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Today is the last day of the International Festival for Business 2014 which is the project that has been taking up all of my time in the last few months with lots of events and all those shenanigans. It has been a blast and tonight we will be celebrating and getting merry in grand style – to the point where I am staying in a hotel in my own city as I think I may end up rather a mess! Anyway, as the festival ends the questions begin on how everything has gone and the suggestions of what might happen next time (it is coming back in 2016, though none of us know as yet if we are) start. This made me wonder if I should do something similar with the blog…

Recently Annabel of Annabel’s House of Books, inspired by Simon of Stuck In A Book doing it first, decided she would be brave and ask her followers/readers/passers-by to ask her anything they wanted. It didn’t have to be about books it could be about absolutely anything. I couldn’t find Simon’s original post but his answers are here and Annabel’s are here and here and they make for really interesting reading. So I thought I would hop on this idea, only giving it a slight twist…

Question mark of books

So, you can ask me anything you like (be it about books, kittens, chemical biology, ha, whatever you like) and, as long as it is within reason, I will take all the questions away have a think over them and answer them in a post in the next few weeks. I would also really, really, really like you to make some suggestions. Firstly, I would like you to suggest new things, or old things I could bring back, which you would like to see on the blog. Secondly, I would love some suggestions of any topics you would like me to waffle on about on the blog or features you might like to see.

I may choose to ignore them, I may use them all, as is my want but what I will say is that anyone who asks and question and/or makes a suggestion will be put into a hat and The Beard will draw two (or three if there are lots) of you out of the hat and a bookish parcel will wing its way out to you for your efforts. How does that sound, get asking and suggesting away…



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20 responses to “Questions & Suggestions

  1. Happy conclusion of your festival, glad you’ve enjoyed it 🙂 I hope your celebration is/was rather merry.

    Question: Do you ever experience emotional transference – from the character to yourself – when you are reading? For example, did you feel the protagonists anxiety, or Mrs Danvers rage, while reading Rebecca?

    Suggestion: It’s not so much of a suggestion as a request. I really enjoy your literary discussion posts and it would be awesome if you could bring some of the topics I’ve heard you discuss on some of your podcast – The Readers specifically – and write about a few of them here. Or discuss some new ones. I really enjoyed the episode you and Thomas did with Ron (I apologise if I have his name wrong) the teacher, it was fascinating. Really got me wanting to have a discussion about it at work (which sadly, would have been vastly off topic). Bit of a big request I know, but you do seem to have this delightfully bottomless pit of interesting book-esc topics to discuss.

  2. Annabel (gaskella)

    Thanks for the linkiness Simon. 🙂

    Question: Who would play you in the film of your life – and what would the film be called? Also who would you like to write the film tie-in book?

    Suggestion: Can we have more posts from The Book Boy, your Mum, sister etc. Your family have all been so lovely when they’ve appeared on the blog. Also, The Beard could tell us about the most influential cookbooks for him or something along those lines so we get to know him better if he’s willing…

  3. I’d like to ask the same question posed for Emma Donoghue: would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses? And could you please explain your decision…

  4. Carol S

    How are you coping with this heat?

    I second the suggestions above, love them

  5. kaggsysbookishramblings

    Favourite book and author, and the reason why!

    As for suggestions – I love (and informally collect) cookbooks – so input and recommendations from The Beard would be great!

  6. Hmm, bookish question…which character would you be/do you have an affinity with the most?
    I really liked your library loot entries with the vlog, I’d like to see those again, but I’m guessing you haven’t had much time to get to the library lately!

  7. sharkell

    I would like to know if you review all the books you read and if not, how do you choose which ones you review. I’d also like irregular posts on books you abandon and why (just briefly). More book porn is always welcome!

  8. louise trolle

    It would be lovely to see more of your “days out and about” photos and diaries – and also more about the loot and experiences when you go to second hand book shops 🙂

  9. If you could (had to) have dinner with one Spice Girl, who would you choose?
    Which country do you most want to visit?
    Where have you traveled that you liked the least?
    How many countries have you been to?
    Would you prefer an evening at the opera or an evening at the ballet?
    What would be your request for your last meal?
    Do you prefer chocolate- or fruit-based desserts?
    Which (dead) figure from history would you most like to meet?
    If you had to choose, with which member of the Royal family would you want to chat?
    What is one thing you are embarrassed to admit you like?
    Where do you want to live when you retire?
    Provided you had a job, flat, significant other willing to move, etc., would you want to live in London?
    What is your favorite color?
    Shag/Marry/Kill: Jeremy Northam, Greg Wise, Giles Coren

  10. Brilliant idea!
    Question for you: If you could choose some literary people (authors, characters, editors, whatever) to go on a mega night out with, who would you chose and why?
    Suggestion: I do love reading your blog, but I love seeing your kitties and bits and bobs other than books too.

