London Book Fair 2014

So while I have been busy beavering away (ridiculously, hence why lack of posts of late) on a ginormous expo which is coming to Liverpool over the summer, I have amazingly (I literally ran around the lounge dancing when I got the email) been invited to talk at one in April. It only happens to be the blooming London Book Fair, which I have always wanted to visit, and which will now see me residing (because I may actually sleep in there I feel I will love it so much) in its walls of bookish wonder for not one but three days…

Believe me I am beyond excited, well apart from the talking at seminars in front of big audiences of people but let us swiftly gloss over that, about going. The thing is I really have no idea what to expect. In my head it is three days of authors, publishers and book lovers just having a wonderful time talking about books and publishing, maybe quaffing a cake and coffee or three, and then just mooching through what amazing books are coming out over the next year and celebrating books in general. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?

Will I be proven right? I have no idea, but I suspect some of you will. Have any of you been to the London Book Fair or indeed any of these big shiny booky events elsewhere in the world? What went on? Was it wonderful? Who else is going to the London Book Fair (you can reserve places and find out more here) this April? Would you be interested in some posts and podcasts live from the bookish buzz-filled building? Let me know all the answers to these, and maybe even a few more…


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7 responses to “London Book Fair 2014

  1. Aw congratulations! I went a couple of years ago, and it was indeed fantastic. The digital section in particular was really fascinating. Would certainly be interested in hearing some bookish podcasts!

  2. Some of the seminars are pretty interesting and it’s pretty manic. A lot of the major publishers are a bit closed off to general mooching. They’re set up for lots of people to have meetings. If there’s someone you really want to talk to, it’s best to arrange something in advance (warning, the wifi in the venue was rubbish last year). But then after 5 most days a few publishers get the booze out and have a celebration or launch or something.

    I am glad I experienced it once, but probably going to skip this year (or maybe pop along for one day).

  3. Congratulations! I will be there but I’m also a London Book Fair virgin. Looking forward to it, but will make it only for 1 day due to work commitments. (day job manager not too impressed for some reason).

  4. Congrats, Simon, it all sounds exciting.
    I went a couple of years ago and admittedly I didn’t find it very interesting — it certainly doesn’t offer much for bloggers and reviewers, but is obviously essential for those who work in the industry, including authors (looking to make a deal), agents, production people, publicists, etc. I’m sure you’ll have a great time, though. My advice would be to wear good walking shoes — the fair is HUGE — and keep hydrated (I left with a thumping headache).

  5. You lucky devil! I’m incredibly jealous. Maybe this is the beginning of the Book Fair embracing bloggers? Wouldn’t it be great to have a bloggers stream of events to run alongside the more publishy world stuff? An equivalent of the BEA etc.

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