So… What Are You Lovely Lot Reading Right Now?

I would love to know, just out of interest. I am between books and shall be slightly less bonkersly busy over the next week or two so you never
know a rave review from one of you might prove to be my next read. I wonder if any of you happen to be reading the same thing?

Come on, share and recommend away!



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62 responses to “So… What Are You Lovely Lot Reading Right Now?

  1. Just finished Joel Dicker’s The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair. Some questionable translation aside, I loved it

    • Questionable translation? I’ve seen this in Waterstones and been tempted. What’s it about? Tempt me more…

      • Its about a writer, Marcus Goldman, who is suffering from writers block so he goes back to see his mentor and famous author Harry Quebert for inspiration. After he leaves the police dig up the body of a fifteen year old girl, that harry admits to having a relationship with when he was writing his most popular book. The girl is buried with the manuscript of the same book. Very twin peaks in places and twists and turns you out of your socks. Translation is poor in my opinion. there’s a cop who says “Writer” at Goldman after nearly every sentence, in a sarcastic way, when he is trying to investigate the murder. The standard is uneven, if that’s clear, but its a brilliant book. The better something is the more I want it to be perfect.

      • Ooh I think that sounds pretty brilliant. I’ve had a similar reaction, different genre and plot, with Peter Buwalda’s Bonita Avenue.

      • I found it very odd indeed. My old editor at the Times used to say about a slightly off piece of writing, ‘He is not a native speaker’ and I got that vibe from this book – which is a translation of course. But the American setting did not sit well with the European attitudes – it was out of joint. I finished it, but it was an effort. I wanted it to quicken, to catch fire. The central character was so isolated and without friends, although I liked his all to seldom seen mother. Also, it was a bit pervy with the Lolita-like relationships, and yet this was never commented on at all. And even at the date in which it was set, this kind of stuff was not on at all. Altogether I found it strange, and not that good. And who the hell feeds seagulls!!!!!????

  2. kaggsysbookishramblings

    🙂 Still Proust……..

    • I don’t envy you that 😉 Is it worth it?

      • kaggsysbookishramblings

        So far, yes. I’m reading a book at a time – Swann’s Way to start with then taking a break. I never got past the first 20 pages before but I’m nearly finished. It kind of takes over your life a bit while you read it, but the first books is definitely worth reading. Further bulletins will follow….! 🙂

  3. I read Florence and Giles by John Harding – very creepy and brilliant. And then Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor – fantasy, very good, first of a trilogy.

  4. Finishing In the Shadow of the Banyan and getting ready to start The Enchanted.

  5. robinandian2013

    I’ve just finished ‘That They May Face the Rising Sun’ (brilliant!) and have now started Behind the Scenes at the Museum. I’m way behind the rest of the world…. this is my first Atkinson. Good to know there are so many others of hers ahead to read.

    • You’re not behind at all! I’ve not read Behind The Scenes. Started it once and wasn’t in right frame of mind for it. Love her crimes plus Human Croquet and Life After Life are genius.

  6. I’m reading London Belongs To Me by Norman Collins. Really liking it.

  7. I just finished Betty Smith’s Joy in the Morning and I’m now on Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. An interesting comparison for sure.

  8. Caroline

    The Rabbit Back Literature Society, interesting, not sure where it’s going, I like that

  9. Jo

    The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. Surprised by it.

  10. Adam Stone


  11. The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, because I am the queen of backlist and it’s SO GOOD.

    • Now this interests me very much as Lahiri is an author I’ve been put off because everyone’s banging on about the new one! Yet before that I did want to try her older stuff. SO GOOD is tempting.

  12. I’m reading The Circle by Dave Eggers and am absolutely loving it!

  13. Kateg

    Gladys Mitchell because Gav has converted me and next up The Likeness by Tana French

  14. preparing to read Baudelaire’s Revenge, and then in French the 2013 Prix Goncourt, Au revoir là-haut by Pierre Lemaitre

  15. Voice of dissent on Harry Quebert I’m afraid… it in French last year ……average only ……big hoo ha as it’s the ultimate great Swiss ‘American’ novel…….. Bit silly tbh

  16. Alberta and Freedom by Cora Sandel. It’s the sequel to Alberta and Freedom which was surprisingly good. I have also read two chapters of the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. It’s my first Auster and I like what I have read so far.

  17. Member by Michael Cisco.

  18. julikins

    Just finished Lorrie Moore’s Bark and really enjoyed it–a fast, fun read.

  19. Just finished Keith Ridgway’s fantastic “Hawthorn & Child” and now almost done with Christopher Priest’s also-fantastic “The Islanders.”

  20. Sally Sweeney

    All The Light We Cannot See – I love it!

  21. I am reading Frog Legs by Emma Donoghue and The Bear by Claire Cameron.

  22. pam

    hi simon!

    i recently finished “alex” and “under the skin” both recommended by you. they were great!! i also recently read and loved “the yips” by nicola barker and andrea levy’s “long song”. i’m headed to the UK (from florida) on thursday, so i’ll have a long long flight to read. i’ve got “midnight cowboy” queued up. not sure what else. so i’m enjoying reading these comments and hearing all the suggestions. a couple more of my fav’s: “no country for old men” by cormac mccarthy and nicole krauss’ “history of love”. “the shooting party” by isabel colegate and “being dead” by jim crace. so many books to read!!


