Trespassing with Tremain…

It has been a year since Gran died. A year which seems to have gone all too quickly and also weirdly slowly all at once. How does time do that? Naturally I have thought about her daily since, at the weirdest of times, and missed her a huge amount both as my Gran and also as being one of the most bookish influences I had around me. I miss speaking three times a week about anything and everything and ending up on seeing how we were getting on with X or Y book, I still finish a book and wondering if she would like it, I miss reading the same book and having the same good or bad thoughts on it or polar opposite thoughts which we could get into heated debates about, I miss discussing our latest book group lists and meetings. The list could go on.

I was umming and ahhhhing how to mark the year since her passing. Did I mention it? Did I just let life go on? Having recently read one of the books I inherited from her, A Month in the Country, and loving it so much I thought maybe it was time to do something like Greene for Gran again and see if, like you all did amazingly last year, you would like to join in. The question was who or what to read?

My initial thought was to go for authors that she loved that I had read like Graham Greene last year. The choices could be Kate Atkinson, Margaret Atwood, John Updike, William Trevor, Antony Trollope (gulp) and Anne Tyler etc. Yet the bittersweet joy, because I couldn’t talk to her about it afterwards, in reading A Month in the Country was that she had introduced me to a new author and favourite book, even though (annoyingly) she doesn’t know it. I also decided that I quite fancied a more contemporary, and indeed living, author would make a change. So I ransacked my brain for the authors she had lots of books by and I had read and the answer was obvious…


Rose Tremain, Gran raved and raved about Restoration, The Colour, The Road Home, Music and Silence and Trespass. In fact I seem to remember giving my proof/new incoming copies of anything Tremain because I knew the buzz she would get from having them early. I think she had almost all of Rose Tremain’s thirteen novels and a few of her short story collections. I can also remember how annoyed she would get when she asked if I had read any of them, ironically forgetting I had sent them her way, and my response would be ‘not yet, but I will’ with the response ‘you’d better.’


Well Gran, guess what, in honour of you I am going to try Trespassing with Tremain into all the different era’s and lives that she writes about. I am thinking of reading and writing about four of her books and one of her short story collections – one every fortnight – from the 10th of August until the 5th of October. I will announce which ones when in due course, after your recommendations really. So where to start and who is up for joining me and hopefully finding some more great reads?



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20 responses to “Trespassing with Tremain…

  1. That’s a lovely tribute to your Granny ! I loved The Road Home …..but will be happy to join you with another one too !

  2. Carol S

    Heck, love the idea and have the uttermost respect for your fabulous Granny but haven’t enjoyed the Tremain’s I’ve read so far. Will pass on this but wish you all well and will follow the readings.

  3. Winnifred

    Excellent tribute for a loved person…Lik eher , I adore Margarte Atwood and kate Atkinson. Ibought in London last Easter The Road Home and surely I’m reading it next summer, so i’ll be reading your opinions about it.

  4. sharkell

    I read The Colour earlier this year and can recommend it highly. I have Restoration and Tresspass on my tbr so I will be more than happy to join in.

  5. Such a lovely tribute!

  6. drharrietd

    I totally love Rose Tremain. I think Music and Slience and The Colour are superb. What a lovely idea — we all miss Granny Savidge, you know, and love to read your great tributes to her.

  7. Col

    I love Rose Tremain. I’ve read several but not all of them – so this seems a great idea to me and I’m sure very fitting if she loved Tremain’s books.

  8. I’ve read only one book by Rose Tremain, The Road Home. I really liked it and I’ll be reading with you for your Gran. I love the way you’re honoring her.

  9. jananav

    I haven’t read any Rose Tremain. I will look forward to your picks and join in the tribute to your wonderful Gran.

  10. Trespass is very good. A psychological mystery, the book was one of those I read through the night. Not exactly my usual kind of book that I’m drawn to but so well done.

  11. I’ve loved all of Rose Tremain’s novels I have read so far, but my favourite is one that seems to have passed under most peoples’ radar, namely Sacred Country. Maybe it’s the ostentative subject matter that deters some people (gender change and Country music) but the novel is about self-discovery and being true to oneself and for me at least the most moving one she has written. So I’m hoping that this will be among the novels you select for your reading project (which, to not leave it unsaid, I think is an utterly lovely idea).

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  13. I was waiting for your verdict ….I read this with my book group …50% of us loved it ( incl me ) loved it. …..50%hated !!! So interesting what books can do !

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