How Short Sighted of Me…

I had intended on doing a book review today however the book I wanted to talk to you about I have had to stop reading as, from now until Thursday, I am banned from reading. Seriously, no joke! I should also really be banned from the computer but like that is going to happen when I have a prize to launch and an event to research for (I am still doing Wilde About Books tomorrow in Leeds, do come if you can) but I am lessening this as much as I can. Why is this all happening? Well all because I need these blinkers…

I hope I can rock geek chic?

I hope I can rock geek chic?

Yes at the age of almost thirty one I am getting glasses. I have been having headaches for a few weeks, right behind my right eye, and as I had a £150 voucher from Specsavers (interestingly as a thanks for doing something for them on the Crime Awards, how kind) so I thought I would spend them on a test and some sunglasses. Well several tests, and frames, later and guess what… my eyesight is rather dreadful, the optician was most relieved I don’t drive, and I should probably have had glasses some time ago, but then I hadn’t had a test for seven years. Oops. They will be ready on Thursday, and then I can get back to some serious reading in comfort. Until then though reading is off the menu, and work needs to be minimal, which I am finding rather frustrating to be honest. Ho hum! Fortunately I have some posts planned, so I won’t completely vanish this week.

In the meantime… what have you been reading? Oh and when did you get your eyes tested last? Let me be a lesson to you all!


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22 responses to “How Short Sighted of Me…

  1. No reading until Thursday, that’s harsh.
    I got my 1st pair of glasses in my early 20s & it was an absolute revelation – I could see all this stuff that had been a blurry mess before. Hope you enjoy your new found clarity!

  2. I was 19 when I got glasses. When I put them on for the first time I was convinced they were binoculars by mistake. I was flummoxed to realize that I had been missing being able to discern individual leaves on trees and I didn’t even realize it. You will love your new life as a four eyes.

  3. Oh dear, glasses! Well, you can see it as an accessory that you can use to look super cool. 🙂

    I didn’t have glasses for a long time and then when I got them I realised the world had a horizon! It was amazing. Now I’m at the age that I have to have reading glasses. But I got combined reading/faraway glasses and it’s SO nice.

    Good luck with your glasses!

  4. Oh my goodness! No reading?! I’ve had glasses since I was about 9 or 10, but I just went back to the eye doctor two weeks ago because I had noticed I felt sleepy all the time (my vision was blurry). Anyway, now I’m on the hunt for some good frames.

    Have fun picking them out! (And enjoy how sharp everything looks.)

  5. Ann

    Well, I have advanced from the regular optical eyeglass companies to the kind that check my cataracts. I hate it and I put it off even longer because I hate the drops in my eyes and seeing all fuzzy. I am going to start a new author’s book – well new to me- William Kent Krueger. He writes a detective novel who the hero is Cork O’Connor. Just got wind of him while trying to order another Steve Hamilton book. I will let you know what I think of this new author’s book.

  6. Deborah

    Well isn’t it a good thing you got this sorted before starting on “Middlemarch”? I first got glasses at 7; just previously I had been “naughty” at the cinema, fidgeting and not watching. Next cinema visit after glasses I apparently looked at the screen and said, “Oh, there are people up there!” sad, eh?

  7. Like Thomas, I got glasses at 19 and was immediately struck by the leaves. I felt like I had been living in a Monet painting for years!

    Simon, I’m sure you’ll rock the glasses look!

  8. But that’s days away! When I finally got round to having an eye test they did mine in an hour. Although I don’t need mine for reading…all the years spent looking at things in front of my face has ruined my distance vision.

  9. gaskella

    I got reading glasses at 40, and my eyesight has got steadily worse ever since, but the changes for reading have now slowed down – and now I need a distance component for driving – my vision is being squashed from the ends! I tried varifocals, but hated them – the in focus reading field was so small you have to move your head the whole time, and they’re no good for the computer. So now I have two pairs of glasses on me the whole time! Good luck with your new specs.

  10. Congrats on getting your prospective specs. I’ve been wearing them for 10 years now and my eyes are getting progressively worse. It’s all because of the reading and writing and other stuff like painting that I’ve had to do for years. What can I say? All pleasures come with a price tag. I just hope I don’t go blind!

    As for the specs, I think the geek chic look will look great on you. I’m rockin’ the ‘school marm’ look at the moment. My glasses have become a valuable part of the persona I am trying to emulate in the classroom. Gives me status!

  11. Good thing to have your eyes checked young man….( you are the same age as my son)…. in your line of work and to have the glasses made up…you may want to get another pair for backup….(maybe another coupon will come along!). i use glasses for eye strain when reading but don’t always need them. I have one excellent eye and one that just is letting the other eye do everything ( reminds me of my ex-husband)…apparently…it can be fixed if my good eye goes blurry…it is a focus thing…they can’t focus together or some odd thing.
    i am reading a Mennonite style cookbook (Rood that Shmecks), Daphne’s Copper Hill and her short stories, Kate Morton’s Secret Keeper, Gormenghast by Meryn Peake and some Kurt Vonnegut.

  12. Hi Simon
    I have recenttly beeen prescibed reading glasses at 50 and have been wearing them for distance driving for about 10 years. I thought I would try bifocals due to work and disliked the idea that I would have to be taking my glasses on and off frequently throughout the day. They have been hard to get used to so I also have a pair by the bed just for reading.
    You could read on your new Kindle Fire as adjusting the font size would overcome your dilemma of not being able to read until Thursday 🙂 I find reading on my Kindle useful especially at night when your eyes can be a little tired. My behavioural optometrist advises placing a bookmark ahead every 4 pages and then look up and adjust your distance vision before continuing.
    Oh and I have just started reading Autumn Laing by Australian author Alex Miller and enjoying it so far.

