Savidge on Sabbatical

As some of you may have seen on twitter the other day or guessed from my absence on The Readers this week, Granny Savidge is sadly very, very poorly indeed and so I have dashed over to Derbyshire to spend time with her and I will be staying here for the foreseeable future.


Gran is doing really well considering. Now the nausea is more under control we have been having some lovely chats (and some bonkers one when the drugs really kick in – and I mean the drugs she is on) and a few laughs, in fact I have been told off for laughing too much, oops! We have been talking quite a lot about books, including a fascinating chat with one of the nurses about how we visualise books as we read them in our heads – do they stay as written words or become like a film or series of pictures and when in the process of reading does it happen? Really interesting!

As poor Gran can’t hold a book or really concentrate on the words too well I have been reading to her. Well I am unimpressed; she has got me breaking the habit of a reading lifetime and reading a series out of order, and what’s more when I started reading Tarquin Hall’s second novel ‘The Man Who Died Laughing’ it was ¾ of the way through just as the mystery was solved. I have to say though with all the giggling we have done I am looking forward to trying the series from the beginning myself. We might not be reading together in companionable silence, but we are still reading together through the hard times in our own way.

Understandably apart from Gran’s daily dose or three of Vishnu Piru, whilst having brought myself some lighter reads for this trip, I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on books at the moment myself and so I am giving Savidge Reads a bit of a sabbatical. If I manage the odd book or have something bookish to say I might pop back on but really right now it’s time for family and Gran. I will be back at some point though, Gran would be furious if I didn’t… she feels she’s become quite the celebrity from it. Ha!



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30 responses to “Savidge on Sabbatical

  1. Jen

    I’m sorry your Granny isn’t well. I’ll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Completely understandable Simon, my prayers and thoughts go out to you too. Tell your Gran she’s quite the celebrity herself too! I’d love to have had a bookish gran. Lots of love, Zee.

  3. I had a “bookish” granddad, but he never talked about books with me, although I was an avid reader when I was a child (and still am). This makes me a bit envious of you, Simon. 🙂
    Wish your gran all the best from me.

  4. Thinking of you both, glad you can be there for Granny Savidge.
    Talking of lighter reads, I started Trick or Treat today – brilliant.

  5. Laura Caldwell

    Prayers and best wishes for you and Granny Savidge! What a wonderful thing to have a granny like her! Someday I hope to have a grandchild who would read to me…actually, a grandchild of any kind! Like your mother, I have a son who is in his thirties and then two younger children (although mine are now both officially adults.) Looking forward to your return to blogging whenever that is.

  6. JoV

    Best of health to granny. I love Vishnu Piru series! Good choice.

  7. All the best for both happy and sad moments and sometimes both at the same time. I’m sure she gets great comfort listening to you read to her.

  8. JanetD

    As it is Granny Savidge who has temporarily taken you away from the blog I forgive you. I hope you both have loads of good reading experiences and even more laughs together. Please pass on my best wishes to her .

  9. Very best wishes to you and your lovely-sounding Gran. It’s wonderful that you are able to spend this time together and have so much to share and laugh about. It will stay with you forever (a similar time has done with me)

  10. Debra

    Warmest thoughts to get you and your Gran through this difficult time. You are such a dear guy for taking time out to be with her. I am sure she appreciates it and you know what else? It shows the “stuff” you are “made of” — *all* good.

    Do take care of yourself, too, Simon.


  11. Sharkell

    Nice that you are able to take time out to spend with your Gran. Sounds like you are able to have some quality time together even if the circumstances are less than ideal. All the best.

  12. Kristen M.

    Sending all of my love and warm thoughts out to you and Granny Savidge. And many thanks to Vish Puri for keeping you laughing! (He makes me laugh too.)

  13. all the best to your grandma. I am glad that you are reading…and reading Vish Puri to her….good to be able to laugh during tough times.

  14. Thinking of you and Granny at this time, Simon! And yes, she is quite the celebrity! 🙂

  15. You are a wonderful grandson, and Granny Savidge sounds like an amazing woman. I’m sorry she’s not feeling well–tell her we’re all thinking of her!

  16. I’m sorry your Gran isn’t feeling well, but I love that you can be there for her. Enjoy your time together and all those wonderful books 😉

  17. think of you at this time simon ,all the best stu

  18. I hope your grandmother is feeling better soon, and I love the idea of you reading aloud to her. It’s something few people seem to do these days, but it’s a real gift of love for ‘bookworms’ who are ill, or anyone elderly who has sight problems. And, of course, there’s the added bonus of conversation and laughter.

  19. How lovely to be reading aloud with Granny Savidge Simon, thinking of you all through these precious days xx

  20. kay

    I’m sorry to hear about your gran; she is very lucky to have you reading by her side! My best thoughts are with you both.

  21. Jenny

    Thinking of you and your gran Simon. I do hope she’s feeling better soon.

  22. Henrietta

    What a wonderful relationship you and Granny Savidge have. Being read to is a real priviligie. Thinking of you both.

  23. sarah

    Just came back to reading blogs after a break to see this news about your Gran. Most important that you are there with your Gran. These will be always be remembered as special times. She’s a lucky lady to have such a good grandson as you.

  24. Jen

    Being read aloud to is just another beautiful way that books add to our lives. It’s funny – some favourite books are definitely stuck in my subconscious like a series of short film stills… almost like a film trailer. Others are just colors and essence, or a trigger to remembering where I was at the time I was reading that book.

    Best wishes to you both…

  25. I just reached your blog and now I now I read this! I’m so, so sorry and don’t worry about not reading and concentrating properly. Grandpa was poorly for a few months and I couldn’t even write a setence, let alone read.

    I hope the situation gets better for both of you and I hope you find whatever gets you through it, be it books, TV or a cup of tea.

  26. Deborah

    Although I haven’t previously commented, I greatly enjoy your blog. I am so sorry to hear of your beloved grandma and wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you both.

  27. Melissa N

    My thoughts are with you both, Simon. You are truly blessed to have such a lovely relationship with your gran.

  28. love to you, gran and all the family. our thoughts are with you.

  29. Sorry to hear that Granny Savidge has taken a turn for the worse. It’s so great she has you there. All the best.

  30. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, Gran did get a bit better but unfortunately it seems like she has gone downhill again and has got very, very poorly again. I know all your thoughts will be with her. Thanks again, Simon.

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