Panic! aka Pre-empted Posts, Persephone’s, Point Horrors, Pressure and Procrastinating…

I do love a little bit of alliteration don’t you? Anyway today’s post is a bit of a ‘random updates’ sort of thing because over the weekend I got myself into a little bit of a tizzy (nice, different, unusual – my Australian readers will know what I mean then, or my gay ones, ha!) over some bookish deadlines and the amount of books I owned, and was I ever going to read them, and more. Basically I had a proper book based wobble all in all.

Last Monday, on this here blog, I declared that I was going to ‘start something new’ on the blog today, well in the end after one of the most manic weeks at work ever (and the next two will equal it, who knew setting up an inaugural music festival would take so much work) I simply hadn’t got around to sorting it out. So that was my big new lesson and new resolution last week – stop pre-empting posts just let them happen organically.

So that was one issue over, which was soon followed by the sudden dawning realisation that I had about four book deadlines to get read. Two were actually proper ones, one for work as I am interviewing Niccolo Ammaniti (name drop alert) tomorrow, if you have any questions let me know, and one for a new book group I have joined. The other two were blog based. One was the latest Point Horror Book Group read which I realised I was already a month behind, the second was for the latest Persephone Project read. I had a proper panic. Then I suddenly thought ‘hang about a minute, reading is meant to be fun remember?’ and whilst I love the Point Horror Book Club and the Persephone Project – could two reading projects be more different? – they shouldn’t rule my reading. Lesson two, I rule the books they don’t rule me.

Now because the Persephone Project is a personal one (no offense James, I will catch up with the Point Horror Book Club in due course) and one that I am really keen to keep on with I am setting myself, and therefore any of you if you are still keen on taking part, a new regime with it. The second Sunday of the month is too near the Readers Book Club show, and the book groups I have now joined, so I am now shifting it to the last Sunday of every month. Much better! I am actually only three books behind, I thought it was far more, so I will reviewing ‘The Home-Maker’ by Dorothy Canfield Fisher and chatting all about it with some of you hopefully on August the 25th! There that feels better.

Finally comes the procrastinating, which I freely admit I am the king of and should really do something about. I mentioned above I have started a new book group (or two) and Wednesday is the first and it is ‘The Princess Bride’ by William Goldman which I was really confident I owned, wrong! I have sought high and low but the copy that I know I had, in one of my many book boxes, has gone. I have been putting off having a good old book sort but routing through the madness of my TBR I do feel that the time has come to simply just get on with it. Well, after I have finished the Ammaniti, I promise!!!

So that is all the latest bookish shenanigans from me. How do you manage read-a-long, ‘challenge’ or book group reading? Read well ahead or leave till last minute? Any tips on how to be really ruthless (not just a bit ruthless, REALLY ruthless) with a good book sort? And don’t forget if you have any questions for Niccolo Ammaniti let me know? I thank you!


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12 responses to “Panic! aka Pre-empted Posts, Persephone’s, Point Horrors, Pressure and Procrastinating…

  1. Ann Fuller

    after all you have been thru in the past few months – you deserve to have a tizzy. And I love what you said about we rule the books the books do not rule us. I always have more books on my nightstand than I can possibly read and get into a tizzy about it too. Now I won’t – thanks

  2. How do I manage challenges etc? I mostly abandon them!!! I stuck to a monthly Elizabeth Taylor readalong last year but it was a struggle and I gave up on the Barbara Pym one this year. The only plan I have stuck to is the one Anthony Powell Dance to the Music of Time book a month and that usually ends up being at the very last minute… This month I have stuck so far to what I had planned but that’s very much the exception rather than the rule. Just follow your reading mojo and pick up whichever book you want – reading has to be a pleasure, not a chore!

  3. Last month for my book club I left the book until the last minute, confident that I had a 5 hour train journey during which I could read it. Then I ended up getting a lift with my parents in the car instead, and I can’t read in the car, so I was frantically finishing it on the day! Not so good.

  4. gaskella

    I’m guilty too of starting far more challenges and personal reading projects that I let fall by the wayside. Actually I don’t feel guilty about it! I’m behind on everything that I plan to read including review copies. The only thing I’m rigorous about is Book Group – because we choose books two months before we discuss them, I usually manage to be one ahead.

  5. You are asking me?!

    1) I’ve only taken on one reading “challenge” in my life and that was recently with Victoria Best and it arose from our discussions of gender in book writing/reading. I might take on another one in the next 20 years, but I suspect I may have now had my (very enjoyable) experience and will not seek it out again.

    2) Book Group – only a member of one (the Cornflower) and I usually start as soon as I have located a copy of the book in a library. I certainly don’t leave starting until the last minute, though sometimes my finishing is rather close to the deadline.

    3) Ruthless in book sorting? If you have to ask you won’t do it.

    Good luck

  6. I always leave my book salon reading until the last minute. I like to tell myself it’s because I want it fresh in my mind, but it’s mostly because I’m a giant procrastinator.

    When I did a recent cull, I decided I needed a “What Not to Wear” type of angel (devil?) on my shoulder whispering things like: “What were you thinking?” “You’re NEVER going to read that.” “How many of those do you NEED?”

    I tweeted these “book fashion” comments to myself throughout the day to keep me on track. It really helped.

    “It’s never a good idea to keep your fat books ‘just in case’.”
    “That book you like is NEVER going to come back in style.”
    “Oh, an ex-boyfriend gave that to you? How sweet. LOSE IT.”
    “Yes, that book makes you look ridiculous.”
    “GIRL, that’s just not your book.”

  7. Haha – this happens to the best of us. Thank you for making me feel better. I am starting the Graham Greene book today. Gave up my Sept book group book and will miss it. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed……..etc. Started it when it first came out and dropped it and can’t bear to pick it up and begin again. Want to do something Penguiny before long. Hang in there. You’ll sort it. cheers from downunder.

  8. Or as we might say – noice, different, unusual; you have me intrigued – has K&K made it to the UK, or just their catchphrase?

  9. queenofthepark

    Ah!! Kath and Kim!! Intriguing indeed.

    Do tell.

  10. Simon, you are so busy! I don’t know how you fit all that in. I think your reshuffle sounds good, and yes, you rule the books they don’t rule you. – also, you need time to relax as well.

  11. I try to line up all my “must reads” at the start of the month but there always seems to be one that I’m rushing at the last minute. This may be a sign that I took too much on this year!

  12. I had a few of the Point Horror books, but I think I had more of the Nightmare books (very similar series, possibly some of the same authors!). In any case, I’ll have them all here somewhere (somewhere deep inside a bookcase!), so I might give them a go again.

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