The Short & Short Of It Is…

That I meant to write this post on Monday, then again on Tuesday but epically failed on both counts as I was working 12 hour days with no break. Then I meant to post it yesterday, well I actually meant to write a review but the likelihood of writing one of those this week is minimal, but it was a 14 hour day though I did get a break and booked flights to America which was so exciting I told you about that instead. So what is the short and short of it really? Well it is that I have started to get on with my Summer of Shorts.

As things look like they will be bonkers with the festival I am working on until the end of July, as I mentioned before, reading time – and spare time full stop – will be scarce and so I am going to read short fiction ideal to keep me gripped and dipping in and out of reading throughout the summer months. The first five I have chosen for the unofficial opening week (every week I will pick five short books or collections at random) are these…


A nice mixture I think you will agree. Now I have to admit since Monday morning, when I picked them with hope in my heart that was soon to be short (see what I did there) lived, I have not read a word of any of them though two of them have been in my man bag at all times. But I am still hoping to get to one of them, or two, at least before my one day weekend on Sunday. I shall try.

So I just thought I would keep you updated and once again ask if you have any short recommendations or see if any of you fancy joining in with a short summer challenge? Do any of you have any summer reading plans yet? Have you read any of the above and what did you think of them? I will leave it there for now, a short(ish), sharp, sweet post from me.


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8 responses to “The Short & Short Of It Is…

  1. I enjoyed The Mussel Feast – I do like Peirene’s titles (although the latest didn’t appeal to me). I’ve read Beauty too, was a bit more fairy-tale-esque in style than I was expecting. I liked bits and it’s an easy read but not sure it will stick with me for long.

  2. Well done for even attempting to blog while you are working such long days. I’m currently going through a similar phase till the end of June, with business travel and long days in the training room and I’m completely wiped out, wrung out and have nothing interesting left to say at the end of the day after 10-12 hours solid of standing and talking.
    However, I do find I get quite a bit of reading done during these business trips, mainly because I’m too tired to leave the hotel room. Reviewing, however, is another matter… Enjoy your shorter reads!

  3. simonsylvester

    Read and loved Fup – a burst of foul-mouthed joy.

  4. Serena Jones

    Just finished “The Return of the Soldier” by Rebecca West. 90 pages. Given the 100 year Great War anniversary I suppose it is an appropriate time to read it. First time I have read West. Haunting novella.The subject took me back to the first, and best, volume of Pat Barker’s Regeneration Trilogy.

    What happened to the lazy days of summer!

  5. mee

    I’ve never seen any blogger post about Fup – which I have read based on “real life” friend’s recommendation. I look forward to what you think of it.

  6. I see Sarah Pinborough! I’ve wanted to read The Language of Dying ever since you reviewed it here. Waiting impatiently until it comes out in the US.

  7. lizzysiddal

    what is this summer short challenge, Simon. My summer is gearing up manically also – it might be quite the thing ….

  8. Those books all look amazing. I’d love to do a summer challenge but even one as loose as this might be more than I can manage right now as I’m struggling just to keep up with reading group and a very small number of ARCs. There just isn’t enough time!

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