Sick of Being Sick

Why can’t being ill as an adult be like it was as a child? You feel dreadful for a bit, but being a resilient youth, you bounce back quite quickly and then have a few days in bed – preferably with some good books to spend hours reading, far too much tomato soup, cuddles and the promise of chocolates some time when you feel better. This is how I remember being sick, and possibly why I was prone to being a bit of a hypochondriac as a child. I blame my mother and grandparents, if you are going to make being poorly so rewarding what do you expect? As an adult being sick is just plain vile.

I am currently on day three of norovirus which safe to say I never want to have again in my life. There has been no tomato soup, as I am only just able to drink a glass of squash (sounds so dramatic but is so true) and not feel horrendous after – or exhausted from the effort, seriously. There have been no cuddles because I am really contagious (and indeed got told off when I was in so much pain yesterday I dared to seek medical advice) and The Beard is allergic to sickness (though revels in being ill, must have had parents like me). There is no promise of chocolate as the very idea makes me feel queasy (I must be really ill) though it does feel like a Cadbury’s delivery lorry has hit me in the chest, apparently I have sprained/bruised muscles I never knew I had. Worst of all there has been no real reading, because the room span for a day and a half when I wasn’t running to the bathroom. Seriously, being sick as an adult is horrid and this is only a stomach bug, albeit a nasty one. Looks quite pretty close up though doesn’t it?

Norovirus close up: something so pretty can leave you feeling so shitty.

Anyway, I thought I would do an oversharing post and share this all with you. I am unable to interact with anyone for at least another 48/72 hours, and haven’t seen anyone bar a sneering Beard and rather cross pair of nurses since Tuesday evening, so I guess I am just seeking some chats out here on the interweb and social media. Anything you fancy having a natter about? Anything new with you? Anything you’ve read that has been really brilliant? Do share. Pathetically yours.



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24 responses to “Sick of Being Sick

  1. Or should I say I ‘dislike’ it, poor Simon! My parents were far less sympathetic to my childhood illnesses, so I tend to just keep on going until I drop dead and don’t have much sympathy for other people’s illnesses either. But I will make an exception in your case! At least I hope you get a chance to catch up on the reading (although sometimes your brain feels too much like cotton wool, doesn’t it?). And tomato soup, really? Are you sure? Our failsafe recipe was chicken soup.

  2. kaggsysbookishramblings

    You poor thing Simon! It sounds absolutely awful, and particularly if you weren’t able to read. The trouble is, when we’re grown ups we’re expected not to make a fuss and there’s nobody to look after us in the same way our parents did. I hope you feel better soon – at least well enough to pick up a book!

  3. Oh no Simon hope you feel better very soon. I’m currently reading Wake by Anna Hope and loving it so much I really don’t want it too end.

  4. Delyn

    So sorry to hear of your illness, Simon. Mu husband and I both had it last month – horrendous! Neither had any sympathy for the other – too busy concerned with ourselves!
    Have just re-read The Secret River with my book group as one of them has just returned from Oz. I got a lot more out of it the second time around having gone into it in more depth for discussion purposes but was still horrified at certain sections of it. One member had to give up after reading the brutal bits.
    Now I’m on to something more gentle -The Bookshop – my choice! – and am reading Hermione Lee’s biography. It’s so heavy to hold!
    Get well soon!

  5. Deborah

    I do sympathise, being sick is gross. I don’t believe in stuff coming out above the waist, it isnt normal! I’ve just bought both wolf hall and bring up the bodies on audible, as I realistically think I’d never get round to reading them the traditional way. And about reading slowly as you and thomas were discussing: when I read “Tigana” by GG Kay (more a Gav one than for you) I was so delighted by the first chapters I rationed the rest of the book, pausing every few pages to savour it like rich food. (Sorry for food mention). And when it got v exciting I had to put a blank sheet of paper on the right hand page so I didnt go mad and read ahead!

  6. sharkell

    Being sick is no fun. I have a sick kid at home at the moment and it is just not fun so I can emphasise. Last night I had a battle between two greats when choosing my new book – The Night Guest or A Tale for the Time Being. The Night Guest won. At the moment i need something completely absorbing and The Night Guest seemed to fit the bill. I have just finished The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared as my last bookclub read and didn’t particularly enjoy it, I skipped quite a few of the last 50 pages as I had well and truly had enough!

  7. Jenny

    I hope you’re feeling better soon Simon.

    I’m reading The Rosie Project at the moment and it’s so funny. It’s told from the point of view of a professor who has Aspergers. Only he doesn’t know he has it. His literal interpretation of situations and interactions is hilarious. It might cheer you up when the room stops spinning . . . .

  8. Hope you are feeling much better soon. Take a hot bath if you can and bundle up nice and warm afterwards. Lots of tea and maybe honey? Get some electrolytes replaced after feeling poorly.
    I’ve been reading Monica Dickens, both the novel Mariana and her autobiography, An Open Book.
    If you aren’t up to reading just yet put on some soft classical music to help you feel better.
    ( I think I must have healing in my soul like Monica Dickens….”Naaaas Diggins!”

  9. Sounds horrendous. Have you found the culprit responsible for passing it on to you? Have you plotted your revenge against them yet or don’t you have even enough energy for that? What’s happening here you ask – I just finished the latest book set in a bookshop – The Storied Life of A.T Fitkry. It starts brilliantly with this really grouchy owner of a bookshop. But then a baby gets abandoned in his store and the whole thing becomes way too slushy.

