No Light, So Off To The Dark Ages…

As I lie here I am on the last 10% of my phone battery typing away, and the light is dimming – once that’s gone I may be quiet for some time as Savidge HQ has been sent back to a world of semi darkness and reading by candlelight…


You may have thought I was joking but as you can see I am definitely not, our fuse box has gone and now been deemed hazardous so no electric until further notice. Initially I was quite excited at the idea of reading by candlelight, ‘reading’ however is a rather dim (see what I did there) hope as I can’t really see the pages very well to read, the font of my latest read being a bit fiddly and diddly. I don’t even have a torch, without any tv etc I had imagined I would love reading by the flickering of flames. Frustrating. How did they cope with it back in the days of old?


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9 responses to “No Light, So Off To The Dark Ages…

  1. They had really bad eyesight as a result. Oh and they probably went to bed really early

  2. Kateg

    I did not cope well after a hurricane knocked out our power for 3 days (and we got off easy. We were in bed by 9 and had a hard time reading- candlelight makes it hard to see. Did not get nearly enough reading done, considering there was little else to do. Good luck with the fuse box

  3. Hope power returns but something very reassuring reading under a flickering flame I find

  4. Our power goes out every time the wind comes up and with being so close to our mountain and the southern ocean we get a lot of winds down here. I get really frustrated when we lose the lights. I am definitely a modern girl and love my creature features, electricity being one of them. Take care of your eyes and good luck.

  5. Oddly enough, when the power goes out for a few days at a time, I find I go to bed earlier and wake up at dawn – reading when you wake up by the light of the rising sun is just blissful!

  6. Annabel (gaskella)

    They went down the pub…

  7. Sharon

    I find it impossible to read by candlelight – the flickering makes me feel sick!

  8. “fiddly and diddly” 🙂

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