Some Books of 2013

I don’t do my lists of the best books I have read until the last two days of the year, yet I love it when the lists start to appear here, there and everywhere. They can be good for Christmas lists either for your loved ones or for you to add to your own list if you feel you have missed out on any of them.  The Guardian, The Independent, The New York Times and The TLS have all done their lists, or asked authors and/or critics to do them and I always have a gander at them, though I do feel they are always a little samey or a little back patting. For me it is the bloggers Books of the Year that I always find the most interesting and so thought I would share some links you can peruse at your own pleasure. Who knows they may have some classics of the future in them.

First up, the good folk at We Love This Book are clearly of the same mind as me when it comes to wanting to know which books bloggers loved as they have asked several of them (myself included) to come up with their books of the year. The list is marvellous and I can most certainly vouch for Annabel and Gavin’s choices as they are also two more of my favourites with reviews arriving (one almost imminently) soon here. My choice has actually changed a few times since I was asked for the list but it is most likely in my top three for 2013 for sure. There are also lots more books I haven’t read and now want to read on the list, I am particularly keen to read Kim’s as I trust her taste a lot.

Speaking of Kim of Reading Matters, she has a wonderful Christmassy bloggers advent calendar going on in the lead up to Christmas. So far I have only heard of one book (which I have tried and failed to read) from the selection so far but have bookmarked the page, as I am sure you all will, to keep the recommendations coming as it looks like it will be a fantastic list. You may even see a Savidge recommendation on there one day, who can say.

Finally lots of you have been recommending books since I asked for you Books of 2013 so far. A wonderful selection of titles can be found there and I would love it if you kept the recommendations coming below this post to. I can never get enough recommendations can you?



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7 responses to “Some Books of 2013

  1. You are absolutely right, Simon, that the newspaper book lists do sound a bit like a lovefest among authors or publishers. But I too like to take a peek – and when you see multiple people, including authors you admire, endorsing Hermione Lee’s biography of Penelope Fitzgerald so whole-heartedly, I can’t help but be tempted (it helps that I quite like Fitzgerald as too).
    And, even if the TBR pile is threatening to topple over and bury me, I can never resist adding to it…

  2. Ok my novels of the year(ie, out of the ones that I have finished):
    Robin Maugham:The Desert: very moving, spare style; rapprochement between gay German soldier and straight English soldier in the desert.
    William Corlett: Now and Then; spare again, and unbearably moving
    Bartlett:Skin Lane(re-read for book group);classy style and chilling on the effects of repressed (homo)sexuality
    WG Sebald:”Ambros Adelwarth” in “The Emmigrants”(self-contained “novella”; unbearably powerful)
    Paul Russell:The Coming Storm”; an lgbt content loose baggy monster of a book.
    Abdellah Taia:”An Arab Melancholia”: about the conflict between race/culture and sexuality, based on the author’s own life: poetic and moving
    Alan Glynn:”Limitless”(surprised myself: enjoyed the sheer thrill of a fastpaced narrative-based thriller!). Steve

  3. I’m always bad at doing these, ‘cos only the tiniest percentage of what I read in any given year is actually new that year…

    • Sorry my list is novels I have READ in 2013 not books published in 2013; I always never get round to reading new books, unless its by one of my favourite authors!But I suppose general lists of books people have loved, with brief reasons why can be helpful. 🙂 looking forward to the new David Leavitt and Armistead Maupin, soon to be published; and Edmund White is rumoured to have another on the way!

  4. Thanks for highlighting my advent calendar, Simon. It’s proving a rather eclectic and diverse list of bloggers favourite reads — many of the books I’ve never even heard of before!

  5. I enjoy very much doing a recap of the year, it’s very detailed, it’s first of all for me, to evaluate my reading year, and also of course to share to others what I think is really worth reading. I will publish it at the beginning of January, but it will have the same format as the one covering the books I read in 2012:

  6. Frenchie Caro

    Hello Simon,

    I already mentioned Blitz (which is split in two volumes, Blackout & All Clear) by Connie Willis being my favorite of this year, but another 2013 favorite of mine is The Silver Linings Playbook, by Matthew Quick – it is a very moving and beautifully written story.

    Also, I give a special mention to “The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet”, by Reif Larsen and to “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” by Aimee Bender.

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