Greene For Gran Update…

So my plan for two posts went completely out the window yesterday, I am time poor at the mo, and you are only getting the one today. The response to  my idea to start ‘Greene For Gran’, or if you are down with the tweets then #GreeneForGran, has just been incredible and I genuinely didn’t expect so many readers (some who I know some who don’t) along with bookshops and booksellers to take to it the way that people have, very heart warming stuff.

One of the things I was thinking is how on earth to keep up with all the reviews and the like if people decide to give it a whirl as I would really love to collect all of these for the last day in August and so people can go and read more reviews and hopefully read even more Graham Greene, as would be Grans want. So could I ask you all very nicely if you would email me your reviews to or link your post to the first Greene For Gran post here, then I will be notified and can keep tabs on it all. Also let me know if you have spread the word on the whole project, because then I will love you all the more 😉

Now I did state that there would be no pressure for you all to readalong, and there still isn’t, though I am going to throw the option out there. I have decided I am going to read four Greene’s in total, one for every remaining week of the month, including this one, and pop posts on them up on set days. This is so that IF YOU WANT TO, no pressure honest, you can join in with the discussion of that title on that day should you decide to read it. So here are the four books and the dates.


  • The Ministry of Fear (Saturday 10th of August)
  • The Quiet American (Friday 16th of August)
  • Travels With My Aunt (Friday 23rd of August)
  • The Heart of the Matter (Friday 30th of August)

Then have some kind of Greene and Gran love in at the end with all the posts and a giveaway from the lovely ladies at Vintage Books who think that all of this is a rather lovely idea. Hooray! Sound like  an idea, a no pressure on of course, to you all?

Whilst we are on the subject, how are you all getting on with your Greenes?



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12 responses to “Greene For Gran Update…

  1. I just grabbed what was in my local library so I don’t have any of your readalong titles but I will be reading some Greene for Gran. I have Train to Stamboul and The Tenth Man. Maybe all the other copies have been taken out by fellow Greene for Gran readers 🙂

  2. I’m going to be starting my first (and probably – to be honest – my only) #GreeneforGran read later tonight – Stamboul Train – I may not get a review done though for a week as I go away in the morning and have a few blog posts scheduled for the week ahead. I will let you know how I like it though.

    I did tag a little reminder about #GreeneforGran on the end of my Brookner in July round up post on my blog and I will continue to tweet about it too as I think it is such a lovely reading tribute. I have only read one Graham Greene novel before although he is someone I have meant to read more of for a long time. It so lovely to see so many people reading books in memory of your Gran.

  3. gaskella

    I’ve started ‘England Made me’ which is one of the few I’ve not read before.Enjoying it so far.

  4. kaggsysbookishramblings

    I have done a little post to spread the word Simon and will probably be reading “The Last Word and other stories” – although I am little tempted to follow Ali with “Stamboul Train” as it’s been on Mount TBR for a while! You’ve chosen a nice selection – good luck!

  5. Laura Caldwell

    I just picked up “Ministry of Fear” from the library today. I need to finish reading “Every Contact Leaves a Trace” (which reminds me of my favorite book “The Secret History) then I will read the Greene. I will think of your Gran as I read it.

  6. I dug out my Greene collection that was put in a box when I left university and thought I never wanted to read another of his books again. Now they are all rather yellow (well it was 30+ years ago so they can be forgiven for looking rather tired). In memory of your gran I will test whether my aversion to Greene is mistaken. Probably going to read Heart of the Matter

  7. I’m so excited that you’re going to include Travels with My Aunt! That’s the book I’ve chosen to read. I mentioned this project in a YouTube video I recorded today, and I’ve also mentioned it on my blog. The links are below.

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  9. Just finished Heart of the Matter. What a terrific novel – engrossing from start to finish

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