The Week That Whizzed By Before The Looooong Weekend

I feel like I have no idea where the last week has gone. Actually that is a big lie, I know exactly where the week has gone. Work ate it. I spent Sunday working most of the day, then working until 9pm on Monday (in the office) and then 11pm (at home so in some comfort/reach of cupcakes) last night. I have been well aware that the summer will be utterly mad and I will be working left right and centre (which I embrace as I like to be busy at work), I wasn’t quite expecting it to be this mad this soon.

Hopefully the madness is over, for a while at least, though this has meant that in the last four/five days has involved working or slobbing on the sofa/sleeping. Though I did manage to record an episode of The Readers where I moan about having no time to read – oh dear! Hoorah’s ahead though as with all those extra hours I have now got a lovely long three day weekend ahead of me and (after having spent this afternoon having a lovely lunch and then lazing with a DVD, the cats, sweets and the Beard – who feels he hasn’t seen me in forever) I am going to dedicate those days to these…

A Long Weekend of Books

Yes it is time for a long weekend of book binging. I have a huge craving for crime so plan on heading straight into some S. J. Bolton, then I really want to read Nathan Filer’s The Shock of the Fall which I bought in Waterstones when I fell in deliriously the afternoon before it won the Costa, Deborah Levy because I have become a huge fan and some lovely ‘early Levy’ books turned up in the post this week. Then I have two books with ‘deadlines’ of sorts to them. Oscar Wilde’s short stories have been chosen by Kate for the next Hear… Read This! and book group is a week on Saturday and Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder has been chosen by Rita – all I know is it is a fictional tale involving philosophy and its history, I am terrified of it yet also hoping reading it might make me seem brainier and able to spout philosophical diatribe left, right and centre. Ha!

I also plan on doing some reviews and catch up on comments here and blogs all over the shop. Bliss. What are you reading at the moment or are planning to read? How do you manage to find time to read when there seems to be no time to read? Have you read any of the books I plan on devouring this weekend? Note: I know I won’t read all of them! What else is news?


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11 responses to “The Week That Whizzed By Before The Looooong Weekend

  1. I love Jostein Gaarder. He’s one of my favourite writers. I keep meaning to re-read them all, I’ve got all of his books.

  2. Agree, I loved Sophie’s World too. Enjoy!

  3. I loved Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home, look forward to hearing about this one…

  4. Richard Grant

    Good to hear that ‘The beard’ is OK … even if suffering from neglect. Time to make amends.

  5. Lovely pile of books, Simon. The Oscar Wilde is very appealing!

  6. Col

    Like Cathy I enjoyed Swimming Home. Nathan Filer’s Shock of the Fall was a Christmas present – I luxuriated in it Boxing
    Day. It’s great.

  7. Hope you get a bit more reading time soon

  8. I really enjoyed Sophie’s World. I remember reading it when I was still a student and I learned much from it. Right now I’m reading A Game of Thrones. Happy new year, Simon!

  9. Hannah

    I loved shock of the fall!

  10. I have the exact same copy of Sophie’s World too and am horribly hesitant about picking it up. Philosophy is not exactly my strong suit. Are you reading this book as part of an online readalong/book club?

  11. I love to be busy, but there’s something nerve wracking about how fast January has gone by. I blinked, and it’s gone. 🙂

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