Trespassing With Tremain; The Plan

A week or so ago I told you all about my idea to honour Granny Savidge Reads and pass on her reading legacy (which sounds very grand and she would love) by reading one of her favourite contemporary authors Rose Tremain. So I thought we could go Trespassing With Tremain into the lives and worlds she creates which Gran was such a fan of and kept telling me off for having not tried. Thank you all for your enthusiasm, I have now been through her bibliography and have finally decided on the list, so here it is with the dates… (Please note the dates have changed!)

  • Trespass – Sunday August the 10th
  • The Road Home– Sunday August the 24th
  • The Darkness of Wallis Simpson and Other Stories– Sunday September the 7th
  • Sacred Country– Sunday September the 21st
  •  Restoration– Sunday October 5th
  • The Road Home – Sunday September the 14th
  • The Darkness of Wallis Simpson and Other Stories– Sunday October the 5th
  • Sacred Country– Sunday October the 26th
  • Restoration– Sunday November the 16th

So why these choices? Well, Trespass was the one that Gran thought would be most up my street and closest to what might be my comfort zone (I don’t quite know what she meant and didn’t think to ask, silly me) so this seems an apt way to begin. I have already got myself a copy from the library, it is pretty short too so two weeks should be enough. I love the former Orange Prize so I thought one of her prize winners, The Road Home, would be a good second step. Mid way I thought short stories might make a nice change of scene and I find Wallis Simpson really fascinating so look forward to the title tale. Sacred Country is one of the titles I had never heard of and looking it up the whole question of gender it brings up sounds fascinating. I thought we could end with one of Rose Tremain’s most famous, and largest, novels with Restoration and one which has the sequel of Merivel if we all love it insanely.

In fact it was leaving some of the well-known ones for later if we love her that stopped me choosing Music and Silence and also The Colour, always good to have something else to look forward to, and some of the lesser known ones may well be gems to discover like I am hoping Sacred Country is.

So who is joining in and with which titles and when? Anyone in it for all of them (no pressure) as company would sure be nice!


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17 responses to “Trespassing With Tremain; The Plan

  1. sharkell

    I’ll join in for the first and last as I have both of these on mt tbr.

  2. Nadia

    This is such a lovely idea. I love how you are honouring and remembering your grandma. I am keen to participate, at least for the first book . I just checked and my local library has it waiting for me when I finish work today 🙂

  3. I’m just reading The Colour now (and put it aside for a few days as it was getting to me, but I’ll finish it) and also have Merivel here on the shelf. Tresspass was very good and I read it quickly as it was interesting and different. I also have read some of her short stories in The Colonel’s Daughter. So I guess I’m an on the fringe participant but pleased to learn more about Rose Tremain. I will be on the lookout for the books you have mentioned also.

  4. It will be interesting to follow your progress. I know many Tremain fans but I have found that she researches a little too obviously and tries too hard to make it all fit in sometimes with queasy results if you know the terrain. I have read the last two on your list and I would be interested in engaging in a discussion about Sacred Country after you have read it. I have not blogged about my own gender experience, but I do know this journey.

  5. I hope you enjoy Trespass; I read it a couple of years ago and thought it very good indeed.

  6. jananav

    I’m in! Trespass on audio was available from my library and is now on my phone ready for me to go for a walk or drive today. I might detour to read Music & Silence instead of Restoration since it has been looking at me from the unread shelf for at least 5 years. But maybe I can do it all PLUS that one. And maybe you’ll join me as well 🙂

  7. Dee King

    I’m looking forward to joining all of you. Thank you, Simon’s Grandma, for introducing me to a new author! Thank you, Simon, for making a plan.

  8. heather

    I have read all but The Road Home so I will dip into that as I am between books and out of sorts as a result. Simon, I think you will LOVE sacred country. It is brilliant. I think Rose Tremain is a genius, right up there with Mantel and the two Penelope’s (Fitzgerald and Lively). All the best.

  9. Very happy to see that you decided to include Sacred Country in your reading list, and I’m thinking that this might be an excellent occassion to re-read it. 🙂

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  11. q

    Anything having to do with Granny Savidge and I’m in! Thank u for sharing this w/ all of us….just got Trespass…so off and running….so glad u are getting a bit of a holiday….enjoy!

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