The Point Horror Book Club

I’ve been meaning to tell you all about this project, which the lovely James Dawson has started, for the last two weeks! Alas as I have seemed almost incapable of blogging I’ve not done so which is truly rubbish of me as it is a project that I think is going to be bloody good fun.

As a youth, now back in those distant mists of time, I absolutely freaking loved Point Horror novels. For those of you who missed them, or were children in the 90’s these were novels of (frankly rather unbelievable and probably rather lite) peril in which a perky popular heroine, if my memory serves, somehow ended up being haunted, hunted, or both, by a freak/ghost/murderer which most likely ended up being her boyfriend who didn’t really seem to have any other way of ridding himself of her. Utterly trashy, utterly brilliant and made me read like a fiend.

(This was just before I had my ‘books are crap’ phase, due to GCSE English back then, when I promptly gave them all away… Simple Simon!)


So anyway, James Dawson (he who wrote ‘Hollow Pike‘ which both me and my 14 year old sister became united on the teen thrills of) has had the genius idea of reading them again as adults. To quote his lordship…

“Here’s how the POINT HORROR BOOK CLUB will work. Each month there will be a new title. I’ll read it and write my thoughts here. If you, dear reader, can be arsed, raid your attic, charity shop or eBay and join in. We can discuss each title on a special area of this very website (which my lovely web chum is in the process of creating). On twitter, use the hashtag #pointhorrorbookclub so I don’t miss your thoughts.

The first title will be the first Point Horror released in the UK, 1991′s TRICK OR TREAT by Richie Tankersley Cusick. I’ve already lined up a few titles I’m going to revist. After that, if we can still be bothered, we’ll vote for the next title. Being a me thing, it’s very laid back. You can join in as much or as little as you want.”

Now I had thought they would be a nightmare (see what I did there) to get hold of but not so, as James mentioned eBay and other sites hag them plus charity, and in the case of all the above I got on binge, second hand book shops do a good line.

We will be discussing them on the 13th of every month, I think I am allowed to say I had that slight genius stroke, starting Monday with ‘Trick or Treat’ and then ‘The Babysitter’ on the 13th of June. How fun is this going to be? I’m so excited. Please tell me your going to be joining in?!? Remember you can leave comments here and/or on James’ site – link above. I’m looking forward to much nostalgia… I hope I can find the one where the girl got tied to a perilous pier as the tide came in, oh the tension!


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15 responses to “The Point Horror Book Club

  1. Oh wow! I forgot about Point Horror… I’m wondering what happened to my collection of these…

  2. I think I’ve still got some of my Point Horror books, but I must admit that I prefered the “Nightmare” series.

  3. I used to read FEAR STREET like it was goin’ outta style. I have a stash of them somewhere… have fun!

  4. Ann Fuller

    I believe that any book series that introduces young readers to being addicted to books is a very good thing. I’ve never heard of these books in the U.S. but am going to go to my favorite 2nd hand bookstore Maxey’s and try to find one.

  5. I love horror but I have never read these books. Sounds like good fun and I think I might enjoy it even nowadays.

  6. Trick or Treat was my favourite Point Horror book! I think I still have a copy somewhere….

    Marvellous idea, when I have the monies to buy the books I’ll join in,

  7. I used to love these, sounds like a brilliant and hilarious project! I re-read some Sweet Valley High books recently that were around at the same time, and they were really funny. If I can find them I might join in!

  8. Louise

    I LOVED Point Horror books! I started reading those, then I went onto Christopher Pike and Richard Laymon. I remember lending all my PH books out to a school friend and never got them back {so if you’re reading this Emma Wilkes, give me my bloody books back!!} I have managed to track a few down over the last year or so as I wanted to get my favourites again.

    I have Funhouse, April Fools, Trick or Treat, The Boyfriend, The Girlfriend and a few others. I’m on the look out for Teachers Pet, Mothers Helper, The Babysitter and The Snowman. You can get them in bindups, but I LOVE the ghastly 90’s covers :-)…. I might just go and check Ebay, while I think of it 🙂

  9. I’m in! Sounds like great fun. Also gives me the opportunity to share a book with my two readaphobe almost-teenage sons, in the hope that it might (fingers and toes crossed!) spark an interest in reading for pleasure for them both…

  10. That is such a great idea! I really liked the Point Horror books, and the Point Crime books even more. I remember my grandma would take us on trips to the library and I’d have to hide these away from her because she didn’t think they were suitable for innocent little girls like me!

  11. Sarah

    I loved all the Point… books when I was younger, so am going to have to join in with this! I had loads from the Point Horror series, so am sure they must be around the house somewhere – I can tell how my day will be occupied now!

  12. I used to love these! I’d be far too much of a coward to read them now.
    Have you come across the blog Blogger Beware? It’s someone re-reading all the Goosebumps books as an adult, and it’s hilarious!

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  14. Charlotte

    I really want to do this! but i’m really worried they’ll be rubbish the second time around and will totally tarnish my memories of it!

  15. Aileen

    I am all over this! Used to love Point Horror! Can’t wait to re-read them 🙂

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