Getting Back To Normal…

Whilst realistically things will never quite get back to normal after everything that has happened with Gran in the last year (and let me once again say thank you for all your support during this time and joining in with Greene For Gran) and the utter madness of the Bank Holiday opening weekend of the music festival created another whirlwind and distraction which was good but just threw reading, thinking, blogging, socialising and just generally being completely out of the window – things seem to be settling down again.

After having had a bit of ‘time out’ and some distance from everything (and read a book a bloody day) over the last four days my focus can become more ‘booky’ a little more regularly again. About bloody time too as I have got a serious stack of books to write reviews for…

Reviews a coming...

I am also planning on bringing ‘Other People’s Bookshelves’ back, as I have a fair whack of collections of other peoples shelves and responses etc in a special folder in my mailbox. What I am mulling at the moment though is the Persephone Project, I am not going to give it up as I am loving reading them. I might not make a definite date each month for when I will read them by, instead reading one a month on whim (but in the right order) seems more relaxed which is what I need right now.

So all in all Savidge Reads should be back to a regular kind of posting service, though I have rediscovered that if I have a day off – or a week – here or there that the world doesn’t end and that some of you pop and check in regardless! Speaking of you lovely lot, before I start recommending some corking books what have you been reading and loving? Anything I should try and get my mitts on?


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14 responses to “Getting Back To Normal…

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Currently reading Smoke by Turgenev, a surprisingly-readable-but-somewhat-overshadowed-by-Dostoevsky Russian classic!

  2. I just read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon for the second time. I’d forgotten just how much I loved it – a book about stories and the cemetery of forgotten books, and the writing is gorgeous. It was also interesting to re-read after reading the second and third books in the series.
    And as you know, just started The Shining Girls, stupid work keeps getting in the way of reading!

  3. simonsylvester

    Enjoy Snake Ropes – I thought that was a belter.

  4. sharkell

    Have recently read Burial Rites which I adored and have just picked up A Suitable Boy for a read over an extended period of time.

  5. Delyn

    Recently read “Daughter of the Desert: the remarkable life of Gertrude Bell”
    She was such a brilliant woman who could turn her hand to anything and she had a passion for Arab peoples. It brings some sense of understanding about how difficult it is to solve the problems of the Middle East.
    It is well written by Georgina Howell.

  6. Really curious what your thoughts on A Constellation of Vital Phenomena will be, that was one of my favorite books so far this year. I recently finished and really enjoyed The Dark Path by David Schickler, Rivers by Michael Farris Smith and Lookaway, Lookaway by Wilton Barnhardt.

  7. Kateg

    Loved The Last Banquet and the Book Club Episode. Currently re-reading Love in the Tome of Cholera for one of my book groups and am enjoying it as much as the first time. Next up The Aviator’s Wife for my other book club and Booktopia Petoskey with Books on the Nightstand. I am glad the summer is over and am ready to get back to my regular routine.

  8. Enjoying the style and content of Reading Lolita In Tehran by Azar Nafisi.
    Rather interesting to read Three Houses by Angela Thirkell as an insight into her writing career, a bit like poking around an old attic and finding memories.
    Carrying on with Graham Greene as well.
    Also looking through two ancient military history books ( I know, very random….)….they were found books at my family’s farm dating back to 1888 ….interesting and thought provoking…

    • I was so disappointed by Reading Lolita in Tehran. It seemed she couldn’t decide whether to write a lit crit book or one about her experiences with the young girls she met. The latter was far more interesting but there really wasn’t enough of them.

  9. Annabel

    Currently reading and loving Jonathan Coe’s new book Expo 58. I’ll be getting into the 900+ page From Here to Eternity by James Jones next!

  10. Louise Trolle

    I’ve been reading older stuff lately – among those Charles Dudley Warner – you should read “Calvin” (about his cat), and I’ve listened “Libriomancer” which I loved:-)

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  12. what a great pile to work through my current read is Stoner just want see how good it is as everyone raves about it ,all the best stu

  13. Yup, I loved a “Dark Puss Random” which was this (in quotes because I’ve copied from what I said on Cornflower Books a week ago.

    “The premise of Andrey Kurkov’s The Milkman in the Night is concerned with post-Soviet Ukraine and the tangled, complex and confused lives of some of its stranger inhabitants. It is funny and yet brutal, we see excess, corruption and gangsterism and yet also the power of love and hope. The cat that, when fed on a magic pharmaceutical, takes on the protection during the night of some of the vulnerable citizens is a quirky and curiously effective aspect. A splendid satire shot through not only with the occasional bullet but also with magical-realism.”

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