Come & See Me in Leeds…

Please excuse the usual Savidge Reads service with a shameless plug alert… The thing is, I am going to be talking books, blogs and book prizes as part of LGBT History Month at Leeds Library on Tuesday the 26th of February in an event brilliantly called (and not by me) ‘Wilde About Books’, which I am both very excited about and also really, really nervous about as its just me – no authors or co-hosts, nothing. The details are here…

CL Wilde about books Poster-page-001So if you can by any chance come along then it would be really lovely to see some of your friendly faces in the audience and have a natter with you afterwards. Shameless plug interuption post over, apologies for the interuption to the usual service which will resume tomorrow. Ha!


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6 responses to “Come & See Me in Leeds…

  1. I wish I lived a bit closer! You will be magnificent!

  2. Col

    Alas am not close enough! I might nick that title at some point though!!!!

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  4. Unfortunately I can’t get a babysitter 😦 but I hope it goes well

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