The Quiet Savidge…

There are a lot of should have’s going through my mind today. I should have responded to all the lovely comments you have left. I should have written lots of reviews, one of which should have been of ‘The Quiet American’, and scheduled lots of posts. Shoulda, woulda, coulda… I haven’t! Sorry.

In fact I have been struggling to get through ‘The Quiet American’ as I have been reading it on my e-reader which I have noticed I zone out of quite a lot, possibly because I am spending too many hours staring at a screen at the moment. It has now arrived, along with the other three Greene For Gran titles, so I can get back to the ‘actual’ book. Two copies actually arrived so I will do a giveaway when I review it, finally.

Greene For Gran

Things have been c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-razy with work as we get to the last week before Liverpool International Music Festival launches and I have been spending most of my time sat in front of a computer and so to then sit and type anything has seemed like the last thing I have wanted to be doing. In fact my reading has slowed down again because I am spending most of my free time either running (don’t laugh, I am training for a marathon – more on that soon) or just chilling out in front of some appallingly trashy telly that I simply won’t mention because even if you swore you wouldn’t you would judge me.

One of the other things I have been also been doing is going to book groups. Not one book group, but two! One of which I mentioned earlier in the week because it meant I had the utter joy of reading ‘The Princess Bride’ for the first time, I have seen the film umpteen times (it is one of my mother’s favourites) but never touched the book. It was an interesting, and rather large, group though the book didn’t get that much air time. I think most of the people felt it was a fairly entertaining romp but nothing more, which made me stay quiet from declaring my love for it. They are reading a lot of books I have read already, which is not their fault, so I will probably go back and see how they discuss ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ and decide if I stay or go. Does that make me sound like a bit of a pompous/fussy/arrogant twat? I don’t mean it to.

I went to another one today (Gran would be so proud being a book group addict herself) where they were discussing ‘Little Hands Clapping’, by one of my favourite authors Dan Rhodes. It is an LGBT group and much smaller than the other one but blow me down we were nattering about the book over a coffee for 2 hours (well with several tangents) which flew by. They meet less regularly but the books they have read are lots I have missed, including the next one which is ‘May We Be Forgiven’ by A.M. Homes which I came home to dig out and discovered this…

AM Holmes

Yes another book I have two copies of! I think I am going to keep the hardback over the paperback, it’s heavier but the type is bigger and it’s a first edition – oh and I like hardback cover sooooo much. It has reminded me though that I am in dire need of a book sort out, and I need to be ruthless, really ruthless. I am going to start on the shelves below soon and really ask myself ‘did I buy it or ever ask for it, do I think I might read it anytime soon, would someone probably like a copy more than me, etc.’

ShelvesI am going to really go for it tomorrow and I shall report back. What is news with you? What have you been reading? How are you getting on with your Graham Greene’s if you have been reading them? What else do you have to report?


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11 responses to “The Quiet Savidge…

  1. I have read *two* Greenes for Gran in the form of novellas – The Third Man and No Man’s Land, which follow on from one another and come before The End of the Affair. I’ve loved them both and will get a review together soon – so thanks for focusing us on the great Greene, as I’ve been meaning to read these for ages!

  2. Love those Graham Vintage editions!

  3. Your Greene for Gran project is lovely. It made me think of my own dear grandmother who died last year. I have intended to read something by Greene for ages, so this month I finally started one… but now I’ve abandoned it. I listened to the first hour of the audiobook edition of The Power and the Glory, narrated by Bernard Mayes, and didn’t manage to get hooked, despite my enjoyment of Greene’s style. I could tell I was not in the right mood, so now I’m listening to Daring Greatly by Brene Brown instead. It would make sense to switch to a paper copy of one of Greene’s books, except that will have to wait until I finish a big stack of library books.

  4. JoV

    I am a big fan of Greene and to date has read 5 of his novels, see under G:

    My favourite is Quiet American. Good luck with the rest!

  5. While the books are on order at the (tiny rural Canadian)library I am going through some on line info on Graham Greene , so that counts.
    Digging through my “random” books on my shelf I found something by Fred Chappell called Look Back All the Green Valley and some of it was so easily identified with I checked to make sure I hadn’t written it. Ha! ( I wish) The rest is quite unusual and I like the style.
    I’ve only been part of one very small book club as I prefer “random” books and not mainstream and popular books. I need to try more book groups as the one I was part of was with nice folks but it was a religious fiction that was chosen and that didn’t appeal to me. My sister-in-law belongs to a “not a book club” which is a get together of mostly retired English Lit teachers that drink wine, eat and enjoy each other’s company. I think books come up in the conversations!

  6. as to ‘greene for gran’, things are going well. i read and enjoyed ‘the confidential agent’ first. last week i started on ‘heart of the matter’ but the copy i was trying to get through had such small type i eventually gave up and ordered another (used hardback) copy from a secondhand online bookshop. while waiting for that to arrive, i’ve started ‘the comedians’ and am enjoying it as well. all this graham greene love has made me decide that i’d like to give everything he’s done a go, so i’ve made up a list of all his work which i’m keeping on my ipod (so it’s always with me if i happen across a used bookshop). i’ve had good luck finding lovely old versions of greenes in bookshops lately – hopefully that will continue.

    i’m a runner myself, so glad to hear you are enjoying it. i only do short distances though – not even half marathons. you must let us know how it is going.

    best of luck with your book cull. good thing i’m across the sea, or i’d offer to stop in and help by taking a few of those lovely books off your hands. which, lets face it, would just be shifting the problem from one place to another. my tbr is outrageous (180)! i hope to get it down before the new year; however, instead of going through them all at once and donating the ones i don’t want, my technique is to try out each one but to be choosier about the books i’m willing to go beyond 20 pages with. fingers crossed.

    take care,


  7. James DuPlessis

    I love your phone on your book shelf. IT ROCKS! Have a great day. 🙂

  8. I’ve just read and reviewed The Third Man and here it is:
    I loved The Quiet American and reviewed it a while back — planning to reprise that review soon and will send you the link — ditto Travels With my Aunt. Hope to have read another by the end of the month.
    You do sound busy — no need to apologise — relax and enjoy the rubbish TV.

  9. sharkell

    I read The End of the Affair this week and it has convinced me I need to read more of Greene. Thanks Gran (and Simon) for convincing me to give Greene a go.

  10. Kateg

    I just ordered The Ministry of Fear but will not be able to get to it as soon as I would wish as I have 2 books to read for my book groups. I am in 2 very different groups and we mostly read different books. One group is graduates of my university ( as well as family members of students) and we range in age from 20s to 80s. We have such good discussions even if we all love the book because we all lead very different lives and have so many unique perspectives. My other group is affiliated with a boating club of which my husband is a member. some of us are close friends, but we are again a mixed group of ages and gender. Both groups really focus on the book during discussion and we socialize before or after. Hope you enjoy your new groups!!

  11. Vanessa

    You asked, “Does that make me sound like a bit of a pompous/fussy/arrogant twat?”
    and I say no. They’re reading books you’ve already read and you’ve scads that you want to read.

    I just finished The Man Within this morning. It was Greene’s first published novel. He wrote it at the tender age of twenty-one. It’s a bit disjointed but I loved the character development and dialogue between Andrews and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, I read a blog review as I was midway through the book and the blogger spoiled the ending. I think I’ll try Monsignor Quixote next.

    Oh wow–marathon training! I can’t wait to read more about that.

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