Behind The Books – Author Interviews

Another day and another new bookish project, though one that I have been mulling and planning for some time. Some of you may know, or indeed listen to, The Readers Podcast which I co-host with the lovely Gavin of Gav Reads (when he isn’t sick) each week. I have to say it has become one of the highlights of my week, after all how often do we get to sit and chat with someone about books and have a real laugh doing it, and I always look forward to it. This year we have both decided that we are going to do solo shows as well. Gavin’s will be along a more sci-fi or ‘geeky’ (his words) show and mine is going to be a one on one interview with authors.

I am aware that people find author interviews a bit of a mixed bag. I know lots of people who really love interviews with authors and finding out about the writer behind the book and where their ideas/characters and where their love of books and words come from. I am very much one of those people and love hearing about how a book is crafted, I just find it really interesting. There are however lots and lots of people who don’t, which baffles me but nonetheless is true.

I am feeling very excited as tomorrow I am interviewing two of the shows guests, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that the authors are…

Behind the Books

Isn’t that great, what a way to start a new project! I was seriously doing severe happy dancing in my lounge, most embarrassing with the blinds open but I didn’t care. Now of course I would love you to send me any questions you have for the authors by email or leaving comments in below, because without all you lot coming to Savidge Reads I doubt very much I would be able to do these sorts of things and I don’t forget that and I like you to be part of it. I would also really like your help with something else… The name, it has been a subject of nightmares.

Lots of people were suggesting I called it Savidge Grills because of the series of author interviews I have done here. Firstly I thought it might put fear into prospective guests, secondly I don’t want something that has my name in it as it sounds rather vain/egotistical. So then I mulled and mulled, and Gavin sent me many innuendo filled titles (which might have made me laugh but didn’t really help, ha) via text until ‘Under the Covers’ sounded sort of good if a bit kitsch and I thought of ‘Behind the Book’. Alas it seems many a person has thought of these already and Twitter and Facebook handle name wise they are a mare. So it is back to the drawing board. I do quite like ‘You Wrote The Book!’, it sort of makes me want to chuckle, does what is says on the tin and sounds quite, dare I say it, current. Maybe, maybe not? What do you think, or even better what would you suggest?

So it is a bit of an ask day today, basically I want a catch apt podcast title. I would also love any questions you have for Maggie O’Farrell or Patrick Ness about any of their works or just their writing or reading lives. I would also love to know your thoughts on author interviews, what works and what doesn’t for you when you hear or see them. It’s ask, ask, ask again from me today…


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11 responses to “Behind The Books – Author Interviews

  1. Kateg

    I like ‘You Wrote the Book!’ very much. I am not familiar with your first two authors, but I am always interested in how people became authors ( did they know from childhood, were their families supportive) and also how they handle the solitude writing requires. Thanks so much, as I fall into the camp of liking author interviews. I think they are much more interesting than celebrities, but I realize that they may be shyer and less willing to let us in on their process. Best of luck with the new project!

  2. Awesome. And yeah, “Savidge Grills” does sound like some uber-harsh interview show consisting of really, really difficult questions! 🙂

  3. gaskella

    Good titles are sooo difficult. How about Author-pods? I do enjoy author interviews by the way.

  4. gaskella

    I’ve only read the first two of the Chaos Walking trilogy, but wanted to ask Patrick if the books are in any way an allegory of American history – the European colonisation of the US, driving out the Native Americans, civil war etc. Also wanted to say I loved ‘A monster calls’ (it made me cry), and in particular the elemental nature of the Green Man earth magic in the yew tree.

  5. I think the title of this post would be great. “Behind the Books”

  6. I used to do author interviews as a regular feature. They had very few readers, but they were fun to do. So I kept doing them. I blog for fun.

    I was going to suggest “Savidge Says” but if you must insist on not using your name….How about “….Who Wrote It.” Maby “Book Flap.” “Having Words.”

  7. Ruthiella

    I already gave my vote for Between the Covers on goodreads, but I like “Having Words” too.

    I like author interviews for a couple of reasons: (a) typically writers are pretty articulate people and interesting to listen to…as opposed to many, many celebrities of stage and screen who disappoint me when they open their mouths and (b) a good author interview can make me excited about reading their books or appreciate their books that I have already read, if any.

  8. sharkell

    Hmmm – “Reading Between the Lines”?

  9. I ordered Instructions for a heatwave a few days ago. I’m really looking forward to reading it. And I do love the cover.

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