Sorting Out The Shelves, Sort Of

One of the joys of having a three day weekend is that there seems so much more time to potter, sort and mooch. As I was having a mooch between chapters, or it might have been between books, I suddenly noticed that things had possibly got a little out of hand (once again) with the amount of books that were starting to form small piles around the house, particularly in book corner…

Shelves 1

Yes it dawned on me that something needed to be done. There were two options. One was The Beard’s, simply for me to have a big bank holiday cull of books. Then there was my much more realistic, responsible and appropriate idea… Buy more shelves. Who do you think won in this battle of wills, erm yes, it was me!

This tale doesn’t end there though as once having decided to head to IKEA something awful happened upon heading to the Expedit collection section (via the food hall for lashings of meatballs for lunch, glass section, cacti, stationery and even mattress section – yes IKEA see me coming every time) where upon I have discovered that even though they should still be available until June all the 2×2 shelving units in white HAVE GONE… NEVER TO RETURN. Their replacement was in stock early and so I had to bite the bullet and get two Kallax (which sounds angry) 2×2’s, which are slightly smaller and playing havoc with my OCD…

Shelves 2

Can you tell they are smaller? Will it become less noticeable when I fill them with books? I do hope so. They are the same dimensions space wise, I am still furious they have changed them even if only slightly and yes even if it is saving the world and trees (book lovers can’t really be holier than though when it comes to trees making paper and wood can we?) noticeably even though you are getting less wood for your money (insert euphemistic snigger here) they haven’t dropped the prices. Funny that!

So tomorrow will be a book sort, the irony of this being that I may actually be left with enough space that I needn’t have bought new shelves at all, but then again at least I will have space for even more books which is no bad thing is it?


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11 responses to “Sorting Out The Shelves, Sort Of

  1. They’ve discontinued Expedit?!! I actually have a white 4x Expedit. If you were in northern Sweden I’d give it to you. :/

    Also, that first shot, in color, looks like it belongs on one of the bok porn Tumblrs.

  2. I need to sort stuff out fairly quickly too. I’ve started preferring paper books to ebooks again so I imagine things could get out of control pretty quickly as books are coming in faster than I can read them. Do you ever get time for the oul TV is is just all reading in your house?

  3. Bookshelves are very forgiving once the books are on there I find. Some floating shelves put up recently on either side of my chimney breast were a few centimetres out (i.e. did not match on both sides). I was pretty distressed about it – but once the books were in, I genuinely couldn’t notice. All that lovely colour and promise on the shelves totally distracted me!

  4. Trees for paper pulp are primarily a renewed resource. I think about 10% of “old forest” is harvested and if that source could be eliminated then some of your (entirely reasonable) environmental concerns would be reduced. Of course quite a lot of water and energy is used in the pulping process.

  5. David

    I’m intrigued by the painting propped up on your chest of drawers…

    I need to have a good sort out too. More shelves would help but I need to be brutal and have a bit of a cull I think, as the shelves are already stacked two deep and a veritable wall of books is gradually building up on the floor in front of the shelves – it is creeping higher and higher almost by the week. But it is so hard to get rid of stuff – I nearly got rid of Peter Heller’s ‘The Dog Stars’ a few months ago (wasn’t even sure why I’d bought it and couldn’t see reading it), and then I went and read his new one ‘The Painter’ and am so glad I hung on to it.
    Perhaps I should just cull certain authors I’m not keen on but whose books I hold on to because everyone else rates them and I’m waiting to read that one ‘epiphany’ book whereby I suddenly appreciate them? Get rid of all the Justin Cartwrights and Peter Careys and Nadine Gordimers (to name but three) I’ve amassed over the years – that’d certainly free up a bit of room!

    Oh, and your new shelves do look smaller – it’d bug me too. Though if you hadn’t pointed it out maybe I wouldn’t have noticed. Perhaps have the smaller ones stacked together in a different corner of the room instead of mixing them together with the bigger ones?

  6. I actually like the look of the shelves on top being just a tiny bit smaller. Believe me, I know all about OCD, but those shelves do look nice. 🙂

  7. I can’t believe they are discontinuing Expedit! SD

  8. You so can’t tell and, once you’ve filled it with books, who the h*ll would be looking at the shelving unit!? (loving the cushion)

  9. That would bother me too, it’s frustrating when things don’t match but once your books are in I don’t think it will be noticeable.

    Hope the book sorting has gone well!

  10. Magdalena

    kallax sounds angry? hehe… 🙂 there’s an airport in kallax, so to me it’s a very happy place 😀

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