We’re Going Through Changes…

In case you are confused, this is still Savidge Reads… I just thought that it was time to have a minor facelift of sorts to be honest, and we all like a change now and again don’t we? This isn’t going to be one of those big revamps which involves lots of fireworks and shouting to everyone about it nor is it a case navel gazing because its coming from a positive place and just seemed like the right time.

As you might have noticed if you come here often or occasionally (and thank you if you do) in the last few weeks I have been a little bit quieter. This isn’t because I have ‘been thinking’ about everything blog wise –  which has happened in the past – but other things have taken priority. Firstly just with getting Gran sorted out with a hospital (as she was so, so poorly suddenly in the last two weeks), which as I mentioned before take so much rigmarole it is untrue, which took about four days of telephone calls, also with everything Liverpool Literature Festival wise and because I accidentally got a new job…

Yes, that is right (and I think I am allowed to tell you about it, though I don’t start till next week) I am now Social Media Strategist for Culture Liverpool three days a week and I am beyond thrilled – in part as I now get to go to all the summer festivals the city is hosting and also because the office is on the 10th floor overlooking the Mersey, I don’t normally like heights but the view is amazing.


All this has meant I have had more time away from the blog and the needed step away to realise it had become a bit of a monster that needed feeding everyday and I was possibly struggling with it more than I thought. I also realised I didn’t feel I was in it as much, so be warned the posts and reviews are going to be less ‘professional’ and more my sense of humour, hopefully you will like it but sorry if you don’t. Hence the change really, and the changing banners (thank you Gavin) which I love, love, love – oh and I have made a Facebook page now too, can’t really be a Social Media Strategist if you don’t do your own.

Now speaking of that new role of mine again; one thing I will be doing, as well as the book reviews and book thoughts which are the main focus points of the blog, is keeping you informed of the lovely events and stuff I am going to be doing off blog. Some of these might be a retelling of an adventure I had recently walking to a ‘treasure island’ from the coast the other weekend, some might be the things I am doing for work. In the latter case, to clear any thoughts doubting Thomas’s might have up, I will not be messaging about them for work but because you might be interested in coming on the off chance or you just might like to hear about them after, as I know most of my readers don’t live down the road but miles (tens, hundreds and thousands) away. And hence I will simply pop two pictures below and you can do with the information what you see fit…

Council Estate of Mind Debut Authors

Not being funny but that is a pretty good line up isn’t it? Anyway, enough from me! I might be back with a review later, depending if I am happy with it, though I am actually hosting an afternoon tea with John Whaite (he won the Great British Bake Off last year, which I looooooove) this afternoon and might get lost with all that, which I will be reporting back on in due course. How is all with you? What do you think of my new view at work? Do you like the changes to the blog?


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21 responses to “We’re Going Through Changes…

  1. Love the new look, good luck in your new job Simon that all sounds very exciting.

  2. Rosemary

    Wow – congratulations Simon – what a great new job, and your office is fabulous!

    I’m more than happy with hearing about your life, I think it’s all those little extras you give us that make your blog so special.

    The events you are hosting look so interesting, only wish I could come (I live in rural Scotland) – they’ve certainly given me lots of ideas.

    Very best of luck,


  3. Alex in Leeds

    Congrats on the job Simon, it’s a nice fit for your talents and I’m suitably jealous of the office. 😉

  4. sharkell

    Congratulations – this is fantastic news – I have been wondering if your festival work would lead to an offer of employment. Hope you still have reading time, though. And also hope your Gran is not in too much pain or discomfort.

  5. It sounds as though this is quite a time for you, with so many opportunities and excitements but also the support and love you are giving to your gran. You really are amazing! The new job sounds right up your street and I so wish we had such good events at the York litfest. 🙂

  6. Félicitations Simon! Your new job sounds really exciting. I hope that happens to me but around books. I love the banner and the whole look. Change is different but good. Looking forward to your post whenever/however they come. Wish I could come to a few of your events too but living in Normandy might be a bit too far at times. Hope your Gran is on the mend very quickly and good luck on your fabulous new job. Great view!

  7. gaskella

    Love the new headers. Love the view – good luck with the new job. Very best to your Gran too.

  8. The blog looks great, the job sounds great (Congratulations!) and I’m SO jealous of your afternoon tea with John Whaite! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  9. Ann Fuller

    Congratulations on your new and exciting job!

  10. kateg

    Congratulations on you new job. I’m so jealous of your lit festival’s goings on, wish I lived closer (or on your side of the Atlantic). Have fun and my best to Gran and your family!

  11. Your new job sounds very exciting and good for you Simon! You will no doubt keep on inspiring others with your love of literature and now will have such far reaching influence. Sending healing thoughts of comfort to Gran and family.

  12. Love the new look, and the job sounds very exciting–congratulations!

  13. Looking good Simon and congrats on the new job. Office envy! Hopefully run into you again soon and best wishes for your gran.

  14. Congratulations, can I join your afternoon tea…?!

  15. rosario001

    Congratulations on the new job, Simon! It sounds fantastic. Is Culture Liverpool the Council’s Culture department, then? We were lamenting with my friends the other day that there wasn’t a Liverpool equivalent of Time Out, where you could find out everything that’s going on in one place, so anything you could do about that would be much appreciated 😀

    PS – It was lovely meeting you at St. George’s Hall the other day!

  16. Congrats on the new job. And love the banner!

  17. A fab job, a wonderful view and all rhe cultural events you can take. Bliss…

  18. Congratulations on the new job! Marvellous news 🙂

    “So be warned the posts and reviews are going to be less ‘professional’ and more my sense of humour…”
    Sounds wonderful to me – not that I dislike a professional tone, but any sign of a personality shining through makes me happy.

    Wish I lived nearer, would have loved to attended those events!

  19. Wow, awesome view, good for thinking up strategy I am sure, congratulations and enjoy the job. Look forward to those humorous posts!

  20. good luck with new job and blog changes looking great ,all the best stu

  21. Bet

    Congratulations on your new job! and especially on the magnificent view. Hope you enjoy it immensely.

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