Does Anyone Else Think…

That this portrait that my Granddad (Bongy) painted of his mother, my Nana Doris which I have inherited and finally picked up from my mothers this weekend, would look rather wonderful on a Persephone Classics or Virago Modern Classic (especially the old green ones) book cover?


Or is it just me?


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11 responses to “Does Anyone Else Think…

  1. Very good it would make a great cover

  2. oh my, very interesting and powerful story in the painting…lovely hand, wedding ring…resting on the chair or is it a brace….the classic dress and paisley print, the natural pearls….very lovely grandmotherly features but her youthful looks are there too….oh yes, a wonderful book cover.

  3. Leona

    Not only would it make a great cover…but I would want to read a book with this cover.

  4. It’s the paisley dress that is the clincher. Nice photo. Where will you hang it?

  5. Lovely. Very Persephone-ish. How wonderful to have such a family treasure!

  6. Yes! Most definitely!

  7. Oh yes, it’s lovely! So characterful.

  8. queenofthepark

    Oh yes!

  9. Put a good frame on that painting. A good frame really makes a painting pop!

    And I do think it would make a good book cover. Maybe it could be a button for a reading challenge of some sort.

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