Greene For Gran…

Again I can’t thank you all enough for your lovely comments here, on Twitter, Facebook and in my inbox about Gran and the bit of her eulogy I featured on the blog recently. One of the things that has been really lovely to see/hear is the fact that many of you have been out and gone and bought/borrowed (using Gran as an excuse, which she would love) a Graham Greene book in her honour. After having a natter about it with Stu of Winstons Dads Blog and Simon of Stuck in a Book on Twitter I have decided to start ‘Greene for Gran’ or #GreeneForGran throughout the whole of August as a fitting memory to Dorothy Savidge, I guess explaining exactly what that means would help wouldn’t it?


Well as Gran loved Graham Greene so much, and as she frequently reminded me – bless her – that I was prone to reading too many modern books, I thought I would go and try a few more of Graham Greene’s novels on and off throughout August, maybe one a week. This will culminate in some kind of Greene-a-thon on the last few days of it and, as a nod to Gran, I would love it if you joined in. Let’s face it you have quite a selection of novels, short story collections and non-fiction to choose from, so many in fact I am just going to link to his bibliography and save my fingers!) You can read as many or as few as you like, there are really no rules apart from giving Greene a go, or another go… for Gran!

I have had a chat with the lovely ladies at Vintage books and they have kindly agreed to give a few copies away here and there too. I just love the idea that Gran would love the idea of you all reading him because of her, she would get a real kick out of it especially if we make sure that we natter about it in the comments over a cup of tea and a nice slice of cake as Gran and I often used to…

Speaking of cake, nice sedge-way there Savidge, I think the Greene I will give a whirl to first will be ‘The Ministry of Fear’ which has my favourite title and sounds like a hoot. “For Arthur Rowe the charity fete was a trip back to childhood, to innocence, a welcome chance to escape the terror of the Blitz, to forget twenty years of his past and a murder. Then he guesses the weight of the cake, and from that moment on he’s a hunted man, the target of shadowy killers, on the run and struggling to remember and to find the truth.” Genius! Yes, that will do me nicely.

So who is up for trying something new, revisiting an old favourite or giving Greene another whirl? Which title will you go for? Let me know in the comments, I will share everyone’s reviews at the end of August so hopefully people can discover even more. Do spread the word here and there if you can and #GreeneForGran on a certain media site. Would be lovely to have lots of you joining in! The more the merrier, as I am sure Gran would agree.



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59 responses to “Greene For Gran…

  1. Such a fitting tribute many thanks for the kind mention Simon all the best stu

  2. You know, I was going to suggest something like this…. I think it’s a wonderful idea, whoever came up with it. Count me in.

  3. Sounds like an amazing way to pay tribute to Granny Savidge… I look forward to it as I’ve only read one Greene and really enjoyed it.

  4. I am looking through my stacks for my Graham Greene. I think it is in my heritage/collectors stash. I will read it and pass it along in tribute.

  5. What a wonderful way to honour her memory. I’ve never read anything by Greene but shall try to do so in August.

  6. A wonderful idea, and I look forward to joining in 🙂

  7. As I predicted, a lovely and fitting idea. I will absolutely join you. And not just because I’ve had The Ministry of Fear on my TBR for far too long! Will you tell us with each book you read what you remember your Gran had to say about it? I’d be really interested to know.

  8. Ana

    Wonderful idea Simon. Such an appropriate tribute. That photo is a gem and of course you have noted that your Gran is wearing the exact colour needed for your August plan

  9. Laura Caldwell

    Just put The Ministry of Fear on hold from my library.

  10. I have a couple of Greene’s books in my Penguin collection. I will pull one out for August. Great idea.

  11. yes! an excellent idea for a lovely tribute. i have a couple of graham greene’s in my TBR and i’d also love a good excuse to re-read the end of the affair as well (love, love, love that one). i’m so excited to join in! expecially as i was crap on the classically challenged read along. time for some literary redemption!

  12. Jaime

    What a great idea! I’m in. I’ve never read (or considered reading, for that matter) Graham Greene. Now to decide where to start…

  13. simon, if you are in herts and have a bit of time, i highly recommend the oxfam books in berkhamsted. birth place of graham greene! dear me – i mean he was born in berkhamsted, not the oxfam of course 🙂

  14. What a terrific way to honor your gran! I will be perusing the shelves of my library tomorrow and picking a title.

  15. kimp

    thanks for this post, have a Brighton Rock hanging about, used to love hearing you talk about your gran, sorry to hear about her passing. Take care.

  16. What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your gran! I have several of Greene’s books on my shelves and would find it an honor to read them in her memory.

