Sometimes You Don’t Want to Read or Blog…

…You just want to take the neighbours dog for a long leisurely walk around the park after a week of being stuck in a balmy hot and bonkers busy office and just take some time out. And that is alright isn’t it?

Walking the Dog

Don’t worry I am not ill. As I was actually walking with Ann and Michael from Books on the Nightstand discussing books in my ears, I also then came home and recorded an episode of The Readers and am now blogging about it – but you know what I mean. Sometimes you need to tear yourself away from what you are reading (even if your book group is only two days a way and you have only read a chapter of the novel) and just sit on a bench out in the real world people watching (while your canine companion is squirrel watching) and just take in life and the fresh air…

Where is your favourite place to take a break from books and the hustle and bustle of the real world?


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6 responses to “Sometimes You Don’t Want to Read or Blog…

  1. Here in rural Ontario,Canada due to long distances between villages and towns I go for a drive for the afternoon and find little places on interest, such as old time stores ,funky coffeeshops , quaint churches and just also admire all the farmland. I take my journal and sometimes write and I always have a few old books from garage sales in the car for emergency reading. It is good to just go and do something else and rest. A Lenoard Cohen CD and other folksy music helps with the journey.

  2. In the day: Cup after cup of Chinese tea. In the night: A glass or two of single-malt whisky.

  3. Christine Haggerty

    I go to karate. Something physical a Zen is my best recharge.

  4. I spend time everyday with winston that is my away from book time an hour or two every day but often listen to a podcast or two but more often these days music

  5. I’ve just taken up walking as can no longer run due to dodgy ankle, but I love it. I try to walk 8-10k in an hour, I put my music on and it’s lovely to have time away from everything, just a little bit of time for me!

  6. Outdoors. Anywhere outdoors. In fact, right now I’d prefer Jamaica.

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