  11. Carol S

    I’d like to add which of the above questions do you consider silly, answer honestly!

    And additional query: your opinion and experience of book festivals?

  12. Good heavens no cat questions yet! So I’ll ask you these:

    1) Bengal or Egyptian Mau?
    2) Which writer(s) of fiction do you think are most successful in describing animals and their interactions with the protagonists (if relevant) and which are the least?
    3) What will you tell us about chemistry, biology or physics?

  13. Leona

    One addison I would enjoy in your blog would be a section of something like ‘5 favorite things’. With or without explanation. These could be anything—, books, food, places, movies, people (you get the idea) and it could be done once a month, once a week or whenever you feel like it. (Just a way for us to see what is going on in your life and a chance to look for the positive—now I not saying that you don’t already do this………..)

  14. Victoria

    Are you going to bring back the Persephone Project, as this was something I enjoyed. I also hope that you keep your section of books that you have bought, as its always interesting to see what people are buying.

  15. Magdalena

    ooh, fun fun fun! 🙂 there’s a heatwave at the moment where i live, it’s in the middle of the night now and still way too hot to sleep… so i apologise in advance for a long comment and any questions that may seem strange or weird to you..! 😉

    i second the suggestion above about books you abandon and why.

    i find “reading trees” very fascinating, and would love to hear about some of yours. (reading tree in the sense that one book somehow led you to read another book, and then another, and another etc — the connection between them could be anything, really: topic, setting, author, something that made you want to find out more about something, a recommendation you found when reading someone else’s review of that particular book, that they happened to sit next to each other on a bookshelf when you bought/borrowed them… anything.)

    what are the top 10 words on a cover/in the description/in a review/in the title/etc of a book that would instantly make you want to read it? the top 10 off-putting words?

    do you have any hidden talents? favourite party tricks?

    what’s the best reading/bookish advice you’ve ever received?

    did you ever think of/experience something about yourself as a weakness, but then realised it was truly a strength, either in your personal of professional life?

    what’s the most valuable or surprising thing you ever discovered or realised about yourself, thanks to a book or some kind of reading related experience/situation/etc?

    if the beard were to plan a date for you both, loosely recreating a scene from a book (or film), what would you like it be, where and why?

    what is the view from your favourite work/blogging space? (pictures would be fun!)

    where is the most oddly memorable place you ever read a book?

    what’s the most thought-provoking review or discussion you ever read on somebody else’s blog?

    what’s your worst or most embarrassing bookish/reading habit?

    if you were suddenly able to read in a foreign-to-you language, which one would you choose and why? any particular book?

    name 3 authors/writers who have affected your reading habits or choice of books, how and why.

    what are the 5 books that you have recommended the most often to others over the years, and why?

    tell us about a book that you bought/received/found/etc in a really interesting or unusual way?

    based only on your books and bookshelves, what do you think a complete stranger would think or conclude about you as a person, about your life?

    to what extent do you judge people by what they read?

    draw a quick doodle (2 minutes max!) that represents an amazing reading experience for you. and/or a horrible one.

    if you had to answer all your emails and text messages (business ones too!) for a whole day only using lines from a book, which one would you choose and why?

    if you could pick a book and give it to someone (living or dead, famous or otherwise), and that person would have read it, no matter what — what book, who and why?

    what’s the loveliest thing someone ever said about your writing or your blog?

    do you have any “rituals” or habits that helps you get in the right mood and mindspace for writing/blogging?

    okay, i could easily go on… but i’ll stop here 🙂

  16. Erika W.

    Do you ever find yourself thinking “Written by a woman–it would be!” I ask because being female I do sometimes think “Typical male author!” I know I should ‘t but it happens…

  17. Erika W.

    –and I apologize for the typing error.

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