  17. sharkell

    A great tribute. I’m in. What was your Gran’s favourite Greene?

  18. What a lovely tribute to Granny Savidge Simon! Xx

  19. What a super idea Simon! I have several Greenes on Mount TBR so this will be the perfect excuse!

  20. gaskella

    What a fab way of paying tribute. I shall be joining in. I’ve been a Greene fan since my teens, and have probably read them all, although not for years – so which to pick to re-read?

  21. What a brilliant way to pay tribute to your Gran, I will read a Greene novel while I’m on holiday next week.

  22. What a lovely idea! I’m in. And since my birthday is in August, I will be treating myself to some new books and I’m thinking that quite a few of them will be by Greene 😉

  23. I already have a pretty full schedule for August, but I’m in!

    FOR GRAN! *throws fist in the air*

    I’m going to the library today, so I’ll pick one out there. I may be able to read only one (the Greene Highlander, heh), but that’s better than none, right?

  24. What a lovely idea.
    I’m going to read Stamboul Train which I love the sound of because I have always had a secret yearning to travel on the orient express – complete with closed compartment and 1930s luggage of course.

  25. Louise Trolle

    I’m in, I just got the audio version of: The End of the Affair (2 min ago 🙂
    My very first Graham Greene it’ll be 🙂

  26. Now you’ve created a dilemma for me. Do I re-read End of the Affair or Our Man in Havana. Both are going yellow in a box I haven’t opened since my long ago uni days. Wonder if they have disintegrated….

  27. Vanessa

    What a lovely and fitting idea! I’ll continue The Heart of the Matter and decide on a second title. I have always wanted to read The Quiet American. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s reviews.

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  30. I’m on board! I have a couple books in mind. I should have a post up tonight or sometime this weekend. Such a wonderful idea and tribute.

  31. Deborah

    Just downloaded Ministry of Fear on my K…… (shhh). Had been trying to decide which Greene to read and MoF sounds very intriguing so thanks for the suggestion. And also all due to you I rejoined my local library recently! What a cult setter!

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  33. Sherry

    Perfect tribute to your Gran – I am going to read some of his short stories – I just grabbed The Last Word and Other Stories – I work in a library so just stood up and got it off the shelf.

  34. Deb

    It’s “The Comedians” for me, Simon. A pleasure.

  35. What a fabulous tribute! Haven’t yet read anything by Greene, but will see what’s in at the library when I get to work later today.

  36. Ruthiella

    I’m game. I have read quite a few titles already, but by no means all. I think I will re-read The Quiet American, which was my introduction to Greene. I loved it so much at the time and I am curious to see how it holds up upon re-reading.

  37. A glorious tribute, Simon.

    I recently blogged about Tim Butcher’s ‘Chasing the Devil’ in which he retraces the trail blazed through Sierra Leone and Liberia by Graham and cousin Barbara which featured in ‘Journey Without Maps’. I mentioned in the blog that Barbara seemed terrific, and that I rather fancied reading her take on the trip ‘Land Benighted’, re-issued in the 1990s as ‘Too Late to Turn Back’. This morning the postie brought me a copy sourced from a second-hand booker dealer in the States – a birthday present from a friend who had read the entry. Such alovely surprise!

    If you think that qualifies (well it is a Greene…) that will be my choice, otherwise I’m another one for ‘The Comedians’.


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  39. bex

    Such a lovely tribute 🙂 I have May We Borrow Your Husband?on the shelf so I will read that 🙂

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  41. patronsaintsforwriters

    I would love to read “The Heart of the Matter” in honor of your beautiful Gran. I may also read “The Quiet American” since my spouse just said the title describes me perfectly.
    Also, I don’t know how all the readers out there feel about Audio books, but Colin’s Firth’s reading of “The End of the Affair” is really wonderful.

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  43. hi simon – i finished (and loved) the confidential agent. next up is heart of the matter. while browsing in a used bookshop on the weekend, i found a lovely copy of the comedians which, once again, i am confident you gran would have wanted me to buy (so i did, of course!). i have previously read and loved monsignor quixote and end of the affair (possibly one of my top 10 books of all time).

    greene for gran!! and greene for me.


  44. I finished Stamboul Train a few days ago – really enjoyed it. I now have The Ministry of Fear TBR but not sure if I’ll get to it before the end of August.
    here’s my review of Stamboul Train

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  47. gaskella

    My review of England Made Me I’ll try and fit in another this week.

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  49. My review of The Third Man and No Man’s Land here:

    I’m thinking of maybe also doing a Greene giveaway as I have a dupe of Heart of the Matter – I will link if I do!

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  52. gaskella

    Here’s my second Greene link – Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party

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