I’m at London Book Fair…

This week I am having a jaunt down to London as I have been asked to speak at London Book Fair (which was frankly too exciting) which is on for three days. I have to say it is soooooo much bigger than I was expecting and I have been slightly daunted by it, who knew so many books could be so thrilling and scary all at once?


I will do a proper post after the madness is all over, I was going to do some regular updates but thought lots of posts like that might get on your wicks. Though if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (SavidgeReads) then you will get some titbits now and again. If you are at London Book Fair, or just in London as I am here till Saturday, do let me know and we can say ‘hey’ and have a chat about books, or you can be a friendly face whilst I am pooing my pants talking to lots of people about reviewing ‘The Book Journalist’s Perspective’ at Author HQ. Eek! Maybe I will see some of you around?


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4 responses to “I’m at London Book Fair…

  1. #jealous (but enjoying your reports from afar)

  2. Have a great time. I’ll be hanging on your every word because you are there and I am not.

  3. Good luck with your talk, Simon! And have a good time.

  4. Well I was hoping I could drop into this event and then I could indeed have said hi and given you moral support. But their website was a nightmare. Way too complex to work out what was going on when. So I gave up. Sorry.

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