The Greene For Gran Gang!

So back at the end of July I decided that in honour of my lovely Granny Savidge Reads, who sadly passed away last month after a courageous battle with a tumour, that as she was such a bookish influence on me I should do something to commemorate that and her here on the blog, where she came to know some of you and vice versa. Her favourite author, well one of them, was Graham Greene and after the eulogy I gave at her funeral ended with me telling everyone to ‘go and grab a Greene for Gran’ I would do the same here and so Greene for Gran was born.

Well I have to admit, I was utterly blown away by the response and how many of you said you would spread the word and give Greene a go. Brilliant. I decided to go Greene crazy and read four very different novels of his. Well, I didn’t quite manage to complete the #GreeneForGran challenge that I set myself, but three out of four isn’t so bad – especially considering I have been working on an inaugural month long music festival. Plus, as with my experiences of his books before, Greene is one of those authors that I really, really like and sometimes find a little bit baffling. I utterly LOVED ‘The Ministry of Fear’ and yet really didn’t love ‘The Quiet American’; you will have to wait a teeny bit longer to see how I got on with ‘Travels With My Aunt’.

I haven’t managed ‘The Heart of the Matter’ but actually I think that is a good thing. Because I don’t want to only read Greene for Gran just for one month, I want books and an author (along with Kate Atkinson, Margaret Atwood, Andrea Levy and many more) that I can read from time to time and will make me think of Gran (I had a slightly emotional moment starting Atkinson’s ‘Life for Life’ the other day as I wanted to phone Gran and tell her how great it was and how she should read it) in the future, and I think a lot of books will.

Anyway, before I get too mushy, here are some links to those of you who have been reading some Graham Greene books and who may, or may not, get you dashing off to do the same – if you haven’t had incentive enough already – I am calling them Gran’s Gang, ha!

The Ministry of Fear

Some guy named Simon of Savidge Reads
Heaven Ali
Nose In A Book

The Quiet American

Harriet Devine
That pesky Savidge Reads again

England Made Me

Annabel’s House of Books

Stamboul Train

Harriet Devine
Heaven Ali

The Third Man/No Man’s Land

Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings

Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the Bomb Party

Annabel’s House of Books

Now as I mentioned I still have my thoughts on ‘Travels With My Aunt’ to come and I am pretty sure that I have missed lots and lots of reviews, my brain is addled after the last week, so if you have blogged about Greene or when you do please let me know and I will add you to the gang. If you don’t have a blog let me know what Greene books you have read and what you thought of them down there too, is lovely to see Gran’s love of a good book spreading, I just wish she could have a good natter with us about them!


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11 responses to “The Greene For Gran Gang!

  1. Ann Fuller

    losing a loved one and then to start calling them to tell them something you just know they would want to hear – is the one of the hardest parts of grieving.

  2. I haven’t blogged about them yet, but I read The Quiet American and The Heart of the Matter. I enjoyed them both. I’m so glad you started this wonderful project, not only because I think it’s a lovely thing to do in memory of Granny Savidge, but also because it pushed me to read an author that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile.

    I also have The Power and the Glory from the library until Sept 4th, so I’m going to try to get that one read before then, too. And now that I know I enjoy Greene’s writing so much, I’ll be reading more of his books in the future.

    • Also, my Nonny passed away from cancer almost 13 years ago, and I still want to call her all the time and get her reactions to things or to tell her about things going on in my life. It gets easier, but that feeling never goes away fully. Now my mom and I like to imagine what she would have said about things and we have great conversations about it. 🙂


  3. Very proud to be part of Gran’s gang Simon – she had impeccable taste in authors obviously. I too will certainly be reading more Greene and thanks to you and your Gran for giving us all the impetus to read him!

  4. Greene for Gran was a wonderful way to pay your respects to your gran. I joined in and used it as an excuse to read my first Greene book (novella to be correct), so thanks for that.

    The Third Man

  5. Ive read four books for #GreeneForGran:
    Brighton Rock
    Travels With My Aunt
    The Quiet American
    The End Of The Affair

    As always I found Greene a great read especially Travels With My Aunt which was a new one too me.
    I thought it a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one.

  6. Stupidly, I lost the email/link you gave us to send in our reviews.
    Anyway, I just posted my review of The Heart of the Matter. Superb book and I can’t thank you enough for pushing me to re-read it after 30+ years

    Here’s my review

  7. After my fudging the rules by blogging Barbara Greene’s ‘Too Late to Turn Back’ (about her trek with her cousin around Liberia and Sierra Leone, on which GG based ‘Journey Without Maps’), I today finished ‘The Comedians’. Have been out all day, and tired now, but aim to blog tomorrow.

  8. Sharkell

    I read The End of The Affair. One of your gang has said that Greene was great at creating atmosphere and this certainly shone through in The End of The Affair. His characters were superbly created and he had a very close grip on their emotions. Not a happy read but a great one.

  9. I have managed to read the collection of Graham Greene’s essays published in Penguin as The Lost Childhood and Other Essays, but I have not managed to complete the blog post in time; I hope to finish it some time this week. I thought I’d also mention that Kevin from the blog Interpolations has also posted about Greene during August, though perhaps serendipitously. His unusual take on The Heart of the Matter is at

  10. Jaime

    I’m a non-blogger, but I also read and enjoyed The Ministry of Fear. August is over (sigh), but #GreeneforGran has inspired me to explore more of Greene’s work; I’ll be starting The End of The Affair soon. Once I’ve read through all of the reviews on the blog’s listed above, I’m sure this list will grow!

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