Word Crimes…

Very quick post as it has been the last full week of the festival I am working on so I have been a bit slack, again. Sorry. Anyway. I wanted to share a video with you which I think anyone who loves books and words will just love…

Isn’t that just brilliant? My lovely colleague Kelly told me about it, she would be furious if  had claimed I found it all myself – which was tempting. I thought you would all like it. Erm, that’s it for today, I will be back with a very book filled post tomorrow… In the mean time what is your biggest word crime? Mine is the numbers instead of letters disgrace!


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3 responses to “Word Crimes…

  1. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Apostrophes – always apostrophes…. I can’t bear it when they’re used wrongly….!!

  2. Annabel (gaskella)

    What gets my goat is your/you’re and there/their. My own particular crime is probably leaving things dangling …

    On the numbers as words front, my rule of thumb is words for up to twenty, then multiples thirty, forty, hundred etc. but anything else write like 473 write the number… is there a more hard and fast rule for this?

  3. Oh how I love Weird Al!

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