A Lovely Bookish Tale Before Christmas (Well I Think So)

I have mentioned a few times on the blog that I believe that some books are simply meant to be yours. Sometimes you find them just when you need them (like when I left London and on my first day up north saw a copy of this book with Polly, who used to write Novel Insights and I have known since I was four, which felt like a friendly nudge I was doing the right thing) or when you find a copy of the book you have been hunting for ages or ages in a second hand book shop.

Well going back to March of last year, when I was turning 30, I was celebrating my birthday with my mother, Gran and little sister Mim in Much Wenlock and going around the antique shops, delicatessens for treats and (most importantly frankly) bookshops. On the trip I discovered a first edition of Daphne Du Maurier’s very, very, very short novella (really a short story if we are all being honest) called Happy Christmas and I ummed and ahhhed about treating myself for ages before realising I didn’t have my wallet. My mother then offered as a present and I ummmed and ahhhhed some more over tea and cake and by the time I had decided that yes I did want it… the shop, Much More Books, was shut. I felt rather miffed, to put it nicely.

Last summer, on a mini trip to Mum’s again, I decided to call in on the way back. The shop was shut. Then in the autumn on the way back from a day in Shrewsbury, where The Beard was working and so I went mooching, we diverted and tried again and had just missed the closing by minutes. I gave up. Back in May Liz from Much More Books left a comment on the blog post to say they still had the book but with Gran being so ill and all that was going on I didn’t respond and thought again how I had missed out.

So a few weeks ago I decided to go for broke and finally email back and see if they still had it. I didn’t expect them too as I had checked their online stock list and couldn’t see it. A few days later Liz emailed back and amazingly THEY STILL HAD IT… a little money transfer and waiting for the postman every morning for a few days and it arrived!!!!

Daphne Happy Christmas

The very same copy, meant to be owned by me. I am honestly beyond thrilled and it seems to have come at the perfect time of year too. Fate, I swear it – and won’t hear anyone say otherwise.  Isn’t that great though, warms the cockles of your very heart I think. What is also lovely is that Liz then asked for a list of any titles and authors who she would look out for in the store and on her bookish travels – doubly amazing. See definitely fate! I wondered if you all had any tales like this, you must have found a gem in a bookstore you’d been hunting for ages? Or some other tale to warm our bookish hearts at this festive time of year, share them all with us…

P.S This post was unusually late, I started a new job yesterday so things may be sporadic for a while, well until I get a week paid leave from next week – planned that well didn’t I?



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7 responses to “A Lovely Bookish Tale Before Christmas (Well I Think So)

  1. That is a lovely story. I have a slightly similar story. When I was a child I had a copy of ‘Tales of Brave Adventure’ by Enid Blyton. I loved it and reread it so many times. When I was a older I made the cardinal sin of getting rid of a lot of my childhood books with the exception of my Roald Dahl, Narnia and Beatrix Potter. Years later as an adult and a librarian I regretted this action. I was desperate to track down a copy of ‘Tales of Brave Adventure’ but I didn’t realise that was the title as I just called it my Robin Hood book. Once I did find out the title I then started looking for an exact copy of the one I had. It was difficult to find but eventually I found one online a couple of years ago and it arrived in time for Christmas for me. Moral of the story never let go of your childhood books. I am glad you eventually found a copy of your book.

  2. we don’t have too many of the smaller bookstores near where I live, but I have had some very similar experiences with librarians at the library I used to go to. They were (still are) a great bunch, very knowledgeable.

  3. After blogging about sayings and proverbs for over a year, I found the Oxford dictionary of Proverbs in a charity shop! Definitely intended for me. (And I discovered your blog the day you wrote about people who share our initials!) Sue S

  4. Very glad to hear this came to you in the end, Simon – just in time for Christmas as well. Makes me want to run into Brighton and trek around for my own bookish gems.

  5. That’s a really sweet story. Like a book romance. After months and months of fond flirting and batting eyelashes at each other across a great distance you’ve finally ended up in bed together!

  6. What perfect timing! Glad it all worked out well. Hope you’re enjoying your new job.

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