  13. Henreitta

    I got my first pair at 8 – progressed to contact lenses at 17, and am now back in glasses again. You can look forward to the sudden misting up of your glasses everytime you look in the oven, or go in a cosy book shop on a cold and snowy day. I do feel a different person wearing glasses to the person I was in contact lenses. It never ceases to amaze me how different you can look in similar frames! Hope the headaches are hit on the head (!)

  14. As a long-sighted person I’ve had reading glasses for many, many years and alas the older I get, the worse the eyes get. I have been putting off having them tested recently because I’m paranoid about eye health but being diagnosed as mildly diabetic meant I had to submit to a eye health test thingy at the hospital. Not nice as I’m squeamish but at least the got a clean bill of health and I have no excuse not to get them tested again. It *is* essential if you’re a reader – I literally can’t deal with print without them, and a slight astigmatism doesn’t help with white paper…. Oh, for 20:20 vision!!!!

  15. Delyn

    Hullo, Simon,
    I hope you get your glasses soon. Aren’t they expensive?!! I recently had new lenses put in old frames – still nearly £400! – having had cataracts removed. Still have to wear glasses for reading but I remember a Harley Street specialist telling me during an eye test on leaving college, that as long as I could recognise my best friend across the street, that was all that mattered !! Many, many years later I can still do that!
    Have just finished reading ” The Life of Rebecca Jones” by Angharad Price -liked it a lot . Very Welsh.
    Am now re-reading “State of Wonder” -Ann Patchett, in readiness for next week’s book group. Also,” The Snow Child” but I’m struggling with that, Not my cup of tea so far so why am I am I continuing??/

  16. KateG

    The leaves were the best part when I got my glasses at 9 years of age. I had no idea how much I was missing (my grades slipped badly and I couldn’t even see the big “E” on the eye chart), so my mom took me to be tested. She felt so bad that she hadn’t noticed until the teacher contacted her. I am now slightly (haha)older and need reading glasses for close up work..I refuse to get progressives as they call them here in the states, so everyone in my circle is used to seeing me with 2 pairs; one on my face and one on top of my head! This is a better look that the double eyeglasses look I sported until I went to the eye doctor and got prescription reading glasses.
    I hope you are back reading soon. I am still reading about Miss Bart in THE HOUSE OF MIRTH and I started DEFENDING JACOB over the weekend. Best to you

  17. Ohhh, I hope your eyes get better and that you’re reading again soon. I am lucky my eyesight is good, but this time last year I had a severe inflammatory eye condition that meant no reading for a month. In fact, not much of anything at all, because my eyes were incredibly sensitive to light – I spent 2 weeks lying in bed in a dark room, curtains drawn, head under the duvet, and still unable to open my eyes because the slightest chink of light felt like I was staring into the sun. Fortunately that got better but as a result I don’t take my vision for granted any more and am determined to keep up to date with my eye tests!

  18. David

    No reading? Shock, horror! I’ve had glasses since I was 12 and have been wearing them all the time (rather than just for seeing the blackboard!) since I was 17. I feel naked without them now, even though I’m not really a fan (which glasses-wearer is though?). Personally I avoid Specsavers and Vision Express, though they may have changed in the last few years – I go to my local independent who are absolutely brilliant. Nice frames you’ve got there, by the way.

    At the moment I’m just getting to the end of Susan Swan’s 1993 novel ‘The Wives of Bath’, set in a Toronto boarding school. The narrator, ‘Mouse’ Bradford has to be one of the most endearing fictional creations I’ve come across in quite some time. Swan wrote a prequel novel, ‘The Western Light’ last year, so I’m hopefully going to get to that soon. As soon as I’ve finished that I fancy a bit more Alex Miller – I might read ‘The Sitters’ next, which will be my sixth of his. And I’m also reading Charles Baxter’s excellent 1985 collection of stories ‘Through the Safety Net’.

  19. I have nasty astigmatism, and have needed glasses since 5th grade…except I hardly ever wear my glasses or contact lenses. Oops. My last test was two or three years ago, but my eyesight doesn’t seem to have changed since then. I am about to order a new pair of glasses (I have yet to find the perfect pair), because it’s really bothering me to read without them lately. Sigh.

  20. sarah williams

    Good luck with the glasses; they really will help! Maybe you’ll enjoy reading even more when it doesn’t strain your eyes so much. I’ve had glasses since I was nine. I go between wearing contacts (love having focused peripheral vision!) and my glasses. The choice of styles is so great now a days that you can find some really striking glasses.
    Maybe time for an audio book to hold you over for the next couple of days…

  21. I haven’t had my eyes checked in probably 16 years and the bad thing is that I had glasses back then. I haven’t gotten those headaches though since I left college so I think I was probably just overreading between classwork and pleasure. Still, I should probably go get tested as I am sadly aging (though very gracefully!).
    (And I’m sure you will share pics once you’re wearing your new specs, right?!)

  22. elizabeth

    I finally had to order bifocals so that I can read more clearly. My current glasses are for distance only and now that I am 41, I cannot read with them any longer. I find myself holding everything at a distance to see it. And, I take blurry pictures all of the time because of it!

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