And Now We Are 32…

Ok, we aren’t and this blog isn’t, but today I am. Yes it is birthday day here at Savidge Reads. As this post is scheduled, so I can just have a day doing what the hoot I want all day, I am not sure what I will be up to. Though that said I do know that I am having a lovely dinner party with some of my friends. The Beard is doing all my favourite things for tea; prawn cocktails, steak pie and lemon meringue cheesecake (which is amazing, he is a chef so it should be but this is BEYOND) all followed by this…


…Which makes me feel 12 (not just because of the popping candy that it is laced with) rather than 32 but that is a lovely thing. I have no real idea what I will be getting either apart from my lovely literary tattoo which will being etched on me for life early on Tuesday morning. I am slightly pooping myself, never a good look, yet I am oddly intrigued by how painful it will be. I have decided 32 is going to be a year of doing things I would never normally consider. More on that when I have mulled it, drunkenly discussed it and then decided on a definite plan of action.



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20 responses to “And Now We Are 32…

  1. pam

    happy birthday simon!!

  2. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Many happy returns Simon! Have a bookish and fun day!

  3. Happy Birthday! And it sounds like a need for a 33 before 33 list or the start of an epic 40 before 40 list!

  4. Annabel (gaskella)

    Happy Birthday. 🙂
    You will share your tattoo with us, won’t you?

  5. Well, that’s a glorious looking cake! Have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Happy birthday Simon. I trust there will be a photo of the tattoo at some point? I’ve never been brave enough.

  7. Yum, that cake looks nice! Happy Birthday !

  8. LauraC

    Happy Birthday! and I can’t wait to see the tattoo.

  9. sharkell

    Happy birthday.

  10. Happy birthday and do show us the tattoo – if you like the result!

  11. Happy birthday Simon. Birthday cake with popping candy sounds fab – might copy that for my kids!

  12. Have a wonderful birthday, and enjoy every moment. Deciding to do things you’d never normally consider sounds like a great plan to keep the year ahead exciting!

  13. Happy Birthday, Simon!

  14. Happy Birthday, Simon!

    [does the Birthday Running Man in your honor]

  15. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. Interested to know about the tattoo as I keep thinking of getting one but the pain puts me off!

  16. Hope you’re having a hoot 😀

  17. Belated happy birthday! Look forward to hearing more of that tattoo!

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