Kindle Road Trip #1

Whilst I admit I am still remaining a mixture of conflicted and sceptical about the Kindle that has recently (and very kindly thanks to The Beard) come into my life, I am going to be seeing if our relationship will strengthen over the next few days.  Truth is so far I have really just been using the Kindle to watch TV shows, I may have used it a tiny bit to help me get through the nightmare of ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ but I haven’t really done much reading on it at all. This is about to change as I am off on the first of two long road trips with my little companion today and I am not packing a single book, just the Kindle.

Kindle Road Trip

I have to admit I am a little daunted by this. I shouldn’t be and it probably sounds very dramatic, but I do find there is a safety in the feeling that a bulky paperweight of, erm, paper in your hands. We will see. The good thing is that I am going to Gran’s, so should I suddenly go into paper withdrawal then I can grab something from her never ending supply – always good to have a back up. Though I won’t have the same back up next week when I head to the bright lights of London, but I will face that dreaded thought then.

I have scheduled some posts to go live while I am away, and I promise that when I come back I will finally catch up with all the comments you have kindly left that I have been meaning to respond to for ages. In the meantime today I thought I would put up a little competition that links into tomorrow’s post…

What do all the books below have in common?

Mystery Books

If anyone manages to guess by the time my post goes live tomorrow there might just be a gift of some sort in it for you as a treat. So can you guess? Right, time to get this road trip on the, well, road!



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17 responses to “Kindle Road Trip #1

  1. Sarah Bruch

    are they all the books you have on your kindle to take with you on your trips?

  2. Kats

    Gah, Sarah, you beat me to it!!

    • Sarah Bruch

      we don’t know if it’s the right answer yet 🙂 But looking at the titles i can’t think anything else as they’re so widely spread with regard to publication years etc.
      Although, why would there also be a stack of paperbacks as well …

  3. Hmmm..I was thinking that these might all be books that are NOT available on the Kindle which might also validate some of Simon’s Kindle vs paper anxieties. I suppose I could go look on Amazon to see if that is true or not….

  4. Kateg

    Are these all authors who are going to be at your Liverpool Literary festival that you are organizing?

  5. Sweet Fanny Adams

    I thought they may be the books on your kindle too. I started getting panicky for you when you said you are only taking a kindle on your travels but you are on a safe wicket, dear chap. As you say, your Gran has heaps of books and in London, you won’t be too far away from the paper stuff. Have a good trip guys.

  6. Go forth with Kindle under arm and enjoy each other! I have a great relationship with my Kindle (affectionately known as Charlotte,) even though she lives in the drawer for half the year (I read a paperback then Charlotte and alternate – best of both worlds!)

  7. Hi Simon, I’ve just fallen across your blog by accident and I think it is great. You got such a wide range of different books reviewed on here; it’s been a delight to read through them. I’ve just started my own blog and I think I’m going to take yours as inspiration on how to develop mine. I agree with you on the kindle nervousness. I like to feel the pages of a book in my hands as I move through the story and enjoy that book smell as I turn each page. 🙂

  8. These are all books your gran doesn’t have and you’re taking them to her. haha Pam

  9. A lot of these books appear to be about moving things and time, kind of an Industrial Revolution thing. Or maybe I’m just reading way too much into it!

  10. ana

    They do seem to share a theme of things mechanical or industrial. Talk of Kindles here is a mere distraction. And a Liverpool Link?
    Very best wishes to your Gran

  11. Rumour has it that they have an amazing concept called bookshops in London.

    • Sadly the quality and diversity of these “amazing concept” emporia has been declining since I moved to London thirty (ish) years ago. Particularly in the non-fiction arena.

  12. Are they all on a long list for an award? Or are they all based around science / industry / engineering? (Not hedging my bets at all!) 🙂

  13. Sophie

    Simon, I’m with BryOak. You must name your Kindle! You’ll become much better friends that way. Mine is called Scout and she wears a snazzy red jacket. xSophie

  14. Sweet Fanny Adams

    I’ve just had a thought – are these books that you borrowed from your lovely Nan and you are returning them to your Nan’s library?

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