I’m Sick… But The Cats Are Blogging!

Since the excitement of a few days in London (which I have realised I took almost no photos during) and the rollercoaster thrills and spills of judging the Not The Booker I have come down, quite literally from all those highs, with a really nasty cold. I don’t want to say flu as its not quite there but it isn’t far off. So I have actually been spending more time being grumpy, feeling a bit sorry for myself and listening to audiobooks as my eyes were so sore.

Well, I am still feeling pretty crap but my eye ache has moved to my throat and nose so at least I can read again and this morning I decided I would grab some books of the shelves that would be perfect reads and this was the haul I managed very groggily and swiftly before disappearing into the depths of my duvet once more…

Ill Books

Before we discuss them, yes you’re right that is an ebook in the mix of all of these treats. I have discovered, begrudgingly, another perk in the world of ereaders that if you are stuck in bed and ache too much to do too much a few swipes and there is your next read. Last night I simply couldn’t resist a new Susan Hill ghost story in the form of this ‘Kindle Single’ perfect for the time of year ‘Printer’s Devil Court’. I am very much looking forward to it. As I am also looking forward to reading the next, for me not actually the newest, Agatha Raisin mystery ‘Agatha Raisin and the Curious Curate’ (I have let Agatha for too long). I also have Victor & Rolf’s ‘Fairy Tales’ which sounds amazing with tales like ‘Disco Hedgehog’, Flowerbomb’ and ‘The Fifth Perfume Bottle’. Finally, but by no means last, I thought as the nights are getting darker (well the days are in my sick suite as I have not allowed the curtains to be opened) it was time for some crime and I need to catch up with my favourite duo Rizzoli & Isles. So that should see me through a day or two while I get this out my system.

Now I mentioned the cats were blogging. Well they aren’t blogging here. In fact, as part of a special ‘Cat Day’ in honour of the ‘The Big New Yorker Book of Cats’ they have blogged for Windmill Books and you can see it here. I think they believe that book offers will be flying in. They are acting like they are really chilled about it…

014 (9)

…But we know the truth. Do have a look at them discussing ‘Living With A Book Lover’, they are quite cute after all, if incredibly naughty for not letting me know a think about it, ha!

Hope all of you are well? What are you reading at the mo? Is it good or bad? Which books do you turn to when you are poorly? How cute are cats reading?


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5 responses to “I’m Sick… But The Cats Are Blogging!

  1. Hope you feel better soon Simon! I am reading my first Kate Atkinson (Case Histories), thanks to you (and Gav) and liking it very much. It looks like you have a nice stack of comfort reads to snuggle up with. Not to mention the cute cats.

  2. Louise

    I usually turn to hot elderberry+rum drinks with lemonjuice and honey when I have bad colds – you somehow sleep better and feel less miserable when you’re a bit tipsy! 🙂
    At the moment I’m reading “The Pure in Heart” by Susan Hill, “The Successor” by Ismail Kadaré and “The Blue Mountain” by Meir Shalev

  3. Feel better soon! I’m working my way through A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell, as my other half got a bit obsessed with it on audiobook (he’s finished and I’m on book 10 – oops!) and I just finished Julie Goodyear’s autobiography, as a bit of a contrast. And I’m meant to be posting reviews rather than looking at other people’s blogs right now …

  4. Make some spicy chicken noodle soup with jalapeno and eat onion sandwiches if your flu is more like a cold. If it is the flu, don’t! Stick to tea and toast until you are ready for something like …real food. Hope you are well again soon.
    Love the piece about the cats. My literary cat is an old lady cat called Frances. She is a bit mental.
    When I feel poorly I read James Herriot because he is so kind, loves animals and is a great observer of humanity .However,currently reading Burial Rites by Kent, Unseen by Webb and soon getting into a pile of books by Jane Christmas.

  5. David

    Honestly, no wonder there’re jokes about ‘man flu’… tsk! (No, reallly, I hope you feel more like yourself soon.)
    The Windmill Books blog: cats sitting beside piles of books fill me with dread – mine tend to mistake them for claw-sharpening posts!

    Lately I’ve been working my way through the Giller Prize longlist (read 10 of the 13 so far, with just one to go from the shortlist) but am currently reading the Australian author Richard Flanagan’s new novel, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’ which is stunning. I’m also reading a collection of short stories from a few years ago: ‘If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This’ by Robin Black, which are really good – I’ve just spotted that she has her debut novel coming out next year so that’ll be a must-read for me I think.

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