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Life Is Too Short

Well hello to all of you and hello to August, how on earth did we suddenly get to the EIGHTH month of the year already? As you will no doubt be aware I have had a bit of a break from the blog over the last few months now I am back, back, back. I probably sound like I am stuck on a loop at the moment, but I don’t care, as I just want to say thank you again and again and again for all the support you have given me through everything with Gran and also the way you have all embraced #GreeneForGran, I have found it all rather overwhelming and very touching, so thank you, again and again… and again! Ok, I will stop now. So let’s talk about the new ‘life is too short’ turn Savidge Reads is about to take.

While Gran was ill and in the lead up to her sadly passing away (and I won’t go on about that forever, honest) my reading time was really limited, and so I didn’t read much, and also my patience with books was much lower. Any book that landed in front of me needed to bowl me over fast and then have me with it the whole way through and not let go. You would possibly therefore assume that it was mainly the crime novels that were the books that worked far above any other. What I found interesting, because I would have thought the same thing, was that some ‘literary fiction’ had me completely spell bound when I wasn’t expecting it and also that some crime books just didn’t interest me at all and the thrills and spills the authors tried to put on show left me colder than one of the cadavers in the book. Seriously!

So I have made a pact with myself, I will only read the books that hook me and win me over straight away. Life is too short for the books that you feel ‘meh’ about; I would rather enjoy loving a book, and equally enjoy really despising one, than just feel a bit nonchalant about the experience. So from now on books that aren’t fully grabbing me, and this isn’t to be confused with books that are challenging me as I love that, simply won’t get finished. This will hopefully mean that I find myself trying a lot more books I normally wouldn’t as if I don’t like them I will stop and move on. How liberating!

I have also decided to stop saving books for a bloody rainy day which I am the King of. Reading, and of course blogging by default, should be all about enjoyment and reading that book you are simply desperate to. It shouldn’t be about making sure you have read the latest ‘buzz’ book before everyone else does or be reading a prize longlist if you don’t genuinely fancy reading any of them unless you want to try a book you hadn’t heard of before but piques your interest. I have a new term for this, I call it ‘book blagging’ not book blogging. Having become a spectator of Twitter recently rather than a participant I have been watching, and laughing, at how much this goes on and I have no time for it. Say no to ‘book blaggers’! Maybe I should start a campaign?

To clarify, if I read the latest Margaret Atwood book, which as it has just arrived is a prime example, it is because I am a huge fan of her and all her works not because I want to read it before everyone else or am hoping to gain loads of hits off the back of it. It will just be because I bloody well want to read it and read it now! Or I won’t! Can you tell I have come back a bit blunter?

Reviews will also be changing, not long ago Gran said how proud she had become of how the blog had changed, the reviews she felt were becoming stronger and, I quote, ‘less like those awful Amazon reviewers’. She might have questioned my taste sometimes but she felt I had really found my feet in the last year or so (it has only taken me almost six years of blogging to get there, ha) and also that my ‘often wicked’ sense of humour was beginning to emerge more. ‘You’re a very unique person Simon, you should have a very unique blog’ and so that is what I will be doing. Even now she’s still influencing me and the way I read and even write.

So that is the latest with me and the blog. I will be back much more regularly and tomorrow I will be telling you about my thriller of the year! It makes ‘Gone Girl’ seem a little tame, but what could it be? What have you all been up to whilst I have been away? What have you been reading and loving or loathing, no ‘meh’ books please! What are your thoughts on life just being too short?

Note: I would like to apologise for the lack of pictures in this post.


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