#BookadayUK – Join In, Wherever You Are…

Just a very quick post today as I am a little bit frantic at the moment as I am working on one of the biggest events I have had to organise with one of the biggest banks in the UK which also involves some possible VVIP’s from British Government. All very exciting, all very good for the CV and actually a lot of fun (especially as my little sister is here helping on work experience) though not so good for the blog and all things bookish as I only have short swift speedy moments for anything book based, which links into today’s post…

I am sure you are already aware of it, however one of the things I have most enjoyed taking part in and watching throughout June has been #BookadayUK both on Twitter and on Instagram. The publishers and good folk at Borough Press started a craze by posting a list of daily book based themed tweets (with or without pictures, but with is so much more fun) such as ‘best bargain from a second hand bookshop’, ‘your favourite book’, ‘favourite cover’ etc, etc. Well thrillingly, because I was pre-empting having withdrawal symptoms, in July it is back with Doubleday publishing at the helm and here are there daily themes…


So I thought I would share as I thought you would all like it and probably want to join in, if you haven’t already, wherever in the world you might be – you don’t have to be from the UK alone. Let’s make worldwide book porn, if you know what I mean. Anyway… If you are already joining in the fun do add me on twitter and instagram (both with the username of SavidgeReads, original huh?) because I am finding it fascinating seeing everyone’s response to each theme, some being nothing like you would expect. In the meantime I have got to go and find my all time favourite SFF novel!! You might not think I have one with my taste, but I do and it isn’t from the speculative author you might expect…



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3 responses to “#BookadayUK – Join In, Wherever You Are…

  1. I did this last month and thought it was brilliant! Having a hard time with this one, probably because more than half of my books are in the garage while we wait for our living room to be redecorated.

    • Ouch that would make things more difficult if lots of your books are hidden away Didi. I kept forgetting in June so am making a much more concerted effort this month. Though I have noticed that the interaction from Borough Press was much more than Doubleday so far. Am I being harsh?

      • No you’re not being harsh at all. It’ the truth. So if it hurts…lol! I like Borough Press. They are very active on Twitter and especially with #bookadayuk! Will try to participate when I can with what I’ve got (1/4 of my collection). I enjoyed participating and seeing all the other suggested book. It lengthened my TBR! Like that needed to be lengthened. :/

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