Incoming (And Possibly Outgoing)…

It seems that I have rather belatedly cottoned onto the idea of a proper spring clean, just the two months late eh? It has all come about when after coming back from London I was rather strictly told that I better bloody had really ought to think about the amount of books that are in the house. Despite all those bookshelves that Gran bought me last Christmas, along with several storage boxes I don’t technically count, the space was running out. The tops of the shelves themselves, radiator covers and chests of drawers – pretty much anything that could house books has been. The words ‘sizing down’ reared their ugly heads, I hope they were aimed at my books anyway.

Book SortingStrangely a day after this I was very sick with flu, it must have been the shock. Though whilst being sickly I came up with an amazing idea, how about swapping some of the shelves around? This would then mean I would almost double my shelf space logistically (I won’t bore you with how) I forgot that it would also then mean a proper full on spring/autumn clean. If it was to save the books though, what did it matter? Only weirdly in moving shelves I started to move books and notice some that I wondered why I had/didn’t fancy reading anymore/was sent unsolicited and thought I might try at some point but haven’t a few years on. I thought really it was a bit selfish to keep them when the library/friends/neighbours may want them so I started sorting… and it got quite addictive. As you can see I am still in the process.

This of course means there will be space for some more books. I am no fool. This is good as I have had some treats in during the last week and I thought I might share them with you.

Incoming BooksFirst up some random treats have arrived in the last week. The only ones here I was expecting was Tom Sharpe’s ‘Riotous Assembly’ which is the book group read for next weekend and which I should really get a wriggle on and read frankly. Gran always used to tell me that I should read them as she thought the Wilt books were absolutely hilarious. I just remember them for having boobs on some of the covers. At last I am getting round to him, though really a little too late sorry Gran! The other two were the Natasha Solomons, I am a fan, and also the Suzanne Berne. I am wondering if I should read Suzanne’s Orange/Women’s Prize winning book ‘A Crime in the Neighbourhood’ first though. What do you think?

AutumnalNext up were some suitably autumnal books. I seem to have ignored the fact that autumn is here when normally I am celebrating this on the blog as it means I can dust of some Victorian novels, get stuck into some darker crime novels, ghostly tales and revel in the dark nights. Well I think all four of these will be just the ticket. Gavin of GavReads has raved about Sarah Pinborough for quite a while and so I thought with theses retellings of fairytales ‘Poison’ (Snow White) and ‘Beauty’ (Beauty and the Beast) I am in for a treat or two. I need to get ‘Charm’ (Cinderella) to make the set complete. ‘Marina’ was Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s debut novel before ‘Shadow of the Wind’ (which I think I need to re-read – though maybe not with all the books I have yet to read, hmmm) and is the tale of a mysterious disappearance in Barcelona. I am not sure ‘Doctor Sleep’ really needs an introduction. Though it links to the next few books as I have been thinking of spooky reads for Halloween…

Halloween HorrorI have a small ritual of reading a ghost story on Halloween. I have been puzzling what to read this year and am now spoilt for choice with these four books. I managed to snag these copies of ‘The Rats’ and ‘Psycho’ in a random charity shop I fell into the other day. I have been meaning to read ‘The Rats’ since James Herbert sadly passed away earlier this year. I have only recently wanted to read ‘Psycho’ though having watched the movie ‘Hitchcock’ which suddenly made me want to read it instantly. I have also been greeted by treats only this very morning from the very person who said I should clear the bookshelves a bit. That naughty fellow called The Beard. Apparently when shopping today ‘The Ghost Hunters’ by Neil Spring and Adam Nevill’s ‘The House of Small Shadows’ sounded like they were very much my sort of books. I think that this may be the case; I am now spoilt for spooky stories over Halloween.

So what have you borrowed/bought/been given books wise lately? What books are high on your periphery? Any Halloween reads planned?


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19 responses to “Incoming (And Possibly Outgoing)…

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    I *would* recommend A Crime in the Neighbourhood – I thought it was excellent. I have been buying much to many books lately, and have like you started to think that a few should go out to compensate, which they are gradually starting to do. It’s quite therapeutic moving books around, I find. Most looking forward to reading a Janet Flanner book which is on its way to me!

