Books Are My Bag

Earlier this year, though it feels oddly like last year, I said I would love to start an initiative which would ‘Celebrate The Bookshop’. I was going to start work on it again now everything has calmed down a bit, however I soon discovered that someone/others were on the case and had started an initiative themselves. I could have cried and wept that a project I was super passionate about was already being created by some clever and marvellous souls but then I thought ‘who cares who starts it as long as we have something celebrating bookshops we must all celebrate it too’ – plus with a prize, two podcasts and a blog I think really I would have been over stretching myself, ha!

The initiative in question is ‘Books Are My Bag’ the aim of which is… “to celebrate bookshops. This collaboration between publishers, bookshops and authors and is the biggest ever promotion of bookshops. For many people bookshops conjure fond images of book readings, in-store cafes and delight at the discovery of a new author. In fact, 56% of all book buying decisions are made by consumers in a bookshop and high street bookshops (both chains and independents) still account for almost 40% of books bought by consumers. Yet, many high street bookshops are under threat.

BOOKS ARE MY BAG aims to halt this process by celebrating the nation’s love of bookshops, calling on book lovers to show their support by visiting and purchasing a book from their favourite bookshop on Saturday 14th September. Bookshops nationwide will be throwing a Big Bookshop Party on Saturday 14th September to mark the launch of Books Are My Bag – a nationwide campaign that will celebrate high street bookshops.”

Now just how bloody brilliant does this sound? Bookshops, book sellers, publishers and authors all uniting on Saturday this week. I am very excited and with less than a week to go (and it being Books Are My Bag’s launch tonight) I thought now was an ideal time to tell you.

As I am going to urge you (because I do love book shops and as you might have guessed from a recent post I think we should all be using them) to pop to this page on their site which will tell you if your local bookshop is doing something special on the day and get yourself down there. You can also nominate your local bookshop for something lovely with ‘Make Your Mark’ more details here.

Right well, with all this happiness and joy I think it is time for a song. Don’t fear it is not a video of me singing some joyous overture to bookshops (though there is an idea), it is those crazy kids the lovely Bookshop Band with a special version of their song ‘A Shop With Books In’ – they call it the Books Are My Bag Version, I like to think of it as the Books Are My Bag Remix!

I will be heading to my local(ish) bookshop Linghams on the day, and am also planning on a special post or two for the day too. Will you be heading to your favourite bookshop and if so where is it?


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8 responses to “Books Are My Bag

  1. I’ll be heading into Brighton to Sandpiper Books as they seem to be doing something, which is marvellous! It’s the only event on the website thus far, I’m hoping there will be more. Can’t wait to celebrate the bookshop! (I’m going to be singing this song all night, so catchy.)

  2. Hmm, my favourite local bookshops are not partaking in this event. I’ve done a lot over the years to support local bookshops and try very hard never to use an on-line big retailer. Oh well 😦

  3. I SO wish this was something that would hop on over to the US, I would be all over it.

  4. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Wonderful, wonderful idea. Alas, I have only a Waterstones locally who don’t appear to be doing anything – but I may be passing through London on Saturday and I will *certainly* find the nearest participating bookshop (wonderful excuse for some browsing and buying!)

  5. I don’t have any local independent Bookshops here. 😦

  6. David

    Great idea, but no I won’t be heading to my local bookshop, because (and I’ve said it before) I haven’t had one since 19-flippin’-97. We have WHSmith. Yay.
    I could get on the train and go into Manchester to Waterstone’s but a) I hate town on Saturdays, and b) I don’t like Waterstone’s – bland and corporate, miserable staff and nothing like the breadth of books they used to stock in the nineties.
    Why do I feel these sort of events are organised by people who live in places that have a thriving book culture that isn’t actually under that much threat? “The nation’s love of bookshops”? Not round here, I wouldn’t have thought. Ironically I must live in one of the few areas that hasn’t seen any library closures (or many local government cuts at all) and yet the only people I ever see in my local one are mums and sprogs singing the wheels on the bloody bus in a big circle which means you can’t concentrate on any reading… what happened to “shhh!” in the library?

    Oh dear, was that my audition for Grumpy Old Men? 🙂

  7. great Idea just wish we had a great Indie bookshop near by our closed about ten years ago ,all the best stu

  8. Super idea and I got all fired up with the idea of dropping into centre of Cardiff on Saturday to do my bit since the closest indie bookshop to my home isn;t doing anything. But looking at the list of participants for Cardiff has halted my plans somewhat. Waterstones which is the only city center store isn’t doing anything and of the four shops who are participating one isn’t open all day and the other just sells religious material. What a shame more of the places for whom this is supposed to be a marketing boost, couldn’t get the energy to be involved.

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