Other People’s Bookshelves… A Hiatus

Today should be Other People’s Bookshelves’ day. However there has been a slight issue as I have done something a little bit silly, and I’ve no idea how I did it so can’t reverse it alas. When synching various bits and bobs from laptop to varying devices I some how managed to delete every email I have been sent before the Monday before last that I had yet to respond to or was storing.

This is rather gut wrenching, and highlights why I needed glasses, but means if you sent a request to take part in Other People’s Bookshelves or indeed had sent some pictures and the questionnaire already it has vanished. I’m so sorry. Could you all send again? In the meantime here’s my bookshelves looking lovely in the sun to supply a small book porn fix for you all…


The blurring in this image shows how bad my eye sight is, without glasses I thought this was clear!

If of course you have yet to take part and want to please do email me (as hopefully the several people who already had will be doing) via savidgereads@gmail.com Thanks in advance, apologies again for being such a klutz! Other People’s Bookshelves will return soon…


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4 responses to “Other People’s Bookshelves… A Hiatus

  1. Annabel (gaskella)

    Forgive me for seeming like an old fogey, but what’s a caribou device?

  2. Typing error? Surely you were thinking of spacecraft telemetry systems such as the MDU-133 from Telemetry-West?


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