    • Good to hear your recommendation. It seems to be a Women’s Prize Winner that has vanished over time, so would be nice to discuss it and see who else has read it. I like a good book sort as it clarifies things, though I have to add that it can also do your head in and make you feel most vexed on occasion.

  2. Louise Trpææ

    I’m starting Berlin Childhood around 1900, by Walter Benjamin for next month’s book club, and my dark-ish autumn reads this year are Midwinter of the Spirit by Phil Rickman and the audio of The Risk of Darkness by Susan Hill. I think my halloween read this year will be either Conan Doyle or Algernon Blackwood.

  3. I recently went through this sorting process when I put together an office/library for myself a few weeks ago and was able to get rid of a surprising number of books. But then I went to a library sale the next weekend and brought home 15 books (for $5! how could I not?!?), so it was all a waste. I’m so curious how shifting your selves is going to give you more space, since I have a few that are that same square shape.

    • I dream of having a library. Under our apartment there is a huge expanse of cellar and we have been thinking about buying it and doing it up and converting it into bedrooms and a library and study with a spiral staircase going from our apartment down into it.

      That book sale is insane.

  4. Kateg

    I too have been gently or not so gently asked to give up some books. When I was telling a friend my secret wish of opening a bookstore my husband suggested opening the front door of our house. Currently I am reading Agatha Raisin number 2, The Vicious Vet and am thinking of We Have Always Live in the Castle by Shirley Jackson for a Halloween read. I have read a lot of heavy lit fiction lately and I need a break:).

    • I said to The Beard that I would give up getting so many books if he would give up getting so many bottles of wine – that seems to have shut him up! Ha!

      Agatha is great isn’t she? I want to read Shirley Jackson’s short story collection. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. It must be something to do with the time of year. I decided to tackle my groaning bookshelves only yesterday. Interestingly, the ones that tended to go in the charity shop pile were the ones I could blow the most dust off. Is that a guide to what books I’m not that fussed about, or a reflection on my housekeeping? Hmmm.

  6. gaskella

    I share your pain – although I only have myself to argue against in Gollum fashion – “I have too many bookssss / You can never have too many books!” Actually, I’m mid-clear-out too – clearing those boxes in the garage that I was keeping for a yard sale. They’re gradually going and will be replenished. I’m getting better at keeping less books once read these days too.

    As to what I’m reading, it’s Alan Garner and Morrissey at the mo, but I picked up the Ghost Hunter book last week too.

    • I do that exact thing and you are right it is completely self inflicted, so then I beat myself up for having so many books, oh dear – tis a never ending cycle sadly. Really I should just think how lucky I am.

      I am intrigued by the Morrisey BUT I have to say, the whole cover and classic thing has really, really put me off.

  7. I have Diane Setterfield’s new book Bellman and Black out from the library. Unfortunately someone has reserved it after me and put a bit of pressure on my reading it. I hate it when that happens, I don’t like to have a deadline for reading – I could never do your job!
    I will see how I get on with that – may even read a bit this afternoon with the rain and wind outside my window and a cup of tea on hand.

  8. I’m reading Paul Yoon’s Snow Hunters now (borrowed), taking a long ramble through Moby-Dick, and my husband just gave me Feminist Ryan Gosling for my birthday. I’m limiting myself to three pages a day — it’s so delightful.

    • How are you getting on with Moby Dick, it is a book that scares me both in its size and the fact it is set on lots of boats which it is well documented I have an issue with in books.

      • Oh, I love it. I read it as a child with my dad and hated it, but this is my second time through as an adult. It’s actually quite funny, and some of the prose is lovely, very musical. Yes, rather a lot of boats, but the narrator is a first-time whaler, so everything’s explained.

      • That’s made me feel somewhat better about it though I’m still scared of it. I won’t lie. And I am worried being explained boats when I loathe them might not help 😉

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