  10. Simon, do you have any audiobooks about? They are the answer for me when I’m feeling too poorly to concentrate on a printed book. It’s like being read to when you were a child. Your library may even offer free digital downloads remotely. I think you would enjoy The Son by Philipp Meyer.

  11. I hope you feel better soon. Stomach bugs are the worst. I was thinking the same thing you wrote – I’m only starting to recover from a cold that I’ve had for 2 weeks now while my son went to bed with a splitting headache and sore throat and was back to his happy self by morning.

    I see you’re reading A Tale for the Time Being. I just finished it and will be curious to know what you think, once you’ve finished it and are well enough to write about it. Take care!

  12. I’m sorry you’re not well. My recent book review might entertain you, whether the book is to your taste or not. Get well soon. Sue

  13. I’ve just started the second Cazalet Chronicle and found 3 &4 in a charity shop this week! Hope you feel better soon x

  14. Kateg

    Hope you are feeling better. It is just awful being sick. I lost most of January with a bronchial thingy and it was very annoying. I am reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt for a pre-Booktopia Vermont discussion ( trying to make you feel guilty for going to Asheville instead where I will not be). Then on to The Trial by Franz Kafka for one of my book groups. I think in between it might be time for Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener which is #3 and what I am up to as my reading has been very serious lately and I need to lighten things up a bit as March can be dreary. Feel better!!

    • Mary Arth

      I am so sorry to hear you are ill. Take care of yourself.
      I agree with the comment about chicken soup. It is healing. The Beard may have the virus next so some sympathy is needed!
      I just finished the Rosie Project and loved it. I also loved We all lived in the Castle and Stoner.
      I’m leaving the US for England on Monday!! Renting a car with my sister and a friend and driving the countryside. We r three 60 plus ladies attempting to drive on the “wrong side”. So excited but hope we don’t get the virus.
      Get lots of rest!

  15. Things really are going around. Last night my adult niece was taken to the ER because of violent sickness. My husband and I went along while her husband stayed home with their two sick little girls. My niece was feeling better by the time they released her this morning, but I don’t envy her not feeling well, worrying about her little girls, and worrying that we and her husband might get sick, too. At least what she had / has seems to be short-lived.

    Get well soon. I’ve been enjoying your podcast with Thomas.

  16. Oh, yuck. Norovirus is the devil’s sickness, for sure. Blerg. I hope you’re feeling better very soon.

  17. Please take very good care of yourself. This is serious. I landed in the hospital, in quarantine with it last year and didn’t read a word for almost a week. We can’t afford for you to take that much time off, so do as the nurses say. (And watch out for pneumonia.)

    Like many other readers, I’ve come to depend on your blog for entertainment and enlightenment. Get well and get back to it soon.

  18. Deirdre

    I am a volunteer Director for an Insurance Association. The group was meeting in Toronto in January. I was very fortunate to have been unable to attend the first day of the meeting because just about everyone who attended that day came down with norovirus. No fun being sick in a hotel in Toronto. It was so bad that the City of Toronto launched an investigation. Norovirus can make an individual very sick. That individual should not have to deal with health care providers who don’t want you in their facilities because you are contagious. Outrageous! Some from our group were so sick they needed IV hydration. Fortunately, they received the treatment when they needed it. Take care, Simon. You will get better. The investigation revealed that the norovirus was passed to the group from an employee of the hotel. Goes to show how vulnerable we all are.

  19. Poor you! Am hoping that as I’m reading this a few days after you posted, you’re feeling a bit better now…

  20. EllenB

    Poor Simon. You and Booksnob appear to be the sickest people in the UK right now. Feel better soon. I heartily endorse someone’s recommendation above of The Son. One of my favorites from last year. I just finished Burial Rites by Hannah Kent and think it is quite brilliant. A few first novel issues but all and all fascinating and moving and beautifully written. I am just about to start Wake which fits in nicely with my WW I obsession. Get better now!

    • EllenB

      PS I forgot to mention that as a Jewish mother in good standing I would go for the chicken soup or broth, also known as Jewish penicillin, while in recovery from a stomach virus. Tomato soup has too much acid. Do you think The Beard could go out for some chicken soup take-away?

  21. David

    Sounds nasty, Simon! Hope you get over it soon and start to feel better. I’m just getting over a nasty chest infection that had me feeling really poorly for a few days so I completely understand you not getting any reading done. I was getting through just a few pages each day of Joan Lindsay’s Australian classic ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’: it’s an odd, otherworldly book to begin with and I’m sure not being able to concentrate did it no favours, but coupled with a high temperature and pounding headaches it inspired some really weird and feverish dreams!
    At the moment I’m reading Wallace Stegner’s Pulitzer-winning ‘Angle of Repose’ and thinking I might have to buy everything he ever wrote.

  22. It’s wrong how pretty microscopy images of nasty horrible bugs can be, isn’t it? I have spent too much time trawling through thousands of them for my day job. I hope you’re thoroughly better by now.

    I have been rubbish at reading books so far this far, but I have got through a lot of short stories. I discovered an SFF magazine called Lightspeed thanks to a Kickstarter they did called Women Destroy Science Fiction! As you can guess, that campaign was right up my alley.

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