A Book Out There Of My Very Own, By Me… Sort Of

Last week on Twitter I was a bit of a tease when I released a picture of An Unkindness of Ravens by Simon Savidge. Yes that is right, that is my name indeed. Here is the picture for you if you missed it…

photo 1

Alas, this is not actually a finished or proof copy of my debut novel – but oh how I wish it was! It is in fact a wonderful item that might be ideal for you to buy your loved ones, or have your loved ones buy for you.

photo 2

“What on earth is it? Stop teasing us with your naughty ways.” I hear you cry. Well it is in fact a wonderfully designed Kindle cover by the very talented people at Marston Bindery in Leicestershire who have been making Kindle covers that look like real book covers for quite some time. And now they are making customised ones for big book fans like you and I.

photo 3

I had no hesitation when the lovely Katie asked me if I would like to have one custom made, though I have to say that choosing a cover from their range of oldy-worldy book covers and something a little more retro ‘modern classic’ was quite tricky. Then the purple won me over, I would quite like everything in the world to have a purple tint I won’t lie. Next I just had to think of a title…

photo 5

In the end I was daring and went for a title which I have always wanted to give to the first in a series of crime book ‘An Unkindness of Ravens’, a series which would then have all its titles based on collective nouns of animals which I have a bit of a thing about. A murder of crows anyone? A shrewdness of apes? The options are endless and so I went with it. (Should any publishers be reading this you know where to contact me if you want to buy the series I have yet to write, thank you – ha!)

photo 4

Anyway as you can see they are gorgeously crafted and beautiful things and have helped no end in my acclimatisation to owning my devils device. Since I have had this cover I have read two blinking books on the darn thing, I am being converted with the help of a bookish looking cover.

For more info on Marston Bindery do head to their website and have a gander. Good presents for a certain forthcoming time of year I think! Oh and though they don’t technically advertise they can make a Kindle Fire cover mine is a 7” one and it fits just right. Which sounds rather like a euphemism, so let us move on! Now before I let you go and get on with your day, I was wondering… If you could choose the title of your very own book, what would it be and why?



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20 responses to “A Book Out There Of My Very Own, By Me… Sort Of

  1. Jon

    Did you know An Unkindness of Ravens is an Inspector Wexford novel by Ruth Rendell?

  2. Want, want, want, want, want. Christmas present for me sorted.

  3. kaggsysbookishramblings

    How about “A Murder of Magpies”? This is a very lovely thing and if I had a Kindle I would get one!

  4. Ann

    Hi! You must have missed my tweet to you when you first posted….as Jon says, it is the title of one of the Inspector Wexford novels by the queen of crime (imo!) first published in 1985….was rather hoping you had interviewed her that being the hint! 😉

  5. Hoorah. Glad I could send you in the direction of them. And I’m not even on commission 😉

  6. How cool is that. Do they ship to the states?

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