Being Thankful For Libraries

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in America today – apologies to any readers in Norfolk Island who had it yesterday, Liberia who had it on the 7th and those of you in Canada who had it on October 14th. We don’t have it here in the UK but I did go off and discover more about it and how its a celebration of thanks for a good harvest and so I was thinking about the things that I am really thankful for in the book world – I pride myself on the fact it appears I can link almost anything to books or make it booky.

I was going to do a list of the authors I am most thankful for but then I thought of something else that I should be all the more thankful for as without it I wouldn’t be reading at all. The Library! For if all those many moons ago when my mother needed to revise for her degree (as she took me to university with her, brave woman) the library was there. Whenever we moved around to a new place, the library was there. When we couldn’t decide what to do on a Saturday, the library was there. Indeed after my many years in the bookless wilderness and getting back into the swing of it, the library was there. When I have moved around since leaving London, the library has been there. And of course all my favourite authors, all my favourite books and many more to discover.

I am very thankful to the library and indeed have popped there today where I binged on Jon Ronson and the Maus Graphic Novel – another out look on World War II which I seem to have become slightly obsessed with recently. As I wandered around I felt doubly thankful as its all free, all those books, all those adventures waiting to happen – so this seemed an apt post to pop up today. And if I wasn’t enough I thought you might all like this, it is an oldie but a goodie…

So thank you to libraries, have a wonderful thanksgiving if you are celebrating it and if not pop to your library and give thanks, and borrow some books from it, anyway. Or pop there tomorrow if its too late now. And if you haven’t joined your library go and do it sharpish as the greatest way of showing thanks for them is to keep them going so future bookworms can be thankful too. Let me know what or who you come back with!


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13 responses to “Being Thankful For Libraries

  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Spain where we don’t celebrate it either. But I like to devote some time this day to be thankful for my family, friends, books and life in general. And since I love potatoes, I think for the harvests too 😀

    • Hahaha. That’s just made me laugh and laugh about the potatoes. Tickled me very much. I try and be thankful for at least 30 minutes everyday. I don’t pray just think thankful thoughts when I wake up or before I go to bed.

      • Same here. Or when everything in my head is spinning out of control in very negative ways. Although I must admit that speking it out loud to my boyfriend -who also happens to be a psychologis – helps more than anything. And it kind of makes me feel bad for my “depence” (it’s the little, crazy feminist in me).

        I’m glad I made you laugh with the potatoes comment. I seriously mean it.

      • I don’t doubt you. I do love potato rosti. In fact I now want that to eat right now. Anyway… I think we all need to remember to be thankful. Life’s so short.

      • You should try “tortilla de patata” (spanish omelette) if you haven’t yet. It gets you out of anything emotionally challenging.

      • Oh I have. It’s delicious.

        Love how we’ve gone from books to food. We would be best friends in the same city 😉

  2. Great blog post. I feel very privileged that I work in an academic library. I get paid paid to buy books food the library. It is a perfect job. Libraries are simply awesome and so are the people who use them.

    • Thank you Tim. I am a big advocate of the library and no matter how many books I get through work or indeed this blog I make sure I visit the library, or actually libraries as I am a member of two, as much as I can.

  3. Ruthiella

    Thank you for the reminder. I am very grateful for my library. I buy quite a few books, both first and second hand, but I also use my library regularly and there have been times where my only access to books was via a public library. I keep all my library cards as souvenirs from the various places I have lived in.

    • I love that you keep all your library cards. I am now slightly gutted that I have never thought of doing this. Drats. I too have had times where the library has been the only source of books and once you have been through that you never ever stop appreciating how lucky we are to have them.

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