oscar and Arthur Conan Doyle solving mysteries together. The author is Gyles Brandreth. Keep the videos coming! I love them.

  2. Laura Caldwell

    From the library last week and this week: Someone at a Distance (reread, I LOVE Dorothy Whipple and my library system only has a couple of them), Blacklands by Belinda Bauer, and The New Life by Orhan Pamur. The last two were recommended somewhere in book-blog land. I am also reading Tales of the City-(not overly fond of it Simon, we’ll see if I stick it out), and reading and listening to Tess. After the English classics list, I think that I am going to read a number of American classics-I have made a list of possibilities, a few of which I have already read sometime in the past. I was so taken with The House of Mirth that I must try some more. I also watched the movie starring Gillian Anderson which was very good, but I can’t imagine following it if you haven’t read the book.

    • I must see the film of The House of Mirth. I have to say after having loved the book so much it’s tempting me to read some American classics myself. Though I have to say I might read more Wharton as three other of her books have arrived.

      Oh dear re Tales of the City. Looking forward to discussing Whipple with you tomorrow.

  3. gaskella

    Yay! Mrs Bridge – I do hope *fingers crossed* you enjoy it. Thanks for the mention.

  4. I recently read a wonderful review of Jansson’s A Winter Book by the poet Katie Metcalfe and I wonder if this is the book you are referring to? Its companion is The Summer Book in which I understand she distills the essence of summer. I think you may need to borrow or buy another book. Simon 🙂 From what I’ve heard it sounds like a book worth having a copy of.

  5. I’ve been on a library tear myself lately. I’m not a browser though (my library is sad and and slightly smelly and scheduled to be demolished and rebuilt next year). I find my books online or with my smartphone app and put them on hold or have them transferred from other branches. (Free here, but I think I read that they charge for this service in the UK?? I would pay.) The downside of this is that you don’t know where you are in the queue until after you’ve clicked “hold”. And more often than not – a huge pile of books comes in all at once. Still – lovely problem to have, isn’t it?

    Library books last week and this week: HHhH by Laurent Binet, Arcadia by Lauren Groff, Death in Breslau by Marek Krajewski, Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple, and In Search of a Character by Graham Greene (hmm… wonder whose recommendation that was??) Library books I’m still working on: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman; The Antagonist by Lynn Coady, and How the Dead Dream by Lydia Millett.

    • Ha that is a lovely problem to have. We do have to pay, quite a lot in my new area, to order books in and the library doesn’t get the money the council does which I’m not sure is fair.

  6. I was interested to note that one of the books on your Library Loot list is The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. The book is one of five so far that I’ve chosen as possible reads from another book titled “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die”. Each day I’m reading through several book previews In the book and am discovering that many many of the books are not for me. I’ve discovered, well I already knew, that my desire to read uplifting, positive, accessible books shuts me out of most “important” books. My first read from my very short 1001 list is Don Quixote. I’m struggling because I have “classics-aversion” issues. I look forward to the possibility you may comment a little more on Tove Jansson’s book – no pressure. I enjoy your blog very much, it’s one of my favorites and I appreciate your gerousity in sharing your journey. Say hello to your Gran for me and The Beard. Best wishes!

    • I have a copy of the most recent ‘1001 Books You Must Read Befre You Die’ but I have yet to go through the whole book in stints as I am worried that I will end up adding hundreds of books to the TBR which is in danger of being excessive (ok, it is excessive) as it is. I like the idea of reading through a few previews a day, I will be doing this from now on based on your recommendation.

      I too have classics aversions, well actually make that fairer, I have issues with classic pre-1820 to be honest. I just dont quite gel with them on the whole, but I am trying to educate myself better with this.

  7. All new to me – but I think I’d really like to see what you think of When I lived in Modern times. Sounds most interesting.

  8. Geraldine

    I very much enjoyed When I Lived in Modern Times which I read after a visit to Israel. I have read several of Linda Grant’s books since then and she is a very good writer. Have not read Mrs Bridge but the movie was great.

    • Oh I didn’t know there was a film of Mrs Bridge. That might be one to look up after I’ve read the book.

      I am looking forward to reading the Grant. Though it will make me desperate to go back to Tel Aviv again. I loved it there so much.

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  10. ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ is awesome. I read it years ago before I even knew who Susan Hill was and I think it is, by far, one of her best and most literary novels to date.

  11. 1. Millie! She’s beautiful, and I love that she showed us her belly. 🙂

    2. THE BOLTER…Frances Osborne. I just read it a month or two ago and really liked it.

    3. I do love your videos. They make me chuckle a lot. Your asides are great.

    4. Right now, we have checked out from the library: The Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin on audiobook (my husband is rereading them on audio–I refuse to read any of the series until they’re all published), The Black Muslims in America by C. Eric Lincoln (the best sociological study and history of the Nation of Islam ever written–great book), Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault (subtitle: The Birth of the Prison–great account of the evolution of punishment from the 17th/18th century to present times), The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde (the 3rd book in his Thursday Next series–wonderfully funny series that reminds me a bit of The Hotchhiker’s Guide because of the satire and wordplay), and a book of four Stephen King books together because I couldn’t get The Shining as a book by itself (someone checked it out on the SAME DAY that I went to the library to check it out). Whew! That’s a lot of books.

    And this is a very long comment. Hee!

  12. Sophie

    I’m the King of the Castle! Simon, you simply must. For a Susan Hill fan like yourself not to have read this book yet is a travesty.

  13. great list only read summer book which is simply brilliant such a sweet book ,all the best stu

  14. Delyn

    I enjoyed ” Mrs. Bridge”, so much so that I’ve bought “Mr. Bridge” to get the other side of the story! Liked the film. too.
    Also “Someone at a distance” – hadn’t read any Dorothy Whipple before but, if the other books are as good, then I’m a fan.

  15. Wendy B

    You have picked two of my all time faces! The Summer Book is just perfect, you NEED a copy of your own! Secondly, When I Lived in Modern Times is so evocative, I hope you enjoy it too.

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