  23. Currently reading Mark Graham’s A Year of Festivals in Ireland and Sinead Crowley’s Can Anybody Help Me?

  24. Jen @ Book Scribbles

    My Ideal Bookshelf! Quirky cool book that will give you all sorts of ideas about what to dig into next. 🙂

  25. q

    ok..i just bought a sweet little pulpy copy of Rebecca and top of TBR…cause like many of us i’m a simon groupy!

    for u..let’s see….what might be here in usa not common there…how about dorothy allison..try ‘2 or 3 things i know for sure’..amazing but quick read…just reread and she’s brilliant..and a slice of american life not often shared or at least note this well done.
    or…since we all love bks about reading etc…just finished and loved! pat conroys ‘my reading life’ i had never read any of his books, but he is so personal in this memoir and has chapters in it about those who influenced his reading that made me tear up…adored this bk…
    big hugs across the pond…

  26. Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore. Amazing that it’s a non-fiction history book as it reads like the most outrageous gangster story ever, and is wildly entertaining too. I just read a chapter called ‘Arctic Sex Comedy’ about Stalin’s 1914 exile in Siberia. You don’t know what you’re missing!

  27. Alison P

    The Collected Works of A J Fikry – delightful!

  28. I’m in the middle of Lost for Words by Edward St Aubyn.

  29. Annabel (gaskella)

    Just finished The Giraffe’s Neck by Judith Schalansky – started well, middle a bit meh, ended well – all about Darwin and evolution as applied to an East German failing school and the dinosaur of a science teacher. Lots of philosophical science bits (which I liked).

    Next is coming a thriller by Mick Herron – Slow Horses – I’m going to see him next week.

  30. I’m alternating between Alex Preston’s This Bleeding City (which I’m enjoying but is thoroughly depressing me and making me want to leave London) the latest Paris Review, and Comma Press’s Bracket anthology

  31. I’m in the middle of three books right now: Four Past Midnight by Stephen King (collection of four novellas–super creepy and good so far), Sedition by Katharine Grant (not sure what to make of it yet), and The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell (not usually my cup of tea, but has me interested enough to keep reading).

  32. I’m (re)reading Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. Alwasy a pleasure. Just finished Letters from a Murderer by John Matthews (Jack the Ripper continues his killings in New York City). It was overall, a B+. The story moved nicely, there were some well drawn characters, but there were a few times it felt like the author was a little to enamored with his research. Next on my list is Push by Sapphire. It’s the book the film Precious was based on; I haven’t seen the film.

  33. I’ve just started The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat by Edward Kelsey Moore.

  34. Leonie Clark

    Just started reading The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham..
    love it, really love all that inner agonizing of his characters , he does it so well..

  35. At the moment I’m a bit all over the place with my reading.

    I recently read I AM PILGRIM by Terry Hayes and was absolutely floored. It’s a behemoth of a novel – 700+ pages – but I could have read another 700. The book opens with a gruesome murder in a seedy New York hotel and from there spans decades and several continents in an attempt to solve the crime. Super Secret government organizations, deadly plagues, and MC’s mommy issues for good measure. Really, this was a phenomenal book.

    From there I was in serious need of some light-hearted fluff and picked up a new cozy mystery (Ruth Moose’s DOING IT AT THE DIXIE DEW – not a complete dud, but fairly unimpressive) and binged on a graphic novel series, Jeff Smith’s BONE. I have a history with this series and for YEARS absolutely refused to read them. About a decade ago my mom picked up the first for me as a present because the guy in the comic shop told her it’s similar to Neil Gaiman. Because of that I went into it expecting something Gaimanesque and it wasn’t. It took ten years to pick it back up again and this time I tried to go into it blind. 🙂 Loved it this time around!

    I’m still in a fluffy mood I suppose, my current read is SILVER BAY by Jojo Moyes. Love her. Absolutely love her.

    Up next is ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr.

  36. My current reading is all your fault! Received “Did She Kill Him” on Monday via post direct from the UK to sunny Florida USA; am now on chapter 13. Next up is “A Tale For The Time Being” waiting on my new Kindle Paperwhite, also one of your recommendations. “the Goldfinch” is also lurking on my Kindle but I can’t commit myself to 800 pages just yet. I also am reading Gore Vidal’s “Point to Point Navigation” from time to time, a better title would be “Pointless Navigation” I am being mindful to “read responsibly”

  37. Victoria

    I recommend the Bryant and May detective series by Christopher Fowler. I’ve also just read A lovely way to burn by Louise Welsh, which I really enjoyed, and some more Gladys Mitchell: When last I died, which has haunted houses, seances, murder, everything a person needs in a book.

  38. Several books on the go…Sisters by the River and The Vet’s Daughter both by Barbara Comyns ( weird and wonderful), and a whole glut of books just arrived from inter library loan ….a pile of books….several Alexander Mc Call Smith ( wise and comforting), several Reginald Hill , several Dorothy l Sayers, several Nagaio Marsh…to name a few…there’s more! Something I just finished was The Assassin’s Cloak, a collection of diaries ( interesting).also just finished In The Company of Others by Jan Karon and The Last Reunion of The All Girl Filling Station by Fannie Flagg, both gentle, humourous and comforting type stories.

  39. “Computing with Quantum Cats: From Colossus to Qubits” by John Gribbin. So far so good and from reading it I have discovered that there is a type of logic gate that is reversible (the Fredkin or CSWAP gate).

  40. pam

    i could have sworn i heard you mention on one of your podcasts (can’t remember which) that you were contemplating a gone with the wind readathon. whatever happened to that idea? i’ve never read it myself, but picked up the audiobook on sale and it has been smirking at me. 50 hours. seriously. but for you, simon, i would do this thing. or at least i would try 🙂


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