Are Shelves the Solution?

You know how I said, ages and ages and ages ago, that I would finally get a handle on how many books I owned and sort them all out? Guess what? I still haven’t done it. It has been in the (very, very, very) back of my mind since the beginning of the year but it is just one of those things that I never seem to have time for. Okay, so I procrastinate.

photo 1Well, this past week with my thoughts on how my reading diet had become a little too staple and then getting a huge influx of books for some events and projects I have got coming up I had to face facts and admit that my book situation has got rather out of hand. Some of you, looking at the picture here ————> might be wondering how on earth I couldn’t tell that there might be a problem seeing as Mount Paperback has not only been threatening to topple and kill me and The Beard in our sleep, but has also started to meander across the floor threatening to come and get us that way too. For me it is the stuff of dreams, for The Beard it is the stuff of nightmares. So I knew this weekend I had to sort it out. This morning I still hadn’t.

So thinking that the best way to get Mr Savidge to get a wriggle on, and knowing I am off to London in a few weeks and may well come back even more laden with books, The Beard went off out on an adventure to Ikea – I wasn’t allowed to go as a) one of my friends from Manchester and his partner were coming b) I cannot be trusted not to spend hours aimlessly mooching and then begging for meatballs and chips. The Beard has come back and guess what… we have more shelves!

photo 3

Two sets in fact. I think there has been a realisation that a life with me is going to be a life with books and a life with shelves so better to simply embrace it. Oscar has been joining in with all the building – why do all cats love a box?

photo 5

Actually not all cats do, a mixture of too much going on, banging and change has lead Millie to flea and hide (we have all been there) under the possible safety of a drawer, well if you can call this good hiding.

photo 2

Now you may think, and I have thought this also, that more shelves mean no need to cull. This is not the case, I have been made to promise that I will now cull books as they are coming in and stop putting off going through all the books I have.

I will do this! It will just have to wait until after I have been to Gran’s this week. Until then they can all just go on the lovely new shelves with all that space…


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13 responses to “Are Shelves the Solution?

  1. Oh, we have the same problem! 3 tall bookcases of Rob’s books, 3 of the same of mine, plus two boxes of my books still not unpacked and three stacks of books in the living room too! It’s a brilliant problem to have, but a problem all the same. And there is *no more space* for book shelves. Nightmare…

  2. I cull every once in a while. More shelves mean that you can keep more books. I am 66 years old and my husband only reads the Chinese newspaper so he says that he would like to burn them if I pass before him. This is a real problem, I don’t good books burned. I am giving away to my friends all my ARCs and forcing myself to sell all the books as I read them. I still have several bins books that I have read and haven’t parted with but I am starting to cull through them too now.

  3. I would love it if I had room for more shelves. Sadly I don’t as I live in a very tiny flat, so I have to live with piles of books!

  4. When The Beard announced on Twitter that he was going to Ikea, I jokingly responded “You’re not gettng more shelves for Simon”!!! It was a joke! I’m trying not be envious because I’d love more shelves but simply don’t have the space! Good to hear you are sorting things out though.

  5. Yay for new shelves! Sadly, they are but a temporary solution, if you’re anything like me. I keep culling, give away most of the books I’ve read, and I *still* require a few more shelves!

  6. My son’s on his way to Ikea for more book shelves.proud to say I raised a reader collector!!

  7. I understand Ikea have removed meatballs from the menu due to the horsemeat scandal. Your begging would have gone to waste!

  8. Yay for new shelves!!! I am always amazed at the amount of books that come into your house when I see your posts on instagram :p I always thought that *I* had the worst problem in the blogging world until I met you :p

  9. Perhaps some of your culled books might be appreciated at a local shelter and that would alleviate some of the stacks.

  10. I just keep building more shelves, too…except now we’ve run out of room for shelves.

    I guess the kids will just have to give up their bedroom furniture and sleep on the floor. At least they’ll be surrounded by books.


  11. dot

    I have serious shelf envy! I am currently on a campaign for more shelves in the Scribble’s household!

  12. Ruthiella

    I think more shelves are a brilliant solution to the problem of too many books! What a lucky boy you are have such a wonderful boyfriend!

    P.S. I have this idea that cats don’t realize that humans can see them under things.

  13. David

    Ah, shelves, I could do with some more of those (though: where?) – this morning I stupidly decided to go hunting at the back of a cupboard for something and had to move two big boxes of books to get to it. Well, I had to look inside didn’t I?

    Ooh, I’d forgotten that….
    Ah! That’s where that got to…
    Hmm, that looks good, I might read that…
    Yay! I DIDN’T give it to charity after all…

    About 15 books have migrated from the cupboard to a pile on the floor!

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