New Reading Arenas…

Apologies for more silence on the blog. I know I am beginning to sound like a stuck record but in the last week I’ve not even managed to read a chapter of a book let alone getting around to writing about any books. I have managed to book a break away at the end of this month,which I cannot wait for, to Harrogate so thank you for your reading recommendations for Yorkshire and keep them coming. I have also spent most of the weekend so far sorting out new reading arenas…

As I am sure you will all agree where you do your reading is REALLY important. Well, I now have two new sumptuous (firm but comfy and cosy, ideal) sofas that I have inherited from Gran which are snugly sitting in the lounge ready to have many an hour of reading spent upon them.


What’s so nice about these is firstly that they have been in the family for a few decades and so have many, many family memories attached to them. Secondly, some of these are naturally reading ones. Only early last year were Gran and I sat on them reading books in that delightful companionable silence only real readers can understand. With only the occasional words of book comparisons or wondering aloud if we should open another box of Thorntons chocolates?

Now those of you who will know the lengths I went to find a reading armchair a while back, fret not. It has not been relegated. In fact it’s now moved into a reading nook in the bedroom and been given a slight modern twist…


Fun isn’t it. And the cushion may mean that a certain two pussy cats (or in fact just Oscar) might not hog it all to themselves anymore. So I now have lots of places to curl up with a good book, I just need more time to do it!


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8 responses to “New Reading Arenas…

  1. Oh time, time, time. I don’t think I’ll ever have time to read all the books I have here….

  2. Glad you have found a good spot for the reading sofas. You will be glad of them for reading, visiting with book minded friends and having snoozes between hectic projects.

  3. The cushion of the cat is so much fun! I love it. Hope you get some real time soon.

  4. I spent ages looking for just the right kind of armchair for reading. It looks great in the corner of the living room but just isn’t comfy enough for longer than 15 mins. Yours looks mor like the business.

  5. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Lovely! I’m currently campaigning for some kind of reading seat because our old sofas are so uncomfortable!

  6. I love seeing where people read. Those sofas look perfect for reading on. 🙂

  7. Of course you will expect, correctly, that I don’t agree with your premise about the importance of the location in which a book is read.! I am well aware that makes me a rather unusual reader.

  8. !!!!!
    Where did you get that cushion? I love it!

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