Tale Telling Tattoo’s…

Well, sort of, but that does sound literary doesn’t it, which is apt. Not many people would choose to go and get a tattoo for their birthday, however I have been hankering after one for ages. The lovely Emma Jane Unsworth, who said I should call this post Monsters Ink, and I made a pact some time ago (I can’t remember exactly when so this could mean it was when we were rather merry) that we would get them together, being able to entertain the other who may be screaming or crying, and when we booked back in February the waiting list was longer than long and then we were snuck in. So last Tuesday we headed off to The Inkwell which is just down the road from me in Oxton.


Now I could pretend I was really rock hard and didn’t give a monkeys as I headed there, though Emma would call me a liar if I did. I was very, very nervous and had actually been giving myself pep-talks since waking up, I have never had a tattoo you see and had only been told that it is ‘like a red hot knife dragged through your skin’ by The Beard who is a connoisseur. I am not renowned for being good with pain and can be a bit of a wuss. So when, after a sweet cup of tea and chat about our tatts, it was time to go in I got the nervous chatters until I was lying down and hearing the words ‘are you ready?’ I said yes, after a look of ‘come on love’ from the Unsworth and the famous buzzing noise started.


I can honestly say that it wasn’t that bad. Initially it felt like a cat scratch, that oddly vibrates, and you soon get used to it. Amazingly the tattooist, and mine was amazing, seemed to know when the pain had gone up a notch and would stop and pop some lovely cool liquid on and start again. The only bit that really hurt was near my elbow when I did admit I wanted to ‘swat the pain as it feels like a wasp’ and was advised not to as ‘I have a big needle in my hand’ ha! An hour and a half later I was being wrapped up and feeling like a turkey after Christmas day. Well a now hyper one at any rate.


Next up was Emma who was having a lion (which is also apt as she has a wonderful new novel called Animals coming out next month, just saying) from the park she played in as a child on her bicep, I was there ready and waiting to entertain.


I am not sure I did the best job as we discovered afterwards, or in Emma’s case during, that the bicep is one of the most painful places that you can have a tattoo. Ouch! Looks good though doesn’t it?


Swiftly after we were done we hurried over to the chemist for some Bepanthen, which they joked keeps them in business in Oxton, cream for the long-term aftercare before rushing off for some short term aftercare which was possibly a half pint in the beer garden before both stuffing ourselves with these…


Well we deserved it didn’t we? We were such brave soldiers after all. In fact by the time we got back to mine we thought we were too cool for school and rock and roll stars really…


So what did I have and how is it looking now? Well it looks a little flaky but it has settled down nicely and I think it is very me and in its own way rather literary…


After all doesn’t every book start with those words, even if they don’t appear in the first sentence?


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13 responses to “Tale Telling Tattoo’s…

  1. Sarah Cubitt

    Love the tattoos. Love tattoos in general. I know which design I’d like on the inside of my wrist but don’t know if I’d regret it when I’m 50, so never had it done. Hmm…

  2. pam

    LOVE!! well done.

  3. Nice! I got a tattoo when I was 18, which was many moons ago, and have been sketching out a literary tattoo, but can’t decide where to put it. I know I’ll know when the time is right. 🙂

  4. I love them! Yours is SO AWESOME.

  5. Nice ink you guys. And very brave. Those are big tattoos! NOthing half way about it.

  6. I love it. I have a literary tattoo. When I was dating my now husband he drew and tattooed a large zombie librarian on my left arm. Well done.

  7. Love your tattoo! It is very literary and seems to suit you quite well 🙂

  8. That tattoo is AMAZING! I’ve always been too nervous to get one, but yours is seriously awesome. And really nice work, too. I’d be such a chicken, so I’m impressed with your fortitude!

  9. Great job! Well done both of you 🙂

  10. What a fab tattoo, I love it! I got a (very small) tattoo when I was 17 and have always intended to get another, perhaps more fully thought through one, but have never figured out what I want. Maybe one day. Yours looks perfect for you.

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