If You’re A Camilla Lackberg Fan…

Then this is what Fjallbacka looks like in reality. It’s so stunning I couldn’t not share it. Even though I’m technically having a blog holiday. Oops.


I’m having THE BEST time. And getting on very well with Lackberg’s books. Am on the fourth already and unusually for me I am binge reading them, maybe because I am here. Do you do that often? How are you all? How’s your weekends?


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14 responses to “If You’re A Camilla Lackberg Fan…

  1. Kateg

    It looks so gorgeous. I started the 3rd Camilla Lackberg but I got caught up in Jussi-Adler Olsen’s 3rd book. You inspired me to back to both series. Enjoy your trip!!

    • Elaine

      I have read all Camilla Lackberg’s novels and have just now finished her latest ‘Buried Angels’ – absolutely great book, couldn’t put it down, gripping to the last page!

  2. I have put forward your name and blog on my page as a Most Inspiring Blogger. If you wish to participate I’m sure people would enjoy it. You really are a good inspiration and many do enjoy what you write.
    Pam (Travellin’ Penguin)

  3. drharrietd

    I had a binge on Lackberg a few years ago but haven’t read any for a while. Great to see the actual place! and now I want to read her again. Glad you are having such a nice time.

  4. I liked Lackberg but I drifted away. Thank you for such a great reminder that maybe it’s time to go back.

  5. Lovely! I enjoy Lackberg’s books as well.

  6. Dorothy

    I am currently binging on the Lackberg series (and loving it!). Keep posting photos.

  7. Oh want to come along – are you sure you don’t need me?! I do have binge reads but since setting up Miss Chapter’s haven’t had time for one!

  8. I love to binge read – everything from Elly Griffiths to Ilona Andrews. I have recently been binge reading the Kate Daniels series – total fluff, but enjoyable fluff. I’ve never tried Lackberg, and now I will have to give her a go.

  9. Have you seen the TV series based on the books. What do you think of it ? I have mixed feelings.

  10. Steve

    Everyone please be sure to read Tiina Nunnally’s excellent translations of books 5-8 published by HarperCollins in the UK and not the scab versions published by Pegasus in the USA.

    • You had me worried for a moment. I have just bought Buried Angels as an ebook and had to scurry and make sure it was the Harper Collins version Such a relief.

      • Steve

        Sorry to worry you — the first one is #5, just out in the US. We’re trying to make sure this doesn’t happen again! In the UK #8 is out.

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