I’ve Been…

…A little bit busy this week and haven’t had a proper chance to catch up with you all about some lovely things that have been going on. So I thought I would do a mini catch up and tease you all with a few things that I will be telling you all about soon, as is my want. First up though this has been my birthday week (though actually the celebrations carry on next week and weekend too, I am totally milking it) and I had brilliant birthday, thank you for your birthday wishes, it involved lots of pottering, sorting and the lots of cake as made by The Beard…

Birthday shot

In case you are wondering it is a lemon meringue cheesecake, which is my favourite cake as it is all sorts of amazing. The Beard being a trained chef meant it was even more amazing. Anyway that was all lovely and we had lovely friends round for the evening including my lovely mate Emma who I made a pact to get a tattoo, with a literary twist. As the date, which we booked back in early February, drew nearer I was getting more and more nervous. However, I did it…

Tattoo Teaser

Yes that is a teasing shot as I will share it all with you next week! Teaser, in fact I am a triple teaser as today has been a bonkersly brilliant day in Manchester where I got to sit and have a coffee and a long chat with Emma Donoghue about Frog Music, which is very good, for next weeks episode of You Wrote The Book, she was brilliant and so lovely. I then met my aunty Alice, who you have all been recommending books for and she says thanks, for afternoon tea. Then I went and had a (two hour) wander around the refurbished Central Library…

Library Teaser

It is stunning and needs a special post so I will do that next week as I have a few reviews and posts to schedule before packing to go off to Harrogate tomorrow with three of my bestest mates to spend time mooching, eating cream cakes, drinking tea and being tourists. Cannot wait.

What have you all been up to? What have you been reading? What’s new?


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6 responses to “I’ve Been…

  1. Can’t wait to see the final tattoo!

  2. persephonenich

    Sounds like a great week! Can’t wait to hear the Emma Donoghue interview – love her writing.

  3. Rosemary

    I’ve been rediscovering what a great place Edinburgh is to live – in the past week I’ve been to the launch of the fourth edition of The Istanbul Review, at which the writer Elif Shafak spoke brilliantly about the oppression of minority groups in Turkey and the rise of a new globally-connected generation whom the state can no longer suppress. I was also at Blackwells for a talk and reading with Alex Gray, who writes thrillers set in Glasgow and has just published her 11th novel, ‘The Bird who did not Sing’, which is about a terrorist attack on the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. And on Tuesday I attended a lieder competition at Edinburgh university. There is so much to enjoy in Edinburgh and so much of it is free – Blackwells, Waterstones, and the lovely Looking Glass Books all run great events programmes, as does the library service (where I will shortly be seeing Val McDermid and Lindsey Davis), and the university has lots of free concerts – I’m also hoping to see Eleanor Catton next month. In between I like just walking around looking at the buildings (and having tea and cakes…)

    I hope you have a lovely time in Harrogate – isn’t that the home of Betty’s tea shop?

  4. Reading Canada by Richard Ford. Halfway through and still not sure. I read his sportswriter trilogy and it was alternately brilliant and annoying. Canada is a little similar. Whenever he introduces a character he tends to describe every feature (eyebrows! nose! everything!) which is now really getting on my wick…

  5. David

    A belated happy birthday to you, Simon.

    D’you know, despite living only a few miles from Manchester and being in the city every day for the four years I was at uni, I have never been in Central Library? So I will look forward to your post about that (hopefully including lots of photos!).

    I’m also looking forward to your review of ‘Frog Music’ – I absolutely loved ‘Room’ but the new one sounds a bit more like her stories in ‘Astray’, a collection that I wasn’t overly fond of. Having said that, part of the reason I wasn’t keen on it was because the stories seemed like sketches for novels so maybe ‘Frog Music’ will work for me where they didn’t.

    At the moment I’m reading Joseph Boyden’s first novel, ‘Three Day Road’. I’ve been meaning to read ‘The Orenda’ since it came out last autumn, but since I have had copies of his first two on my shelves for years I decided to start at the beginning and work my way up to it. Anyway, it’s very good – the Susan Hill quote on the cover of my edition makes it sound like it is a completely fresh perspective on WW1, which it isn’t quite (the scenes in the trenches are vivid but nothing I haven’t read before) but the sections about the Cree Indians back in Canada are superb, and I’m already looking forward to reading his other two novels.

  6. Happy belated birthday and can’t wait to see more of that tattoo. At the moment I’m reading Ghana Must Go.

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